How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

To make money in affiliate marketing, all you need is a huge traffic that you can easily convert into sales later on. What about those without websites or blogs; where should they add affiliate links to boost their income?

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Well, for those still learning web designing or are simply not interested in building their own websites, there’re a number of ways to get your affiliate links posted right in front of your target audience and make money easily.

With that in mind, here are some of the never-failing methods to try out:

Post the links on forums and blogs

For novice marketers, the best way to get your feet wet in affiliate marketing is to start using your own signature to post the links on forums and blogs. But remember, you are only supposed to post the links in forums and blogs where the respective viewers are somehow interested in the products you promote. Otherwise you risk being banned from some of the forums or get some of the links deleted if you continue spamming them with unnecessary posts and links.

Create a viral product

If you can come up with a viral product online, then you’re only a step away from making a pretty penny in affiliate marketing. This can include a short e-book or a short guest article that talks about a particular subject, with affiliate links injected at strategic points to direct viewers to corresponding websites.

Create a YouTube channelabstract-1233873_640

YouTube is another possible alternative for marketers that want to take advantage of the over one billion unique visitors, recorded monthly on this video hosting website. As a matter of fact, all you need is a webcam and some quirky ideas—all laced with consistency—and you’re set to earn a tremendous amount from affiliate marketing.

But before you get your adrenaline all rushed up on this idea, here are some quick rules to abide by while creating a YouTube series:

Create valuable content for your viewers

If the videos you post on YouTube have no value for viewers, you not only risk being reported as SPAM, but losing potential customers as well. Because of that, it’s always best to come up with something worthwhile to grab the attention of online customers and, at the same time, manage to win their trust.

Don’t mislead your viewers

The video you post must have a direct connection with the affiliate link you want your viewers to check. Otherwise, you risk violating YouTube policies and, at this point, this is something you should be trying your level best to avoid.

Write reviews and ads for classified websites

Many people flock to classified websites, such as craigslist, to search for old car, furniture or any other product they need. If you can, consider writing reviews and ads for affiliate products, and then post them on such websites for the interested audience to see. This way you could make money than ever before.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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