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5 Ways to Increase Website Visibility on Google

The best way to attract new visitors and increase website visibility is to turn up as a result of a web search. For that to happen, the leading search engine (which we all is Google!) needs to know about your site and think that its important enough to rank as a search result. Ideally, it should come up on the first page of the search results.

Buy Quality Web Traffic = Increase Website Visibility

If you want to know how to increase website visibility on Google, here are some proven ways to put you on top of the search results:

Build a Great Website

Nobody wants to land in a page that is still “Under Construction”, so put off promoting your site until you’ve put it together. Polish your site and make sure that its as perfect as it can be. But the most important detail in building a website is the content. Put yourself in the shoes of searchers and ask yourself – is the content something that you would read? Add features that would attract visitors from coming back over and over. One great feature is a discussion forum.

Make It Search-Engine Friendly

Even with great content, your site has to be easily found. There are many ways to tweak and optimize your site for search engines. Don’t forget to focus on page titles, alternate text, and meta elements when building your site. These small details become more important as your site grows so pay attention to them from the beginning.

Submit It To Internet Directories and Internet Search Engines


An internet directory is a smaller catalog that has been put together by humans. Search engines usually give preferential treatment to websites that turn up in directory listings. From there, you can move to search engines for more exposure. Be patient, it takes time to climb the mountain that is the search rankings.

Tweak Your Public Profile

You can use the Google Webmaster Tools to tweak your profile. This useful tool will tell you how Google sees your site and reveal information about it. You might find out, for example, whether or not Google is having trouble indexing your pages. This gives you an opportunity to address the problem.

Assess Your Success and Failures

Finally, you have to measure some of your vital statistics. Learn how many people visit your site, how long they stay and whether they come back. Open tools like hit counters and server logs so that you can assess important statistics that will help you increase website visibility on Google.

Knowing how to increase website visibility on google is not an exact science. You will find that you have to experiment on what works best for you. Patience is truly a virtue especially in website development. Make sure to check out our amazing packages on how you can get quality traffic to your site.

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