Instagram Traffic Guide – How To Get Solid Web Traffic From Instagram

Instagram is perhaps the most popular image social site on the web right now. It has given other image based social media sites like Pinterest a fierce battle making it one of the most visited sites on the web. But beyond being just a site dedicated to sharing photos and giving peers a chance to interact, internet marketers can use it as a good marketing to pull tons of high quality web traffic with high rate of conversion.

However, Instagram traffic doesn’t just come in easily but one has to work following a certain strategy. To save you the hassles of doing the hard work of researching and finding out which one works perfectly, in this post, we will share some of the best performing tactics that have been proven to work. Here we go;

Your Bio And Profile Matters

Perhaps the very first thing that every Instagram visitor will always see is your profile. This is the point that defines you and will make the visitor decide whether they will proceed to your content or just leave. This explains why your profile has to stand out and be captivating. You can get inspiration from the best Instagram influencers to see how they have made their profile page and description.

The next thing that shouldn’t miss out on your profile is a link to your website. This is probably the best way to sell yourself and a spot that has shown high click rates. Adding a link is as simple as pasting it but make sure that the link is neat and short. You can also opt to use a link shortener if you wish to send people to a particular page without making the url looking pathetic. This will work for any website or landing page.

Use Enticing Images With A Captivating Call To Action

Instagram is an image inspired network and to get the best out of it, you will have to do all you can to deliver top notch images that stand out. However, it doesn’t mean that you can slap in images the way you feel like. You have to make sure that the images you are sharing are of the best quality and are captivating.

Something else that you’d want to include to ensure that images gets you the best results is to add a clear and eye catching call to action. Images that have a clear and well displayed call to action attracts people and baits them to click and follow to your website.

Use Influencers To Reach More Audience Fast

increase website trafficA trend that is quickly taking over in the social media and in the branding world is influencer marketing. This form of marketing has become a very effective approach for getting traffic and also building a brand easily. So how does influencer marketing work on Instagram? We all know what happens when someone with thousands of followers shares something. It reaches many people and depending on how informative and eye catching that content is, it stands a chance to go viral and get more web traffic. Working closely with these influencers can be the turning point and can dictate the amount of web traffic that you can get from the network. If for instance you have a fashion ecommerce site that you would like to get traffic for, all you need is to find a number of influencers who are well known in the industry or at least have a couple of thousand followers. You reach out to them and ask them if they can help you get your message out. While it is not a must to hear from them, most of them will respond. Some may ask for a fee which is normal and you should expect. You should weigh in the amount being asked for with the amount of followers that influencer has. This translates to the traffic that you stand to get.

To get the best out of this tactic, you should ensure that you are working with the right influences who are in your niche and those who also have a large number of followers. You should also reach out to as many influencers as you can so that you increase the visibility of your website.

Consider Investing In Instagram Advertisement

Like the other social media sites, Instagram also offers advertisements and webmasters and the internet marketers from various niches can dive in and start displaying their advertisements. Also with the fact that Instagram have a lot of user details including their interest, demographics and hobbies, advertisers are guaranteed to get quality web traffic that are highly targeted. Placing and running advertisements on the platform is no brainer. All you need to do is sign up and start customizing your advertisements. Setting up bids is also another thing that you should be watchful on.

If you have some money to spare for your advertisements, then Instagram is somewhere you can get started with. You should also consider learning how to optimize your ads and scale them up for the best performance.

Final Word

With thousands upon millions of people actively locked on Instagram, there are a whole lot of opportunities for internet marketers to take on. But this only happens when you have an actionable plan. With the strategies highlighted above, you can easily penetrate and leverage some high quality web traffic from Instagram. And the best thing with these strategies is that they are easy to get along with and anyone regardless of their internet marketing experience can take action.

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