The Ultimate Secrets to Increasing Your Website Traffic Unique Visitors

Traffic is a vital metric used in determining the potential of a website online. Such traffic is either in form of repeat online visitors or unique vistors to a website in a given period. While generating repeat visitors may be easier, maintaining a gradual increase in website traffic unique visitors is outright challenging and daunting. Below are ways you can implement to increasing website traffic to your site.

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Based on the reality that 70 percent of online searches are organic, and that there are millions of websites competing for first page ranking, it’s far harder nowadays for websites to always rank in the first pages of search engines. For this, there is only a low chance of getting noticed by new online users. Even ranking in second or third search page doesn’t help matters anymore since 75 percent of online visitors hardly go past the first results page. So, how do you boost your sites odds of success in attracting more traffic from unique visits? Here are invaluable insights.
Tips and great insights to increase your website traffic unique visitors.

Leverage on the power of web analytic tools: In today’s online market place driven by creativity and competition for traffic, there isn’t a shortage of website traffic analyzing tools. While some may be largely ineffective, most others work plenty well. Of these, Google analytics, Webtrends, Omniture, Coremetrics and SimilarWeb are all suiting for analyzing website traffic statistics.

Create unique and insightful content: Writing web content that is focused on your users needs is essential in attracting unique visitors to your site. Such content ought to be fresh in ideas and its presentation. More so, it should be user-friendly and not just based on search engine ranking. Content that is unique and even insightful in nature is but a result of detailed research with the needs of online
audience in mind.

Respond to visitors queries often: Engagement forums and share sessions offer you unprecedented chance of bonding with your current sites visitors. Prompt response and feedback to your sites visitors queries, you will, inadvertently attract more visitors either by chance of being mentioned elsewhere or by through specific recommendations.

unique visitorsOptimize your content for search engine: Theoretically, having multiple pages on your website that are filled with insightful content means better odds of ranking higher on results pages of search engines (SERPS). But considering that there are thousands of other similar websites competing to rank for similar content and keywords, it’s only logical to format your content so as to gain traction of search engines. This includes strategically placing the keywords in your content, eliminating grammatical errors and making your page easily shareable either on social media or otherwise.

Leverage on the power social media: According to Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange, most of the Face books 500 million and Twitter 200 million spend at least 2 hours in thier respective social media accounts. This is a prime frontier for marketing websites to generate unique traffic. It’s easier to attract massive unique visitors to your website even in the long run. With such an expansive avenue, you can only be limited by your creative instincts and presence online . Simple tasks such as Face book likes, posts, tags and status update are all unique opportunities for websites owners to reach a world wide audience at a go.
Does an increase in unique visitors contribute to your site’s growth?

Yes it does. By all means, unique traffic forms the basis of establishing a loyal following and possible sales opportunities. Below is selection of the main benefits your website gains from increase in unique visitors;

1) Increased page views.

An increase in unique visitors translates to more page views, increased click throughs on pages and more sharing of featured content. This instead improves the credibility of the website.

2) Improved ranking on search engine pages.

Due to recent updates of popular search engines, specifically Google, websites that generate more and unique traffic ranks higher which increases site exposure online.

3) Increased sales.

When it comes to e-commerce and internet marketing, attracting and retaining unique visitors is the key to generating more sales online. By leveraging on the enthusiastic nature of first time visitors to your webpage, you have an ideal chance to convert prospective visitors to repeat clients.

Bottom line.

The ability of a website to attract new traffic is nowadays the bases of a thriving life online. For this, website owners and developers should put in place suiting strategies that guarantees sustainable source of website traffic unique visitors. The techniques given herein makes a good starting point.

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