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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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Web traffic is perhaps the only way that one can be sure that they will get more business and succeed online. But there are a bazillion ways of getting the traffic and the sad thing is that not all of the traffic is worth investing your time and money on. There are some traffic strategies that give better results than others while there are some that will not have any impact on your site as they wont bring in any conversions and leads. Such traffic are those you should avoid.


There are lots of things that one can do when it comes to optimizing their on-page to get the best results and conversions. In this guide, we will go through some on-page optimization tricks that have been proven to work over and over.

Content Quality Is The Key

The quality of the content that is on your site is everything when it comes to marketing your site and getting good results from it. But why does the quality of the content matter so much? When people visit your website, it is the content on the page they land that will engage them and even entice them into buying something from the site. This is how the content is crucial and should be spot on from the beginning to the end.


The better the content the higher the chances that you have of making a sale on the site. But what if you cannot create or write high quality content by yourself? In such a situation, you will have to hire someone to help you with the copy and ensure that it stands out and of the best quality. It may be expensive to hire a copywriter,, but you will get good results in the end.


Another strategy that many people always ignore is interlinking related content on the site. While many of us always consider and give much priority to external backlinking, the impact that internal linking has is tremendous and can make a huge change in terms of boosting the site’s performance. There is evidence that sites and pages with good internal linking get a good search engine boost and better rankings than those that have not been interlinked. This is because interlinking builds an authority which search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo value much.


The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to make sure that whatever you are interlinking is web pages that are related. Linking non-related sites could lead to spammy looking and non-authoritative kind of linking that is not good in the eyes of search engine crawlers.

Boost Your Site Speed

Ever visited a website that takes a whole 2 minutes to load? Of course there are tons of them out there, and that is why they do not get good rankings from such engines which also limits them from getting tons of traffic to their websites. Search engines love sites that have good speed because their audience also love them. If your site takes ages to load, your readers and visitors will quickly leave and visit another competitor site. And since the search engines love to serve good quality content that loads up fast.


How does one create a fast loading site which doesn’t take ages to load? There are a number of ways to speed up a site and among them is the choice of hosting that one uses. One you have a good hosting that gives your site good server speed, you should also consider using some cache plugins and scripts to help load pages on-demand. There are many other ways of boosting your site speed which you should try also.

Adopt A Responsive Web Design

youtubeHow easy is it to navigate your website? Sites have different ways in which one can navigate and scroll to find things. The easier your website it is, the better results you will get in terms of conversions and leads on the site. most of the sites that you will find with poor results have their web design to blame. With the increase int he number of devices that people use to access the web, one needs to make sure that whatever they are using to access the web is perfect in accessing the web with any device. Old static HTML sites are considered of lower standards in today’s web because they are not responsive and are harder to navigate and use with multiple devices. Such will affect how people shop or make decisions that will benefit your online business.


Creating a responsive website or converting your existing one isn’t as hard though and with a few tweaks and use of scripts, one can seamlessly have their responsive website that is easy to navigate for their visitors. Search engines also tend to give better attention to sites that have good navigation which makes them even more successful than those that are not. With that in mind, there is every reason to get your site responsive.

Final Word:

Every website needs traffic to succeed online and for that to happen, one needs to do a number of approaches and strategies that have been proven to work,. The on page strategies shared above have proven to work over and over and without a doubt it is something that you can count on to deliver when it comes to your site. The strategies are very easy to implement and anyone regardless of their marketing and web design experience can have them implemented on their sites.


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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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