Using Question-Answer Sites To Get Quality Web Traffic

When it comes to running an online business or website and making it successful, there are lots of things that we need to keep in mind, but the source of traffic is the most important of them all. This is because there are many sources of traffic, but only a few of them can be relied on to offer good results in the end. As such, one needs to be extra cautious on the kind of web traffic sources that they are using as they could be spending too much time and money investing on something that will never pay off. among some of the best traffic sources that one ought to know about and consider using for their website is the Question-Answer sites. There are plenty of Question-answer sites out there that aim to offer solutions to their daily readers and when you establish yourself as an expert in those sites, you could win a lot of traffic to your site.

One of the reasons why this method works is because people are always looking for answers to their day to day issues and problems and helping solve them earns you trust from them. Once people win your trust on;line, you are halfway successful and all you need to do next is to lead them to your website and they would be more inclined to purchasing or seeking consultancy from you as you are their expert. The use of question and answer websites for traffic has long been under-looked at by many people and that shouldn’t be the case as they have stood the test of time and helped people build online empires.

The other things is that they will also give you credible links to your site hence helping you to build an authority which comes in handy when trying to rank your website against competitors in the search engines like Google and Bing. Getting a link from sites like Quora or Yahoo answers gives you that power and link juice that the site needs so much against competitors.

Below are some of the guidelines on how to get the best out of Question and answer sites to harness the best traffic out of it.

Focus On Building Trust And Credibility

The question and answer sites are much similar to forums and users in there are trusted based on how they present themselves to the forum members. By helping solve common issues and problems that you are familiar with, people will start appreciating you and your efforts and with time, they will seek your advice, where you will be waiting and redirecting them to posts and advice on your website. This is a good way of building the strong and solid long lasting relationship that will turn prospects into repeat buyers. It is a good method that will work perfectly for anyone who has the time to spare building relationships. You can also consider hiring someone to help you to do this as it is a well worthy investment that you will not regret making.

Build An Email List

Yes! An email list is very crucial especially if you would like to get recurring customers and long term clients who will be buying from you. It may sound like an old approach to doing things in the modern web, but the proof is in the pudding and there is no single doubt on the power of email marketing. No experienced marketer can argue about that. Email marketing has been around long enough and regardless of whether you are getting started with online marketing or have been in the game for a long time, you just need it. The good news is hat you do not have to crack hard code as there are lots of scripts and plugins that have been made to make that whole process a seamless one. Email marketing might need a little learning and some time for beginners, but it really is worth the time spent. This way, you will be hooking in visitors from the question and answer sites and sending them to your email list.

Use Niche Related Question And Answer Sites

website trafficOne big mistake that many people, especially newbies have had to go through is lack of proper targeting. This is the first reason why many businesses fail. when one is advised to send traffic to their website, it doesn’t mean that any kind of traffic will do. some are just crappy and will not work at all. While others are sourced from sites hat are not related to your website and this means hat you are selling wrong products to the wrong customers who have no idea or not interested in hem at all. The results of this instance is obviously lack of sales and revenue. Anyone who is serious about marketing and getting their products and services sold more should consider only focusing on question and answer sites that are related to their site and niche. Without doing that, you will just be wasting your time and punching blows in the dark without hitting the target.

Final Word:

Just like any other web traffic source, Question and Answer sites have proven time and time again that they are worth using. It has been used as both a way of getting traffic and building credibility and authority and there is no reason why you should not succeed doing it as well. It is a good approach for anyone who is serious about taking their site and online business to the next level.

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Little Known Ways To Instantly Increase Website Traffic

If you run an online business then you are like most internet marketers who are always looking for new ways to up their internet marketing game. There could be hundreds of ways that one can use to drive traffic to their website but the only problem is that only a few of them are worth pursuing.

The approaches below are less known and most internet marketers don’t take advantage of the. They are however substantial and a surefire way to get your business off the ground.

Create Webinars

Webinars have long been used by advanced marketers and the reason why they believe in it is simply because they work every time. If you have been on the internet for a while, then you may have found yourself attending at least one webinar related to your niche. With the one-on-one many people are willing to be an audience and learn some things right from their experts. Webinar also receive a lot of shares because they are not so common.

The only challenge that stops many from doing it is the fact that you could end up needing some high end equipment to help you communicate the message out with your audiences. It may be a bit costly, but webinars are a surefire way to pull in lots of web audiences in your niche.

