How To Make Your Traffic Sticky And Get Better Bounce Rates

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Bounce rate is a web traffic metric that is used to measure the quality of a website from the user’s point of view. Bounce rate is the measure of how a website is able to retain its visitors. A website that has higher bounce rate means that users may not find the website useful and thus leave the site.

To better understand what bounce rate is, here is a practical example.

When visitors come to your website, some would read the post where they landed and while some will proceed to read another post on your website, others will leave to another website. The rate at which people leave your site over the total visitors is what is termed as the bounce rate. Practically, the more people leave your website, the higher the bounce rate. Higher bounce rate is considered bad and something that one needs to work on since it reflects the quality of the website content.

Besides that, bounce rate is a metrics that is used by search engines to determine how important a website is. This is therefore something that needs to be looked into.

Below, we will go through some of the best ways to make a web page stickier and reduce the bounce rate:

Work On Content Readability

Content is what determines whether your visitors will continue to stay or leave your website. As such, you need to make sure that the content on the site is top notch and that it reads smooth all the way. The good thing with taking care of this part is that it is simple and all you need to do is either rewrite the content or ask someone to help do it for you.

To make sure that the copy is of good quality, it is always recommended that you hire an expert copywriter who will also ensure that the content not only reads well but also converts. You might also like to use some of the readability tools such as the flesch score analyzer which will help you determine the score and how the content is.

Avoid The Use Of Pop-Ups And Other

The next thing that you’d want to never do to your users is to piss them off. Audiences are among the most important part of your online business and you should do whatever it takes to continue having them. Although websites are meant to earn you an income from your online efforts, there are approaches that will deny you this and will even make it worse for you. Pop under and pop up advertisements is one that will chase most of you audiences away.

Imagine visiting a web page full of pop under ads that keep distracting you when you are trying to read something. The same way that you will feel bad about it is what other users will feel. Although pop ups could work in some niches, there are sensitive niches that shouldn’t have any of these. If you are therefore using pop under pop ups and other form of advertisements that will piss off users, you should look into it. Placing too many advertisements is yet another thing that you wouldn’t want to do.

Use More Captivating Call To Actions

How are the call to action on your website? The other thing that you wouldn’t want to miss on is how your titles and anchor links are tagged. They need to be convictive enough and inspire the users to click on the link. Doing this on many pages that are mostly visited will reflect a lower bounce rate thus a better themed site that demands attention.

Split testing several call to actions should also help you decide on the right one to go with. You need to take time to create and test different call to actions keeping track of how each one of them performs. Testing variants of the same page is also another thing that you should give much thought.

Improve The Speed Of Your Website

Have you ever visited a website that takes more than a minute to load? If you have then chances are that you never even dared to open another web page on that site. People love to interact with fast sites and those that give them results that they are looking for fast. Nobody is willing to wait for more than a few seconds to read then head to the cart and buy from you. If you wouldn’t like to lose your customers then you have to make sure that your website loads fast.

There are several ways that one can get their website loading fast including going for a good web hosting. When you have a good web host that is reliable, your website is allocated enough resources and your visitors will love the experience without experiencing downtimes.

Some other ways to speed up your website includes using caching scripts and plugins which will enable the website to load in-demand user requests without taking up many resources. If you have little knowledge of speeding up you website then you need to consult with an expert and speed up your site to improve your bounce rate and the user’s experience.

Final Word:

Bounce rate is something that should concern every serious internet marketer. It not only means that you will get more page views but the fact that these metrics are used by the search engines like Google means a lot. Marketers should do all things possible to improve their website’s bounce rate and the strategies highlighted above should be helpful.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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