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Tips on How to Make Money with Commission Junction

Commission junction is the most popular online affiliate program for publishers and advertisers. To participate and make money with commission junction, you post advertisers’ links on your blog or website. If someone clicks on the advertisers’ links and purchases a good or service, you earn a percentage of the sale value.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

You also earn a commission for attracting sales leads if they click on the link and fill out the forms. If they revisit the website and fill out the forms or buy something, you are still entitled to a certain commission since the cookies stay on the computer. As such, this article educates on how to make money with commission junction. Read on.

Create a Website or Blog

In case you have no website or blog of your own, it is easy to create one. To do so, you can purchase a domain and a web host for your website or blog. For instance, Hostgator and GoDaddy are some of the hosts offering reasonable prices. This is the first step—getting a website or blog up and running.

Create Account

Once you have your website or blog created, move to sign up on the Commission Junction website. Creating a CJ account is not an arduous process. You just need to follow the steps offered and you will be good to go.

Browse the Advertiserscj

Once you get signed up, sleuth through the various advertisers who are out to market goods and services from different manufacturers and companies. Commission junction has more than 1,000 companies from which you can choose. Be careful to browse by categories which relate to your website’s or your blog’s audience. Click on the category you find relevant in order to have a view of the advertiser list. To get refined details about a specific program, select the advertiser that attracts you.

Select Relevant Advertiser

Shop for the advertisers who sell a product or service that is pertinent to your website or blog, as so you better your chance to earn money. Moreover, if you are interested in a certain advertiser, click the “join program” icon, but be careful to read the terms and conditions before you agree. If you are approved for the program(s), the link is added to your link relationship list, a list of all the advertisers who approved you. You thus can post their links on your blog or website.

Source for Links

To get the links for the advertisers who approved you, you should click on the “Get links” tab on the Commission Junction’s home page. If you want to post a link from advertisers that are inactive or haven’t yet approved you, you don’t get commission on the sales made or the sales leads. Thus, to maximize your earnings, stick to posting links for the companies that have approved you to do so.

Choose a Link or Banner

If you click on “View links” button, a list displaying all the links that you can choose to post on your blog or site pops up. Click on the link you are interested in, and thus you are free to copy JAVA or HTML for the link and paste it on your blog or website.


Click “Publish” and the link will appear on your website. Now you are good to go. Your site is monetized by CJ (Commission Junction). Every time viewers of your blog or website click on the link and fill out forms or buy goods or services, you get commission—you make money with Commission Junction. Publish as many links as you can. Don’t forget to check out our amazing traffic packages for your CJ campaigns.

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