Use Podcasts

If you are complaining about the requirements to set up webinars, then podcasts would be awesome. With just a microphone, you can record a session and upload it to the web. Depending on the message and the content, you stand a chance to get lots of website traffic from the people who get it. There are lots of online directories and social media sites where you can share your podcasts.

Ensure that your podcasts are excellent and offer real value to the audiences. With that, you can be rest assured to get relevant audiences landing on your website. Just don’t forget to mention your website name in the podcast because wherever the podcast goes, it bears your message.

Engage Industry Experts In An Interview

Ever come across a website or a blog that has posted an interview with another niche expert in the industry? These interviews are usually found in top performing blogs and this is because the owner of the site knows that the information shared attracts many audiences. When you do an interview of a top influencer in your niche, you will get a lot of public attention and similarly get lots of shares which in turn bring in a lot of traffic.

If you are wondering how you will get the interview set up, you can just schedule with an influencer to have a Skype video call. You can record the conversation and later transcribe it to post on your website.

Focus On Creating Viral Posts

Most of us just write blog posts never caring how the audiences find it. If you are creating posts, then you have to make sure that they captivate your audiences and they love the content. This makes it easier for the post to get viral and better visibility. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you are creating viral content that pulls traffic to your website.

-Ensure that the headline is crunchy and hard to ignore. This ensures that you have better click through rate whenever people see the post.

-Make sure that the information is precise and has all the information that the reader seeks. Make every word count and ensure to be precise in clearing up the points.

-Pick trending topics and ensure that your post addresses the current trending issues that people are seeking answers for.

Don’t Forget To Your Email Marketing

website trafficAmong some of the longest used marketing methods includes email marketing. You may have head of internet marketers preaching the anthem that money in in the list. Indeed creating an email list and running email campaigns can bring in good profits. Building a list around your niche is a surefire way of getting good amount of sales. This is because you are marketing to people whom you are sure needs your products and sales.

The rocket science that differentiates successful marketing and failed marketing depends with the strategy used. One needs to create a sales funnel which involves capturing leads through optimized landing pages. The next steps in your marketing include automation which may take time to implement but comes with high yields. To get the best of email marketing, you need to do intensive research and find out the steps that you should follow to reap big.

Respond To HARO Queries

Have you ever heard of HARO? HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out and it is a network which aims to connect bloggers and writers. In a nutshell, website owners from different websites including big companies and top magazines use HARO to seek for writers who can write posts on their websites.

As a marketer seeking traffic for your website, you can register with HARO as a writer and subscribe to receive queries from topics related to your niche. You can even subscribe to multiple niches but ensure that they related to yours to ensure that you can link to your website. Since you will be working on similar sites to yours, the traffic is targeted and will give you good conversions.

The more you answer to these queries and submit posts to requesters, the more you build authority and get more website traffic.

Final word:

Whatever your business is, as long as it runs on the internet, you will need traffic to keep it afloat. Web acquisition is however not easy to get, especially if you are not conversant with many online marketing. The strategies shared above are some of the simple ones that are less known by many, yet they could send in swarms of traffic to your website.

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7 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Organic Traffic

Are you happy with your Facebook marketing success? Ask any internet marketing guru about their marketing strategies and they will tell you that social media marketing is a crucial part of marketing that every webmaster needs to use. Succeeding with your Facebook marketing can sometimes be tricky though, especially if you are still a newbie in the internet marketing arena. It can also end up being costly if you don’t know the hacks. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot succeed on social media. In this guide, we will go through 7 crucial tactics that you can easily implement and start getting good results from your Facebook marketing.

Make your Updates Short, Clear and Interesting

The most successful social media posts are those that that provide relevant information in a social media fashion. You have to ensure that you engage the audience while also making the posts interesting and humorous. You should also avoid lengthy posts as most people aren’t willing to spend much time before they decide. You should make every word count since people only have a few seconds to decide whether they are going to lick and visit your site or not.

Automate Your Tasks

Sometimes social media marketing involves tasks that are both easy to do yet can be tiresome since you will need to keep repeating them. Hiring someone to help with the tasks is a good idea but also becomes expensive over time. To help you with this, you can automate the tasks using a number of available online bots and softwares. There are tons of automation tools ranging from simple ones that keep your posts updated to those that follow back when someone follows your page. All in all, they are crucial to your social media success.

