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Link building – How Important is it for Your Website

Search Engine is the process of making websites go up and down in a search engine’s index such as Google’s search results for example. Statistics demonstrate that the top 3 website that appear after a user types in a specific keyword, receives 85 percent of that traffic. Here is why Link building can help you get more traffic.

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If your website is on the second page of Google, pertaining to a specific keyword, you will receive little to no traffic at all. When it comes to optimizing your website so it’s rankings can go up, search engines utilizes a secretive algorithm to determine the quality of a site and thus how far up it should be it its rankings. Google in particular is the number one search engine so we’ll use them as an example.

Ranking Factors
Link building has for long been an essential part of SEO. Google’s algorithms for ranking websites are based on several factors, some of those factors include: page structure, social bookmarks, the quality of the content that’s on your website and your website’s bounce rate. But, one of the most important factors that will significantly impact your website’s ranking is its link structure.

In simple terms, Google uses the amount of links that are coming in to your website to determine if it is popular or an authority website. This ‘popularity’ essentially means in their eyes, that your website has good content and thus, is of a higher quality of other websites who are targeting the same keyword that your website is, as to the reason why it has an abundance of links coming in. But it’s not just about the amount of links that are coming in to your website that’s important, but the relevance and page rank of those links as well.

Page Rank (PR)
Google uses a page rank system to judge a website on its quality from a scale of 0-9. Zero means that the website is brand new or of a low quality and nine is the highest quality rating that a website can receive. Most websites will only receive a page rank of 3 or 4 during its entire life.
So to put things in retrospect, if you and your competition is targeting a specific keyword, and your website has an abundance of PR 5-6 links coming in to your website, while your competition has an abundance of PR1-3 links coming into theirs, they will see your site as more of an authority site in comparison and thus you will rank higher than your competition for that specific keyword.

backlink-645255_640Besides the amount of high quality links that are coming into your website, they need to be relevant as well. For example, if you have a variety of high PR links coming into your website from an exercise related website, but your website is about cheeseburgers, Google won’t see those links as being relevant and thus it won’t have as much of an effect on your rankings as it would of it were receiving high PR links from a fast food related website which would be similar to yours.

Essentially, without a proper link building structure and management system, no matter how much you optimize your website, your competition will outrank you every time.

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