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When it comes to traffic generation, paid traffic is one of the best options that one can consider. However, to which one is still the best, it is still debatable. There are a lot of them out there and many people have a thing or two to say about a particular paid traffic method. However, among one of the most popular ones is PPC (Pay Per Click), which is common among small and big brands using internet to market their products and services. People however, get different results in the process which makes it a bit hard to make it when you are still new to the business. In this guide, we will go through some of the reasons why pone would want to pick PPC as their preferred source of traffic and also help you decide on whether it is the best paid traffic source to consider.

Understanding Pay Per Click Traffic


Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertisement model that offers advertisers the opportunity to get traffic and only pay for visitors who visit the website. You simply pay for the advertisements based on certain factors such as the set keywords that you are interested in targeting to get traffic. One of the best thing that you will love with PPC is that you do not pay for the traffic that you do not get. This is unlike the case with banner display where you can find yourself paying for ads that will not get you the expected performance.

There are lots of Pay Per Click platforms that one can use to get high quality traffic to their site. The only problem is choosing the right one that will give you unlimited options and the quality needed to get the conversions. Below are some of the best platforms that many people love when it comes to getting PPC traffic.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the most popular PPC network that one can find. It is the product of Google which is the largest search engine which means that there is a lot of traffic which ensures great potential to the advertisers. It has become one of the most favorite for many people. There are also publisher PPC on this platform which gives users the opportunity to advertise on publisher’s websites. The only downside is that it has made it one of the most competitive hence making it hard for beginners and people who are getting started with it.

Bing Ads

Bing ads is yet another great alternative to Google Ads. Being powered under the second largest search engine. Although the traffic potential is lower than that you would get from Google, it is still great and guarantees users the best experience. The PPC approach the same as that of any other search engine, where the ads are displayed alongside user’s searches.

Yahoo Ads

Yahoo is one of the pioneering platforms on the internet. And although it has lost its shine when it comes to search engine performance, it is still decently used and still serves as a good place to get high quality traffic to user’s website. Integrating and using their PPC ads to generate traffic to your site is pretty easy, thanks to their interactive platform.

Social Media Advertising

If there is one marketing approach that many people, including beginners then it is social media marketing. It is very easy to implement and use it on your website. Some of the most common social media websites and platforms that one can use to boost their website traffic includes Facebook and Twitter which offers PPC as a means of getting traffic.

Now that you know the different ways and the importance of using PPC, below are some of the best ways that one can use the different PPC platforms to their advantage and get high quality traffic.

Getting The Best Out Of PPC Traffic

Here are some of the best practices that one can use to ensure that they are getting solid traffic and results.

Do Good Keyword Research

Keyword research is perhaps the most important part of PPC. You have to know the keywords that you are targeting. And without doing that, you are doomed to fail. This is because without a good target, you will not find the right people to buy your goods or services which simply means that you will be wasting money in the process. So, beyond just good keywords, you have to make sure that they are good buyer keywords which will potentially bring in good leads and sales.

Another thing that one has to factor in when choosing the right keyword is how competitive it is. This is especially important if you are still a newbie and have little money to invest in. If you are a beginner, it is always recommended that one focus on long tail search terms and keywords which are usually regarded as low lying fruits. Finding them might take some time, but it is a really worthy process. This will ensure that you spend less money and get to take advantage of easier placements on search engines like Google and Bing.

There are lots of keyword research tools that one can take advantage of to ease their research work and get the ball rolling.

Know Your Competitors

ppc traffic

If thee is one important thing that many people do not keep focus on, it has to be their competition. You cannot enter a market when you do not know who you are competing against. If you do that, then you risk a lot when you do not understand who you are going up against. Understanding and knowing your competition helps you in many ways. You get to learn a lot of strategies by interacting and connecting with your competitors. As much as this may sound difficult, it actually works and you will be surprised to learn that there are a lot of people in your niche who are looking to get connections with you. Perhaps the most common way that you can share and take advantage of other webmaster in your niche is to connect by writing guest posts. Guest posting is simply the process of writing articles and posts on another website. And that way, you get to pull in more traffic from the other website. It gets better when they website is more authoritative and has more traffic. Email swaps is also something that you may want to try if you have built yourself an email list with some subscribers.

Another reason why you may want to delve into learning more about your competitors is simply to copy their strategies. You get to know what others do and by copying them, you get to reap the success and the benefits that comes with it. There are plenty of softwares and tools that helps people analyze and spy on competitors. This helps to dig up a lot of things including the strategies and where they are advertising. So, if you are into PPC as your source of web traffic, you should really consider using some of these spy tools to learn a thing or two about your competitors.

Have A Budget In Mind

Lastly, but most importantly, you’d want to stick to a budget of your own. Have everything organized on how you will spend the investment, which includes doing tests and researching. Researching is a very crucial part of marketing which one must go through. Unless you are an expert and know exactly what you are doing, without a good research, you will find yourself blowing beyond your budget and getting yourself in a problem where you will have to chuck in more funds to keep the online business afloat. Despite the fact that PPC deals with traffic when you only receive them, it could get ugly without good management. One of the worst case scenarios that one could find themselves is when the keywords they are bidding on are not good enough and cannot bring the expected return on investment. One of the best ways to budget prudently is by implementing split testing which helps users to first make some tests and come up with clear strategies that will get them good results. You get to know and master some of the crucial things like the right keywords, the correct bidding budget and even know which landing pages are better than others.

It is therefore crucial to have a budget in mind so that you cannot overspend beyond your expectations.

Final Word

PPC is one of the best paid traffic strategies, hands down. And if you know how to go about using this marketing strategy, you will get good results in the end. The good things with all that is that it is not very hard to execute and come up with an actionable approach with PPC. With the shared strategies and tricks above, everything else should run smoothly and get you the much needed results.

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