Understand Your audience

One of the most underrated approach to marketing is understanding your audiences yet is one of the most important ones. Knowing your audiences more will improve how you serve them content and will eventually increase your Facebook organic traffic. Cloning this approach to other social media platforms will also shed some positive light. So what are the things that you should know about your audiences and why? Know what time most of your audiences are online so you can know when to post and when to be online for them. See the kind of content that your audiences love most so that you can create content that they will appreciate. These are just bit a few things that you should know about your audiences.

Keep Data And Analysis Of your Performance

Another thing that you need to know is how you are performing on social media. Whenever you implement a technique, you should know how that technique impacts your social media marketing. If you keep implementing something new, you should know if it has any impact on your traffic and performance and you can know this by keeping track of your social media performance. The good news is that keeping track of your social media performance is an easy thing now with tons of social media marketing tools that will also help you to strategize.

 Focus On building Relationships

How much do you socialize and engage with your audience? If you don’t then it is tiome that changed. Most amateur internet marketers want to make a kill as soon as they launch a post. That is not the way it works online, especially with social media platforms where people are more focused on socializing and knowing people. Social media marketing should come as a second option after building relationships. When you build relationships with people, they win your trust and that is when you dive in and start marketing to them. You should however do it prudently.

Publish Evergreen and Trendy content

Who needs old content that has become obsolete? With social media this is a serious thing that you need to address. People need fresh information that will make their day. It is therefore crucial that you make sure whatever you share will go a long way and is also among the latest trending topics. This will ensure that you have long term traffic in abundance. It is also the thing that separates successful marketers and those that never make it off the ground.

Know Your competitors

youtubeHow much do you know your competitors? If you don’t know much about them then you should because they probably know much about you and using that to crush you. Some of the things that you need to know about them includes how frequent they make online posts and how they interact with their followers on Facebook.

Some of the things that you need to know about your competitors include how frequently they make posts on social media, how much they are interactive with their audiences among other things such as how they are approaching social media marketing. Knowing this will give you an edge that will get you ahead of them in no time.

Final Word:

Facebook is one of those social media platforms that are irresistibly great and nobody can dispute that. From an internet marketer’s point of view, there are tons of opportunities that one can take advantages of and make a kill out of. Winning in social media marketing platform like Facebook needs a strategy and above are just some of the techniques that you can use to easily woo visitors to your site and increase your web traffic.

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How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money Online

Most internet entrepreneurs start out with a free blog. It is cheap, manageable and easy to use even if you have insufficient web designing knowledge. Prior to building a free blog, however, you need to think of how to start a blog for free and make money online.

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There are many free methods of monetizing any sort of blog. Some of them will be discussed in the final paragraph. First you should know the steps of building a free blog. They are discussed as shown below.

Step 1: Explore your interests
A blog should be based on a topic or subject you are passionate about. It will require fresh and interesting content every few days. So you need to pick a niche that really excites you. Common blog niches include health and fitness, weight loss, food and nutrition, photography, gaming, business/finance, politics, sports, fashion, music, movies, vehicles, art and craft, education and environment among others.

Step 2: Reflect on how you can be relevant to humans
Although your blog needs to be optimized for search engines, it will be read by people. It is thus important to pick your target audience and specialize on topics it can be pleased to read. You need to connect, teach, inspire, provide news, reveal latest trends and create humor. This is what blogging is all about.

Step 3: Take a peek on rival blogs
There are many blogs in your favorite niche. To start a blog, you could visit rival blogs. Monitor their appearances, styles of writing, choices of keywords and other things. After gathering adequate information, think of how your blog can offer something unique and different.

Step 4: Choose a blog name and find relevant keywords.blogging-645219_640
A name will give your blog its identity on the World Wide Web. It has to be a unique name that has not been used before. Your name must somehow communicate its purpose and be easy to remember. Keywords are important for search engine optimization. You can use special web tools to locate suitable blog names and relevant keywords for free. Phrases that have high amounts of monthly searches are ideal.

Step 5: Pick a free blogging platform and install a blog
The top 7 best blogging platforms that lets you easily start a blog and make money for free include the following:
• WordPress – It has a paid self hosted option as well.
• Blogger – It belongs to Google and offers blog management tools for free.
• – Loved for its idiot-proof user interface.
• – It has multiple free to use themes.
• – Perfect for eCommerce oriented bloggers.
• – Allows you to add apps, an online store and social media links.
• – Provides numerous contemporary themes to let you customize your free blog.

Step 6: Monetize your blog
There are many ways to make your free blog profitable. Most people however choose affiliate marketing and ads. Google Adsense ads are popularly picked by many bloggers. Affiliate marketing products can be picked from a site like Commission Junction but they should be relevant to the blog topic. Banner ads and text ads offer consistent income streams as well as. If you have personal products and services, you can promote and sell them online through your blog.

