Key Components Of Mobile SEO For 2018 And Beyond

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The whole world has switched and majority of people are using the internet to buy stuffs and do their research as well as do lots of things. Even offline websites are penetrating the web and trying to find out which way they can get sales online. If you have a website or trying to find your way on the internet maze, then you need to also know that most people are nowadays considering using mobile phones to access the web and run their daily errands. As such, you need to make sure that your website is up to standards and is able to attract people using various devices and also be able to make them buy from you. Otherwise, you will soon be out of business and you will have nobody to blame. So how do you make tour website an open marketplace that is responsive? In this guide, we will go through 4 of the most important components to make your website mobile friendly and search friendly so that you can benefit from search engine traffic which we all know is highly targeted and yield good conversions. Here we go;

Focus On Making Your Website Responsive

Research has shown that many mobile users which go as high as 57% would not recommend websites with poor design to others. Even in this era, it’s a shame that there are lots of websites which aren’t easy to navigate, leave alone being mobile friendly. Having such a site is a waste in this new age and it will take a visitor only a matter of seconds to click on the back-button and leave the site. If your website is not good enough, you should make hay to ensure that it is easy to navigate and that anyone using whichever device they choose can easily scroll and find it easy to use. Making your website responsive isn’t as hard as many believe it to be. Today, there are lots of pre-made templates and themes that are mobile friendly and you can easily install them in a few mouse-clicks.

Use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Accelerated mobile pages is a new search engine styling that is quickly being picked up by internet marketers and webmasters across the globe. What AMP does is try to serve users with content is a quick format which they can read without physically getting into your website. Google indexes and stores pages in a cache and serves them to the user whenever they come across the page in the search engine results. With the rise of use in smartphones and other devices, AMP is increasingly becoming relevant and webmasters who have implemented it have seen great improvements in terms of site traffic.

The good bit about optimizing your website and making it an AMP structured is that you can do it in a few clicks by using plugins and scripts. If you are also an expert in code mastery, this is done by just altering and modifying a few lines of code in your theme.

Ensure That Your Website Uptime And Speed Is Spot-On

Assuming that you have been on the internet for some time, you must have visited or come across some websites that take ages to load a single page. My guess is that you left before the page loaded and opted to click another website on the search results. Let’s face it, nobody likes a slow website and we all want a site that loads fast. As such, you should also make your website fast for users to enjoy the experience and not feel that they are wasting their time for your website to load.

With this understanding, you need to make sure that your website is always online and offers your visitors the best speed. To achieve this, you must make sure that you have a good hosting that ensures that your website is always online. Besides that, make sure that the template or theme you are using loads fast and gives your users the best experience. You can also use website caching and other technologies to make sure that your site loads fast.

Invest In Mobile Ads

mobile trafficOnce you have made sure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly, you should then go ahead and invest in the various mobile advertisements which will help you to bring traffic to your website and yield more sales in the process. You will come across tons of ad agencies and even social media platforms that you can seek mobile ads from.

There are different forms of advertisements that one can implement on their website and each ill have a different impact. It is therefore recommended that you do your research and find out which for of mobile advertisement will work perfect for your website. There are also a number of tools which can come in handy like those that you can use to spy on your competitors and see which form of advertisements work for them. This can save you a lot in your advertising budget.

Final Word:

These are some of the best approaches that you need to implement to make sure that you are on course to getting high quality web traffic from your mobile site. Good enough, anyone regardless of their experience in web traffic, can easily implement these strategies and reap the benefits like any other professional. The ball is now on your court to take charge.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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