10 Media Buying Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business

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If you have been doing Internet marketing for a while then you probably know how profitable it can get if done well. The fact that you get control of the instant traffic that you get makes it even more adorable than the free methods. Below are some media buying mistakes to avoid.

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However, from an average marketer’s perspective, there are several myths and nonfactual mistakes that cloud them and stops them from getting the best. This guide features some of these mistakes which one can improve on to get the best out of their paid advertising.

Failing to make enough data analysis
Getting high quality traffic is not about making trial and errors in your ad campaigns but a strategic measure that takes more than just the basic ad placement. One needs to understand that there are competitors and measures taken to drive traffic. Good analysis should be done systematically especially if you are targeting a certain group of visitors. One should do more than the bare keyword analysis and know how to wisely bid without either overspending or going below their competitors.

The assumption that competitors are better placed
Myths have had their big part of the show and have misled many marketers into believing that there are some brands that have already taken the first spot. The truth is that one can take down their competitors no matter how big their brand is. The only thing that one needs to do is to master the competitors and spy on them for easier competition.

Failing to test different ads
Every experienced marketer knows that there is need to do split testing in order to determine the best ad to use as well as the best landing page for your site. Whether you are going to be using banners or plain text in your campaigns, you need to split test different versions to determine the perfect one to use. Some of the things that you should be looking for in the banner or text display is the performance in terms of clicks (click-through rate) as well as the conversion rate on the landing page.

Failing to bid for the brand keywords
This is yet another crucial and common mistake with many traffic seekers in the media buying scene. If you don’t want to watch traffic flying away while you watch then keep branding your website in your campaigns or someone else will do that and steal your traffic. As your online business grows the brand should also be growing and using it in media buying means that you will end up getting organic traffic in the future.

Failing to analyze and monitor ROI
If you are not taking full control of the traffic that you are getting from the media purchases then your online business is bound to fall at any time. To succeed and ensure that you have profit in your online investment, you need to ensure that you are analyzing your website performance with every ad campaigns. This should be done regularly and necessary tweaks be made where necessary.

Poor ad optimization
How are your ads optimized to perform? Does your ad placement suck? Ad placement takes several steps which includes testing and performance determination. When you are going to set your ad up, ensure that they are in all formats and if possible ensure that all ad sizes are used. This will increase the chances of getting more traffic and also a way to learn which one works better for you. If the whole process sounds alien for you, then let us do the hard work and end you high quality traffic.

Failing to test your ads
There is nothing worse than pumping investments on your campaigns when you haven’t tested them for their performance. It is like throwing your money in burning coal. One ought to know that a deal with paid traffic is not churn and burn but a real investment that should help you achieve solid results in the end.

Poor website design
web-1668927_640Long gone are the days when you used to set up a simple website or a landing page and expect to get traffic and conversions right of the bat. Today, you need to keep in mind the user interface in mind and ensure that there is more than just intuitiveness in the structure. Also, due to the fact that there is an increase in the number of devices and platforms that people are using to access the Internet, one needs to ensure that they have good responsive sites and landing pages that will work well in all devices.

Failing to use site exclusion and site inclusion
Another great feature that one will find in most media buying is the use of site inclusions and exclusion extensions. These extensions are added layers that helps filter web traffic and help in channeling some from a particular source. What if you have always wanted to target audience from some specific sites but cant get to them directly? Sometimes it could be hard to each to some site owners directly but media buy played the game perfectly. Most of these platforms allow one to have an option of including specific sites or excluding some that you do not want your ad to appear. This way, one an get an easy target and get more traffic.

Improper use of campaign tools
Media buying tracking and optimization tools are perhaps the best tools that you need to get the ball rolling in your campaigns. However, many Internet marketers fail to squeeze the lemonade out of lemon when it comes to using the tools well. Some of these tools are enough to help in minimizing risks and placing the ad campaigns in front of your prospects. Although it may be a time consuming task to master these strategies, it is a well worthy process. If you find it an exhilarating process, then we can help you get the same high quality traffic for a low cost.

Final word
Are you serious with your media buying and want to take them to the next level and take advantage of the huge traffic potential? If so, you should be making these tweaks to save big and bank hard. We have been helping or clients climb up the ladder of success with paid traffic and we are sure that we can make it work for you too. We offer affordable web traffic campaigns that will bolster your site to greatness above your competition.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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