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How To Up Your Paid Traffic Strategy And Get Better ROI

Are you not getting enough of the traffic that you are investing on? As internet marketers, sometimes we find ourselves spending too much and not getting what we expect. This is however something that is common and experienced by many webmasters and internet marketers. There are a lot of things that one needs to do to ensure that they are getting better return on investment and that is what we will go through in this write-up. The strategies here are also straightforward and easy enough for any beginner to get along with. Here they are;

Watch Out for Your Competitors

It is something that is very obvious to come across competitors in every niche. Something that we ought to remember is that the competitors are also doing whatever they can to stay in business, so competing and striking hard is something that you’d want to invest in to survive. One way of getting to get ahead of your competitors is to beat them in what they do and that is by spying on them and knowing where they are putting their money. Amazingly, there is a colossal amount of tools today which one can use to analyze and demine how their competitors are running their marketing campaigns. You can get tools that keep track of your competitor keywords to those that even analyze and give you a summary of their spending online.

You can then clone their marketing approaches or do even better so as to get ahead of them. This is one of the best strategies that many internet marketing experts have been using to run their online campaigns. Although it could end up being expensive to run moreso if you are in a niche that is flooded with authority sites that are spending much, the approach is known to pay off and yield highly.

Keep Track Of Your Traffic And Results

Have you been keeping track of the performance of your online campaigns? If not, then how do you know if the strategies that you are using are worthy? Every serious internet marketer who is keen on the future of their online marketing has a tracking tool in place and keeps records of their input and output.

Without keeping track of your campaigns you will not be able to tell which one is pulling in profits and which one of your campaigns isn’t worth investing on. When you know the ROI on investment in your marketing, you are able to grow your business and get it to an even better level. The good thing is that there are dozens of tools and methods that you can use to keep track of your performance and you don’t necessarily have to pay a dime since most of these tools are free to us. Among some of the bets tools that you can get includes Google analytics which is one of the best that you can use since it has extended functionalities and features that you won’t find in other tools.

Split Test Your Campaigns With Various Approaches

Every campaign launched to run online for the first time has the chances of either yielding or tanking. If a campaign tanks and doesn’t bring any positive returns, there is only one thing that you can do and that is to stop it. However, if all goes well, it means that you can scale that ad and increase its spending since it has proven to be a worthy campaign. But how does one get to the point of picking the working campaigns and culling those don’t yield? The answer is by split testing.

Split testing is the process of starting different campaigns with the same target of selling a product. You are supposed to create different variants all leading to the same landing page and keep records and track to find out which one is perfect for you. This will give you results and understanding on which campaign and advertisement that you should run and which one to drop.

Do Retarget Marketing

website trafficRetarget advertising is one of the most popular marketing strategies tending these days. With the well-known fact that most visitors do not turn into buyers the first time they visit a website, it is crucial to implement a system that will bait them back so that they can see find themselves with the offer. It is a strategy that has been used by many big companies and results from those who have used it are positive and worth diving into.

With retargeting marketing, you follow the same process of placing advertisements on websites, only that this time round, you will be targeting visitors who have been to your website earlier. This kind of marketing usually relies on cookies which helps increase the targeting and the end results. You shouldn’t however forget to include the other targeting features so as to ensure that quality of the website traffic is not compromised.

Final Word:

Getting website traffic is something that is very important for every internet marketer. However, sometimes it isn’t easy and could demand a lot from your end.  With the strategies outlined in this post, you can easily get high quality traffic without spending so much. Implementing them are also easy and straightforward, so anyboby regardless of their experience can easily get started with them.

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6 Ways to Increase Adsense Revenue on Blog

Adsense is one of the best advertisement options for bloggers. If you are a blogger, it is right time to consider using Adsense in order to increase your income. This article provides you with some of the most effective tips that can help you increase Adsense revenue on blog. Apply the tips provided and you will realize that within a short period of time, your revenue will have gone higher even than you would have expected.

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Locate the Adsense ads strategically

You should place your Adsense ads around your blog content and above the fold. It is good to note that ads tend to perform better when placed above the folds than when placed below it. Another effective way to do this is to blend the ads with the design of your blog.

Organic traffic


Adsense ads are more effective in helping you generate more revenue when the source of your blog traffic is the search engines. Therefore, you need to ensure that you use strategies that will help your site to rank high, so that you get high amount of traffic. Make sure that your blog contain relevant information, has unique content and other factors that will boost its rank in the different search engines.

