10 Top Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO, Google Or Social Media

On-page Optimization Strategies To Get More Traffic

SEO is without a doubt one of the best ways to get a lot of high quality traffic that is highly targeted. almost 80% of successful websites online rely on SEO for their traffic and without it, they would close shop. So, how does one get the best out of it? There are a few tweaks and necessary things they one should ensure are in place to get the best out of this. However, among the most important ones is on page optimization. On page optimization is he process of optimizing and ensuring that all the factors are spot on and ready for Google and other search crawlers to check and use to ranking the website on the search engines.

Improve Your Page Speed

The first thing that every webmaster should be concerned about is their site’s page speed. Just the way you wouldn’t want to visit a website and get stuck in the middle while waiting for a page to load, the search engines too aren’t that patient and will only credit and rank websites that have good page speed. This is because they would like to serve their audience with good content that loads up fast. Imagine if you searched for something on Google and every page that comes up takes ages to load. That would definitely be a boring and an inconvenient search engine, right?

So, if you would like to have the attention of the search engines and get a favor from them, you must play the page speed game and ensure that your site is up for the task. To do this, you should start off by getting a good hosting which provides enough resources to your site and give it all to ensure that it load sup first. Secondly, you’d want to take advantage of caching and ensure that you have compressed images and media on our site. This is something hat is sure to give your user’s a speedier browsing environment.

Internal Linking

The other thing that you would want to make sure is spot on and will get you results is the internal linking structure of your website. When internal linking is done on the site, Google starts to inter-relate the pages on your site and depending on how they are related, it will give your site the authority that yo have emphasized in the process of internally linking the pages. For you to do internal linking well and as it is required, you need to create related pages on your site which will help you inter-relate them with each other. Doing this has been proven to have a good and positive impact on your site.

Keyword Density & LSI

Keyword density, placement and the latent semantic indexing of the keywords that you use on your pages are very important. It is through the keywords that search engines are able to place your pages on the search engine results and it will all depend on how well you have optimized your page for this. Keyword density is the number of occurrence of a particular keyword on your site and depending on the number of times it has been used, you could get some good rankings and traffic in the process. however, you should also be careful and avoid keyword stuffing and abusing the use of the keyword because thus will make it even worse and you could get penalized for this. the next thing with keyword optimization is to use more latent semantics and this means that you should use more related wordings and alternate keywords. The use of latest semantic keywords more often has been proven to work and search engines give a lot of attention to this which can help you get a lot of traffic if you adhere to these rules and go by the search engine algorithms.

Content Length

web trafficDid you know that the content length of the pages on your site matter a lot and could be the difference between toppling your competition and getting knocked off the top pages of the search engines? It has been proven over and over again that the length of the content on a particular website has an impact on the search engine rankings and with good content that stands out, you will even get better attention of these search engines. so what is the correct length of content o use on the site? Long ago, people used to set a 500 word count limit, but with he rise of competition, it all depends on how competitive the niche is. For some niches, dominating means having more than a 1,000 word content length while it could be higher or lower for others. You should checkout the top competitors and their word length to know and determine the word count you will be using on your site. with this in place, you can count yourself among the top in the serps.

Final Word:

Getting high quality traffic from the search engines means a lot and you have to work for it as it just doesn’t pop out of nowhere. The high quality and laser targeted traffic from the search engines is the thing that most webmasters dream of. The better your rankings in the search engines, the more traffic that you stand to get. However, getting these rankings it the big thing that many people have had to go through each and every day. With these pointers and the guide above you should be able to get good attention of the search engine crawlers and generate tons of traffic in the process.

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