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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Online Ecommerce shops and internet marketing in general have superseded the traditional offline business models. Ebay is one great example. It is a large website platform that allows you as the seller to list your products and get customers coming to purchase them. Ebay charges you a certain amount of service fee. How do you ensure that you make a reasonable amount of sales through your listings? You need to put in place strategies that will bring potential buyers to your Ebay Listing. Other approaches are used to create awareness among the target audience about your product. All the activities that are undertaken to boost the traffic eventually translate to increased sales in your Ebay Listings.

If you are after reliable and competent traffic but don’t know where to start, we’ve got your back. Our detailed guide here is going to take you through the selected best methods so that you can understand better and choose the most appropriate for your needs. They are used to let people notice your products among a swarming online market.

Organic Traffic

Being an online business owner, you will always want to attract people to your website. Without people visiting, you won’t get sales. More times than rare, they will be looking for you online. You should make yourself easily found or available for them. This is not a joke anyway. Search Engine Optimization entails all the activities you need to do to ensure that your organic traffic is booted. What we mean is, your website should be displayed above others in the organic search results so that it will get more clicks than those displayed far below. Search engines provide guidelines that must be followed when creating website content to be ranked on top.  The appropriate use of keywords and title format are the key issues to consider. You need to do intense research for keywords relevant to your niche and place them to appear naturally within the content

Well-written meta title, meta description, image alt texts, and correct placement of headings will make the crawler to index your page faster. Also, work on including internal and external links within the content of your website. Generally, SEO is one of the best strategies for boosting organic traffic. It promises an improved conversion on your Ebay Listing.

Social Media – Free Web Traffic

One of the most trusted and effective strategies worth considering are social media platforms. It is among the cheapest source of limitless traffic. How useful this platform? Well, It is much obvious that social media has been a method largely used by both small and large businesses to help channel traffic to their websites. Many of these businesses opt to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular sites like LinkedIn. The reason behind this choice is the fact that there are billions of regular Facebook users. These users have a higher potential of being your customers. Other social media platforms where one can source boundless traffic include Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn among others.

If you are looking to increase your web traffic through social media, it is always advisable that you identify your audiences well. Wrong targeting will results in a lot of traffic without conversions. These sites are out there free, choose one or more, and get started with right away if you are adequately convinced. Your consistency in the posting schedule will certainly build you good followership.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Lastly, but one of the most efficient ways to get traffic is to pay using PPC bidding. If you are looking for ways to generate high traffic for your website within a very short period, PPC would be the ideal option. This method has stood the test of time, tried and verified to be not only the most effective but also one of the fastest approach. It is used by most businesses to market their products and services. As the name suggests, Pay Per Click provides that the advertiser is charged for every visitor that visits a certain website.

Forum Posting

forum posting

Although some still doubt if this strategy still works, it is highly recommended among some growing businesses. With the availability of forums across different niches, this method presents itself as one of the most useful and effective approaches to generate traffic. Forum posting involves the exchange of texts and links as a way of communication between, maybe, a seller and a buyer or a marketer and a subscriber, and so on. Only registered members of a particular forum are allowed to submit discussions. Register and expose yourself to potential audiences. Abide by the forum rules while actively participating to earn trust among members.

This method will only be effective if you include a backlink signature in your profile. This signature appears at the bottom of every content you post. With proper conduct, you are sure to get a good boost in traffic from such pools of untapped audiences. Forum posting will be your all-time option. You need time to consistently contribute. 

Guest Posting

In addition to creating quality content for your website, take your time to also pen for someone else’s. Equally, you can also allow someone else to write for you. This approach is referred to as Guest Blogging or Guest Posting. This practice has a high potential of boosting your website’s traffic. Posting on a third party’s website implies that you are tapping into an entire pool of new audiences. However, it does not just happen.  It requires you to earn trust first from the readers. Posting informative and quality content consistently over time will make them want to scrutinize your profile and even follow you.

Guest posting is one of the best strategies that are well-mentioned among various online marketers. It is easy to do guest blogging. Identify a relevant business and ask to create content for them on particular topics. Within the content, you include backlinks pointing back to your website. These links should fit in the content naturally. If done well, this strategy can boost your Ebay Listing traffic that translates to increased sales.


Consistency is the key. All the methods shared above are verified but none can promise you overnight results. The best practice is that you stick to them and you will at long last get tons of visitors to your Ebay Listings. For strategies that involve the creation of marketing content, quality is one thing that can’t be stressed enough.

To increase traffic to your Ebay Listing’s the above are time tested and proven methods that you can implement. Also check out our web traffic packages that you can always use to get better conversions.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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