Make use of Adsense for search

Adsense provides many ways to monetize your blog, thus it is advisable to take advantage of all the types of ads. Adsense for search will help you be able to monetize your blog and assist in making your blog easy to navigate by users.

Adsense section targeting

It is good to note that Adsense is a contextual ad network and it performs according to the content of your blog. This includes the footer and header part of your page and as a result the ads shown with your article may end up being irrelevant. Adsense section targeting is a fast technique you can use to add two lines of code before and after putting your content. This will make your ad to be targeted to the blog content, making them more relevant thus helping you increase adsense revenue from your blog.

Make use of both text and image ads

There is a myth of Adsense which you should avoid, that it is only the image ads that can help you increase adsense revenue from your blog. You should avoid blocking any ad type or ad category because you will be decreasing the competition on your ad. Instead, you should use both image and text ads to make sure that your ad is highly competitive leading to more income.

Put ads between post

Including ads between posts is an effective way to monetize your blog, especially if it has been inactive for sometimes. Configure the Adsense ads to ensure that they match with your blog background and color. You can also include text link ads between the posts.

By following the above tips effectively you will earn more from your blog. However, the most important thing if you are to get best results is to ensure that your blog is unique and contain relevant information.

Actionable Apps And Optimizations To Boost Your Traffic and Sales

Do you like your ecommerce web shop performance? If not, then you must have been struggling to make ends meet and every strategy work for you. Worry no more, because there are tons of ecommerce apps that you can easily use to boost your sales. Getting the most out of your ecommerce website goes beyond just getting traffic. You should make sure that you are getting better ROI and output for whatever you input. In this article we go through some of the tools and things that you can easily use and implement on your ecommerce site to see positive ROI.

Getting Quality Traffic From Credible Sources

The internet is full of scams and this is something hat you should be extra cautious of when you are doing your internet marketing. You will get tons of offers from the so called internet marketing gurus and traffic vendors promising that you will get traffic from their network the reality of the matter is that most of the online traffic vendors are a bunch of scams which uses robots to generate traffic. You need to focus on getting traffic from sites that offer quality and targeted traffic that will make an impact on your ecommerce store. While some traffic sources may reflect and give some of the best ROI in some niches, the opposite is reflected in other niches. You should concentrate on traffic sources like Search Engines, Paid marketing and Social media sites.

Reducing Abandoned Carts

Yet another thing that could be disturbing to many ecommerce markets is the abandoned carts. An abandoned cart is when your customers adds products to cart but fail to checkout and make the final payment. These are potential orders which you should be taking advantage of. Abandoned carts are sure to be seen but there are a certain abandoning cart rate that should be allowable. There are several ways that you can regain these potential customers and get them buying again. So how do you achieve this? Email recovery campaigns is one of the best way that one can use to recover abandoned carts. These email recovery campaigns are done by sending follow up emails to the people who abandoned the carts. Although not all of the abandoned carts will be recovered, you will get substantial income from the exercise making it a well worthy process. Be sure to therefore craft an email that entices your customers well.

Upsell Your Products

If you have been running an ecommerce site then you must have already heard of upselling and cross selling. Upselling is a way that you can easily sell your products even if they are high ticket. The only thing that you need to do with upselling is to ensure that your call to action are different and stand out giving the customers a different but better view of the product you are upselling. The point is to make the customers feel that you are offering a better product than they already have and that they will have better experience by acquiring it from you. This is a process that has shown tremendous results in the past and something that you should be focused on.

Get An Email Software And Focus On Creating A List

There is no debate, email marketing is one of the best internet marketing strategies, hands off. If you have been in the marketing arena for some years then you must have also learned that email marketing has been given attention by most marketers. As such, you should focus on getting as many people to your email list as possible so that you can increase the chances of closing more deals on a continual basis. Since the people in your email list will be attached to your website, you can easily pitch to them through regular newsletters and get them when you have sales offers. This will guarantee you substantial growth as your ecommerce business grows.

Social Media Integration

This is yet another internet marketing strategy that you wouldn’t like to miss out on. Social media is something that you simply can’t ignore, especially with the ever active audience in the arena. With close to a billion of active users from across the globe coming from different niches, you should be gearing up for something amazing in your niche. Social media marketing is huge and could require one to be focused as well as focus on one strategy at a time. Many marketers make the mistake of trying to implement a lot of marketing approaches at the same time which in turn ruins everything. One cannot get good returns by hoping all over trying this and that. In order to reap good with social media marketing, one needs to focus on building relationships also. This will make you become trustworthy which will also help people to get the confidence to buy stuffs from you.

