Increasing Traffic to Wix Website – Ultimate Guide Get Tons Of Web Visitors!

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Need an endless and highly converting traffic to your Wix website? Wix provides users with the fastest, intuitive option or rather shortcuts to build their own highly customized websites through drag and drop extensions. Although some have criticized it claiming that Wix websites are sub-standard and shouldn’t be used on some serious businesses, Wix is among the top rated website builders that is trusted by thousands of high-end businesses and companies. Pick the right template and get an interactive website within minutes and more interestingly, without paying a dime. That is perhaps one of the reasons for its popularity. Now, you are here trying to figure out ways you can use to increase the traffic to your Wix website. It is a necessary call of duty to set up strategies both paid and unpaid to realize a valuable traffic.

In this in depth guide we are going show you some of the most preferred strategies and tactics that are widely used by most successful internet marketers. Check them below.

Organic Traffic (SEO)                                 

This is a more technical approach geared toward increasing quality as well as quantity of traffic to your website through search engine results. It encompasses any action done to advance the ranking of a website on the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). Unlike PPC, this strategy targets direct unpaid traffic. Optimization will make sure that the title tags and Meta descriptions are indeed informative and are laid in an acceptable length to point to other internal links of your website.

SEO may require that you have an optimization expert to tailor your content meet the needs of the search engines based on some laid down algorithms. If you are after seeing your Wix website thrive in the competitive market, SEO is one of the most effective approach you wouldn’t want to pass. It might cost you some reasonable amount hiring an SEO expert but if done well you are more miles away from your rivals and your traffic acquisition is really worth it  

Social Network Engagement

Social media is a great platform with a lot of opportunities to utilize when it comes to online marketing. It is one of the sharp-edged tool employed by most marketers in order to increase the traffic to their sales websites. Creating some great content and hoping that people find it is not just enough. You need to be proactive, get down to business. In this context what we mean is that you get social, meet people online over the available platforms. Think of Facebook, one of the largest pool of audience. You don’t need to dive into your pocket for any dime in order to post your products link that will lead many to your website upon clicking.

Most of the social media podiums are free of charge. That’s now and then the only way you can be able to get exposed a very large number of audience. Most marketers take the advantages to leverage from such sites. Others include Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. If you tailor your posts in this platforms well then your Wix website have a greater chance of registering more traffic and consequently the conversions.     

Guest Post Traffic

Another prized approach to get tons of high converting traffic is Guest Blogging often referred to as Guest Posting. You’ve probably be asking yourself what it is all about.  Well, as the name suggests, it is basically an approach whereby as a quest you are allowed to post content on the third party’s website. The content will have links that leads back to your own website. These links are referred to as backlinks or inbound links.

Now that you are reading this, it’s evident that you are in pursuit of methods that can help you register an overflowing traffic to your Wix website. Guest blogging as you have seen is one of the all-time strategies that never disappoint if done well. The two-way benefit from this strategy vouches for its ability to stand tall over some other methods. Quality content for your author guarantees you more chances of getting trusted and the audience will not hesitate to click on your backlinks.

Paid Traffic (Pay Per Click)

Pay per Click is undoubtedly one of the best strategies out there mostly appreciated when it comes to increasing traffic to your website. It is one method that is seen as actually outweighing other available alternatives. Literally it is just but buying your way to the top rank across the search engines.  PPC as the name suggests implies that any visitor gets paid for clicking the website link. It is one efficient, fast and robust method of attracting traffic. Termed by many as a hassle-free tactic, it is used by most websites especially for marketing and branding.

You won’t just need traffic without conversion? Now if you are after increasing the traffic to your Wix website that will lead to a large conversion rate then you need to consider some few things. You will need to target high buyer intent keywords as part of the paid strategy here. Competition for such terms is stern but the worthy part is the payoff at the end. It is a testimony among many online marketers that this PPC strategy is a step-ahead approach that will see your web traffic flooding drastically.

Discussion Boards & Forum Posting

web traffic

Much like Quest Blogging, Forum posting enables you to post content in an online discussion forum. This is aimed at generating some inbound links of high quality that will channel back traffic to your website. It is always advisable to precisely identify your audience so that you don’t post right for the wrong people. If you miss your target then by high chances your website will be saturated with worthless traffic. With some few tricks and consideration this method can massively project your web traffic higher. First off, you need to identify a relevant forum. For example if your post is about technology then opt for a technology forum. Choosing proper titles and incorporating main keywords are the best practices in forum posting. Avoid posting copied content or doing direct marketing, just provide informative content.

There you go, if you are a fan of posting in multiple forums then you are a step ahead. Attach your posts with backlinks to your Wix website and enjoy the fruits of increased traffic. Otherwise there are many forum online that you can just sign up as per their guidelines and get started.


Looking at the traffic of any website and its conversions, for instance, it suffices to say that web traffic is the driving force behind the livelihood of any website. Other webmasters would prefer to call it a pillar or rather a backbone of any online business. We can put it like this, the more the traffic the more the payoff from the business and vice versa.

Finally, having understood those dependable strategies it is now time to bid bye to the traffic sloppiness in your Wix website. Buy high quality wix traffic here today. The interesting part about these tactics is that they are non-exclusive. This means you can be able to employ more than one and conjointly witness the positive results on your way.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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