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Ever since the inception of E-commerce, the industry has undergone various transformations where we’ve seen different E-commerce websites pop up. This has created limitless opportunities for internet marketers, making affiliate marketing one of the biggest ways to make money online.

In what seems to be an unending competition battle between these shopping giants, Affiliates seem to be the gainers. The battle for industry supremacy has made it much better for affiliates, since the companies also scramble to have more affiliates to help them sell more. In this write-up, we will compare three of the biggest Indian based E-commerce platforms from an Affiliates angle. Here is the Myntra Affiliate vs. Snapdeal Affiliate vs. Flipkart Affiliate in-depth comparison;

Flipkart Affiliates

To start off, Flipkart is the most popular and probably the best shopping marketplace in India. The site was founded in 2007 and has been a success and enjoyed tremendous growth despite the neck-stiff competition from the likes of Myntra and Snapdeal. It has opened an avenue for affiliate marketers giving them a chance to be part of the platform and make money.

Expandability¬† is something that you may want to consider if you are a serious affiliate marketer. You have to know the potential growth that an E-commerce platform has to offer. Flipkart’s growth to become the largest by market share and volume gives affiliates an assurance of their growth.

The income potential with the shopping marketplace is also a lucrative one and many affiliates are finding it super easy to get started.

When it comes to affiliate payments, the commissions offered are great. Here is a bit about the commission structure at FlipKart;

-Fashion and Lifestyle Products: Commissions start from 8% to 14%
-Home and Kitchen: Commissions start from 10% to 15%
-Electronics and Gadgets: Commissions start from 4% to 5%
-Digital and e Products: Commissions start from 2%
-Books: Commissions are at 10%

From the commission structure above, it is evident why the shopping site has been successful. Looking closely you may realize that digital products, electronics and gadgets seem to fetch low commissions but the fact that they sell like hot cake makes them very lucrative.

Snapdeal Affiliate program

Snapdeal ranks as the second most popular and largest online shopping site in India. Despite the shake-up that has struck the company in the past, it has stood still and seen increased growth. Affiliates also enjoy a great share of commission from the company. With a gargantuan loads in inventory, this is something affiliate marketers ought to give a shot.

Here is more about the affiliate commission structure that aspiring Snapdeal affiliates should expect:

-Fashion and Lifestyle Products: Commissions stand at 20% but capped to a maximum of Rs 1250/-
-Home and Kitchen: Commissions stand at 20% but capped to a maximum of Rs 1250/-
-Electronics and Gadgets: Commissions stand at 10% but capped to a maximum of Rs 1250/-
-Digital and e Products: Commissions stand at 20% but capped to a maximum of Rs 1250/-
-Books: Commissions stand at 20% but capped to a maximum of Rs 1250/-

If you are commission minded, of which many affiliates are, then Snapdeal affiliate program should be among your priority programs.

As if that wasn’t enough, Snapdeal offers something else that no other affiliate site has. There is no earnings threshold, so even if you earn a $10, you still get your commission.

Myntra For Affiliate Marketers

Myntra is one of the top E-commerce stores which has envisioned itself as a fashion marketplace across India. Their marketing approach, inventory and general operation seems to be going as it should for the company. As an affiliate, you get to enjoy high commissions on apparel sales. The company seems to have attracted a massive customer base and for any affiliate looking to focus on apparel, this is it.

There is high potential in expandability, but only if you are into the apparel industry. Our comparison here will therefore focus on the apparel and clothing sections of the other shopping sites.

Myntra affiliates earn up to 6% from the sales made. This is a much low as compared to Flipkart which pays from 8% to 14% on clothing and lifestyle products. Flipkart seems to have stolen the show here but you may also want to give a shot to Myntra due to it’s huge niche focused inventory.

Payments are made on a NET60 basis and deposited through wire transfer. The time may seem a bit lengthy, but it is something common with other shopping sites.

If you have enough traffic targeting apparel or fashion or looking to specifically expand in the attire (clothing) related niche, then Myntra could be a wise option. Otherwise for general growth potential, Flipkart seems to be the ultimate winner.

Which One Should You choose?

With the above review, affiliate marketers should be able to clearly identify an affiliate program that they perfectly fit into. Among some of the common features and things that affiliates will enjoy from all the shopping platforms above includes;

Trustworthiness – These E-commerce platforwallet-1326017_640ms have stood the test of time and you can always count on them for transparency and integrity.

Affiliate resources – They offer lots of resources making it easier for the affiliates to make money. Some of the resources includes Banners, Coupons, tracking and much more.

Inventory Size – although there may be a big difference between one shopping platform and the other, all of them have sizable inventory making it easy for affiliates to diversify.

Customer Satisfaction – How the platform handles their customers is one thing that affiliates needs to look into. If you would like to avoid products being returned, then you need to keep this in mind. Amazingly, all these sites have that taken care of.


If looking from a commission perspective, Snapdeal seems to have it all while from a market share and inventory volume point of view, FlipKart is all you need.

According to a study done, the Indian E-commerce market share is about 500 billion INR. This makes it a huge potential for affiliates to dive in and make a killing out of it. It is up to you to decide on the affiliate marketing to go with. But you must also make sure that you have good amount of website traffic.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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