Final Word:

Every ecommerce marketer who has a store have one goal and that is to make more sales. This isn’t the case for many webmasters as the ever increasing challenges are there. To get the best results when it comes to traffic acquisition and getting positive ROI, one needs to have a solid strategy in place. With the strategies and apps named above, you will be in a good track to harness the best results from your ecommerce site.

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4 Traffic Strategies That SEO Gurus Won’t Tell You

Web traffic has is an unending quest that every internet marketer out there will keep chasing even years to come. This is because it is the vital spark to drive any online business. As desperate amateur marketers scram to do what the so called industry gurus tell them, there are some simple yet effective traffic formulas that are usually forgotten. In this post, we will cover some of these easy fixes and why you need to implement them in 2017 and beyond.

Using The Merger Method On Your Existing Content

This is still a new method, but has shown tremendous results when implemented perfectly. It is natural and a common thing to find content that is similar and targeting to rank for the same keywords in the search engines on the same site. Although a website having such multiple pages could be receiving traffic, one could harness even more with the use of the merger strategy.

With the merger strategy, all you have to do is recreate another post encapsulating the existing related ones. This ensures that you are targeting the keyword using one page but keeping the same content in one pillar article. The next step that you should do is to redirect the previous posts to the newly created pillar page. The page will end up ranking better for the seed keyword which translates to more traffic. Apart from giving your post value in the eyes of the search engines, the credibility of your post will also get significant social boost.

Fill Gaps In Existing Content Based On Search Queries

This is yet something else that not many marketers do. We often think that when a piece of article has been written, it is final and will continue yielding traffic. Although this is something that most of us do, there is a big potential to increase website traffic just by filling the gaps in your content. You can consider this as spicing your content with more latest semantic keywords.

The first step is to first create a Google webmasters account where you’ll be able to track some of the keywords that your web page is ranking for. You will come across some related keywords which are important but less detailed in your articles. You should then get the keywords and write more information on them and then fix it within your article.

This approach gives your content more visibility by showing up for some long tail keywords which are easier to rank for. For the best results, you need to keep revisiting your content and use webmaster tools which helps you discover some untapped keywords which you could easily rank for.

Always Boost Your Best Performing Content

Most of us always think that when they’ve got their content ranking on top, it’s final and there is nothing else to do. It is always important to keep in mind that there are always competitors who are working hard to topple your website out of the top position, thus you need to work hard to stay on top. Here are three of the important techniques to ensure that your content is always son top and giving you the best;

1) Do internal linking more often – the best way to make a web page stable in the search results is by backlinking to it. Internal linking has shown amazing results and will also help in directing people to an even more resourceful page with content they might need.

2) Optimize the titles of the content and make them more appealing – This is usually done to increase the click through rate of a page in the search engine results. Many marketers have even gone miles ahead to copy some of the best winning ad campaign titles from platforms like Google Adwords. Although this might be at an advanced level, it is always good to forge in that direction.

3) Improve on the content length – Research has shown that lengthier content have an advantage over shorter ones. However, be sure to keep them relevant and of good quality. Also ensure that it is engaging and that adds value to the users.

4) Give your content the social media kick – social media is a hub of countless number of audiences and if your website content has value, it is sure to go a long way. The ripple effect that your content gets will depend on how crunchy and informative it is.
Tweak Target Keyword Of Old Content To Target More Volume

If you closely take a look at what major authority blogs do, you’ll be amazed at some of the simple yet effective methods that they use to get swarms of traffic. Among these approaches is switching keyword targeting from old content and making them more search engine friendly. This approach could easily boost your traffic by up to 50% if done well.

Old content which have gathered backlinks over the years will need just a few tweaks to get off the ground and rank for the semantic keyword. To get started, you need to first analyze the existing keywords and how they are ranking on the search engines. Find out if there is a better alternative keyword that is easier to rank and has more monthly searches. After analyzing and comparing to see if there is a better option, it is now time to go on and make the changes.

You should make the changes on the title, page url and on every page descriptions. This process could be a bit hectic if you have a big site, but it will surely pay off by fetching you more website traffic.

Final Word

There are endless ways of tweaking you website to get more website traffic, but these are some of the less known methods which can bring a dramatic change to your site. The amount of traffic you will get depends on the niche, your website authority and how well the tweaks are done.

If you are looking for high quality website traffic without making it a big hassle then take a minute to check out our affordable traffic packages. These are the same packages that we serve our long term clients who includes some of the best internet marketers.

How to Increase Website Visibility on Search Engines

Is your website up and running but you still can’t get enough traffic flowing into it? Are you frustrated with the Search Engine Optimization paradox that the so called “SEO experts” are selling to you for thousands of dollars? Below are ways to increase website visibility and sell more.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Worry not because in this post, we will comprehensively cover some of the actionable techniques on how to increase website visibility on search engines. You should use this guide as a reference or a blueprint to grind your competition and maximize your traffic. The best thing is that these techniques have always worked all the time and there is no reason why they shouldn’t work for your website. Here are the SEO approaches;

Do thorough Keyword analysis and research

The first thing before you even think about getting traffic from search engines like Google is to do thorough keyword research. If you go ahead and blindly start writing content for your website, then the search engines isn’t your way to get traffic. With the current market competition, you need to know the keywords that aren’t competitive and those that have a good number of visitors. This gives you a laser targeting approach which in the end helps to leverage a stable traffic flow. There are plenty of keyword intelligent tools which crawl the web and they are your best bet when you need to analyze keyword competitiveness. Although most of these tools are expensive, you will find them to be worth the investment in the long run.
Optimize your on page parameters

Your on-page structure is the first thing that the search engine crawlers will analyze thus you need to make sure that the different crucial factors have all been optimized to meet the latest search algorithms. What does on page optimization involve? It involves the website design, layout and content structure. Some of the most important things that you need to ensure are good includes the website post titles, descriptions, keyword density and keyword prominence. Ensuring that all the on page factors are perfect makes the search engine crawlers love your website thus crediting it.

Run white hat off-page SEO tasks

There is a hot debate in the Internet marketing world as to which tactics one should follow when they are backlinking to their website. One can either choose to do white hat backlinking or do it the black hat way. White hat involves inducing natural backlinks from clean techniques and acceptable search engine standards. Black hat on the other end involves forced backlinks which is mainly done with the use of automated robots. While results with the white hat approach may take longer than with the use of Black hat to show up, it is important to know that the white hat approach lasts and doesn’t put your website at a risk as the black hat approach does. If you want to get long term results, then it is advisable to give attention to the white hat approach.

increase website visibilityThe last thing that you should never forget to do is to ensure that your website gets good attention from the social web. Search engines like Google have been attentive and have always credited social signals. Many webmasters often ignore the power of social media but the truth of the matter is that it is one of the easiest way to get a massive amount of traffic to your website. Another advantage that the social media has is that it has the potential to take everything viral making the traffic acquisition an autopilot task. To see good results, you need to engage and be extra active in at least 3 of the big social websites. The three big networks that you should put more attention is Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. If you are seriously looking for a way on how to increase website visibility on search engines then you should keep in mind the fact that social signals count.
Final word:

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Using Schema Markup To Increase SEO Traffic

Among some of the latest yet powerful SEO traffic approaches that one can use today includes the use of Schema Markup, something that is changing and becoming the new rule to succeed in the search engine space. It has become the bulls eye as far as search engine optimization is concerned.

We all want to get high quality web traffic that gives us results in terms of sales and leads, and the search engines like Google and Bing are among the bets places to get that traffic. However, that doesn’t come easy as there are a number of strategies and actionable approaches that one can use. In this comprehensive guide, we will go through some of the best ways that one can simply use to generate tons of traffic by implementing he right schema markups on their website.

What Is Schema Markup & Why You Need It?

schema for seo traffic

Before delving any further, let’s first understand what schema markup and why it is very helpful towards increasing your website’s SEO traffic. What is Schema markup? Schema markup is a semantic code that one encodes on their website for the search engines to better understand the different types of content used on their site. Search engines have certain ways of learning and understanding websites. As such, you need to make sure that your website content is well understood so that it can be well crawled and ranked in the search engines accordingly.

Schema markup is also synonymous to people who have used rich snippet before. Whether you have a video content site, a blog, a product review site and any other site out there, there are a number of markup codes that you can use to take advantage of the Google and other search engine rankings. Schema markup is very important in that the search engines can easily display content based on the format one commands it to do. In return people can also easily spot the content and make use of it without having to click through dozens of website to find what they are looking for. So besides just helping users to easily get the content they need, it helps you get better click throughs and more targeted search engine traffic.

How To Implement Schema On A Website

One of the best things with schema markup usage is that one doesn’t need any superior marketing or coding skills to implement or use it on their website. Everything is pretty straightforward and anyone can have markups on their site in no time. Most of the information and relevant details on adding Schema markup for SEO purposes are all available on So, basically it is a matter of identifying your content type and copying the correct markup code and with the simple instructions, you can easily paste and start running the markup on your site. Alternatively, and depending on the CMS platform that you are using on your website or blog, you can easily install and use plugins and extensions to have the appropriate schema markup running. Whichever option you chose, you can have schema markup running faster on your website.

If you are looking for a way to get the search engines an the users of the search engines know what your website is all about and make it easier for them to access tour site, then schema markup is the best way to go. So, you can go ahead and install it to help the search engines and users navigate and discover more content from you.

Common Schema Markup Types

If you would like to further understand how to implement and successfully use schema markup for, below we will go through some of the most popular ones highlighting them and how to use them. Practically, there are hundreds of schema markup codes that one can use, but one only needs to use the few that best lists and outlines their websites in the eyes of the search engines. That said, here are the best ways that you can use the schema markups for your site’s benefit.

Events – When you have an up coming event, and expect people to be searching for it, Google can help you to better present it so that people can come into your site much easily. The event schema lets users add calendar dates and time to their website in a way that is best read by the search engine crawlers.

Product review – People always want to know more about a product before shopping for it. Whether you are a reviewer or have an E-commerce website, having a product review schema markup will help boost your SEO traffic by making your article shine more on the search engines.

TV shows ratings – If you have a website that reviews TV shows, series and movies, then you are doing a good job letting people know more about the movie that they are searching for. However, they will be best presented with more information and crucial details if you have a schema mark up in place.

Book reviews – With millions of books being bought and read online every single day, their is surely a huge demand that is enough to become a mega-niche. And if you are looking into tapping big on this, you surely will get better by implementing and using the right schema markup. The schema can be used to showcase editor’s reviews and ratings among other features like pricing so that one can easily know how much the book is going for.

Videos – We all know that the internet is tilting towards video content and with billions of videos being viewed on a daily basis, there is surely a reason to switch your focus and marketing strategy. Although search engines like Google and Bing have advanced and can read video content on a site, it would be much better with a schema markup in place.

Local business listings – This is one of the most important ways that one can use schema markup codes for. Ever seen businesses popping up on top of other search engine results? This is simply because they are making use of the schema mark up and it does them the favor of sending them direct and untapped traffic. Without using it, you are clearly losing a lot of potential customers and clients. You definitely need to start using schema markup to up your local SEO game and business listing on Google.

Schema Markup Best Practices

get more seo traffic

Here are some of the best practices to get the best out of your schema markups used on your site.

The more markups, the better – Like with everything else out there, the more you do it, the better the results with schema markups. You need to make sure that you implement as many markups so that Google and other search engine crawlers get a better understanding of all the content that is in your website. There is no limit on hoe many markups you can use on your website, as long as they remain relevant and do not become redundant. Following on this approach will see a dramatic increase in your webs traffic and consequently improve your online business.

Focus on popular schemas – Considering that there are probably dozens or hundreds of schemas that one can get from Schema.Org, it is always important to make sure that you are only using the most popular ones. This is because there are some that could be ignored by the search engine crawlers for their low demand by users and redundancy.

Don’t compromise on the content quality – Using schema doesn’t mean that you can now relax and let Google and search engines take charge. You shouldn’t compromise on the content quality because it also contributes to ranking you on top of the rankings. That said, you need to make sure that you are crafting the content as usual without changing or compromising anything.

Final Verdict

Schema markup is the least used and less known approach in SEO which is very effective and has a good future that can help shine light and bring tons of traffic to a website. Once you have a full grasp of Schema markup and what it is all about, everything else becomes smooth since the search engine crawlers understand your content better making it easy to recommend them in the right places. To get a good understanding and access all the schema markups that are available, you can always check the comprehensive list over at where you will access all of them.

Schema markup has shown excellent results in improving SEO traffic, and there is no reason why you would want to ignore or omit it in your site structure. In our decade old experience, it is one of the little known ways yet effective traffic increasing approach worth using. We can also help you get tons of high quality web traffic for your website the easy way. We work with site owners from across the globe and from different niches to generate and come up with actionable web traffic strategies. Be sure to also check out some of the best traffic packages from our sales page.

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