How to Increase Your Website Traffic Using Pinterest

Now that you have your site up and running how are you getting your website traffic? Are you satisfied with the amount of traffic that you are getting to your site or are you in a quagmire asking yourself questions on how to increase your website traffic? Here we cover Pinterest as a quality web traffic source.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Forget about everything first and regardless of whether you have been in the middle of a traffic shortage nightmare Pinterest is something that will skyrocket your sales and conversions. In this article we will cover some top cheats that will see your website turn into a conversion machine by harnessing the traffic from the Pinterest platform and whether you have experience with the social platform or not, you really need it to make ends meet for your website. But before we go any further you need to know that Pinterest is by far the best performing social media platform in simply because people who visit the site use it for inspiration before they buy a product. Furthermore to clear the air, a recent research shows that over 50% of people who use it end up buying stuffs they find on the links.
If you have been in the Internet marketing scene then you already know how such an opportunity can become a treasure chest to your business. Below are some of the ways that you can find your way to snatch the traffic from the social media giant;

1) A blog board is highly recommended

We all know by now that a blog is a very crucial tool to every business including the corporate. When it comes to Pinterest, the platform allows people to create pin boards where they can pin photos of stuffs they like. A board dedicated to your blog is perfect to give your blog a golden chance to be visible to your website visitors. Making your blog pin board conspicuous by using your blog name is the most appropriate way to get your blog to attract lots of visitors. One more thing that one should keep in mind is to use related keywords where possible. This will increase the chances to appear in the search engines and get the better bit of organic traffic.

Tips to customize your blog pin board and pins for the best performance
-You need to use a good photo that sends a message about something on your website. If you have to edit a photo to look more appealing then you can go ahead as long as the image is clear and it has a teaser look.
-Make sure the image that you are has your best message that is quoted from the post. This should be the striking price that turns on your Pinterest audience.
-The final step that is most important would be to leave a link to your website or blog. Failing to do so is leaving the traffic to just fly away.

2) Engage with other people

One should never forget that Pinterest is a social media site and just like any other of its kind out there interaction and engagement is the key to success. While many people may at first find it to seem like a waste of time one will realize the benefits when they start seeing high converting traffic. The best part of social media is to get more followers and with Pinterest it is not rocket science but something that one can get an easy drill without any hard work. To get more followers, it is all about following people back, pinning their images that you find amazing and inviting them to pin on your boards. If you feel that it involves a lot of things then you are right and it is very necessary and you are also going to find it fun and entertaining if not addictive. Here is how to go about the interaction to get the best out of your quest on how to increase your website traffic;
-Strictly pin quality content that the audience will love. Doing this will expose your website to thousands of audiences through the viral mechanism which will lead to increased website traffic.
-Pin more regularly. This will not only offer people with fresh content but also increase the traffic since Pinterest shows recent pins in the follower’s feeds.
-Follow your followers. Sometimes people love interaction where you show some love by following them when they follow you. What is the essence of this? Imagine everyone who you follow decides to pin your images. Then their followers get and pin the image again. The trend goes on like that and the results is that you will get lots of traffic by just doing the small favor of following them back.
-Follow and Re-pin industry pins from industry leaders. Again the same principle applies and you may as well get a follow back or a pin from the leaders who have lots of followers.

3) Create more related pin boards

As a social marketer who aims to get a the best out of Pinterest, you need to attract as many followers as possible but most importantly you will need those who are close to your niche. If for example you are targeting the to get traffic to your website so that you can sell dog food, you may as well love to engage and interact with people who are interested in puppies. The niches are intertwined to some level and it is easier for them to join and move with the path. If you are looking forward and keen on how to increase your website traffic from Pinterest then relationship is the first thing that you need to keep the balls rolling. Another very effective trick that one will find amazing is that they can easily cross pins to increase interactivity as well as increase website traffic. The results to this should be positive but one needs to ensure that they do not over do the crossing to avoid appearing as spam.
Here is how to win using this approach;
-Use the best niche related images that will attract more followers from other niches that are intertwined with yours.
-Follow related pin boards that are close to yours with the intention of getting closer to those who may be interested in what you have.

4) Share large, detailed and Informative images

Research has it that larger images are more likely to be clicked more as compared to smaller images. Detailed images such as graph analysis and statistics are also some of the most liked images by many people. Sharing images with this in mind will help one to realize and get the best viral traffic. As counter intuitive as it may seem to provide long visual images, it is the necessary element that one needs to get the attention of their readers. Take for example a report on a puppy disease outbreak and the image that you are sharing has a detailed graph showing some analysis or statistics, you are sure that the image will get viral circulating to thousands of people within related pin boards. If for that matter you happen to be an affiliate and have attached a link that leads to a pharmaceutical store, you can be rest assured of rejoicing large sums of cash from the sales. The same applies to any other niche out there and the best thing with this traffic is that they can be recycled for countless number of times.

5) Pinterest SEO

Have you ever thought of how you can get the biggest traffic volume by combining the power of Pinterest and SEO? If you have not thought about doing this then you are losing a lot of money which you could have harvested. Pinterest SEO is not common with many people which makes it a good option to go for. It actually entails optimizing your board to get better visibility through the search engines. The only requirement to succeed in this is to have good knowledge of SEO which will be important in this step. If however you do not have any idea about that, we will go through it here to give you an easy go around to get better search engine placement.
The first step of ensuring that the search engines like Google find your board is by ensuring that your profile is public and can be crawled easily. In your account settings you will come across the tab labeled as “Search Privacy”. You should ensure that it is allowed so that the search engines find your board and crawl it.The next step is always to optimize the business name to ensure that it can be found on the search engines. This will be the title when compared to the normal optimization and it is an important SEO factor. The next most important factor is the description and with Pinterest optimization, you will find it on the “About” section. You need to ensure that the description provided is detailed, catchy and also enriched with the keyword that you need to rank for. Keywords are important when it comes to SEO and you therefore need to use it all over your boards, descriptions and along with your pins.
Another crucial thing that people should never forget is to first arrange their pin boards in the order of activity. The most active ones should be above the fold. This means the top performing boards should come first followed by the less active ones. This is as a measure to ensure that the search engines easily fetch the freshly updated content. Pinterest optimization should not be difficult but an easy fix before starting to get top quality traffic from the search engines as well as those from the social media site.

6) Double the efforts with the power of Pinterest tools


Are you one of those lazy people who just don’t want to get along with the hard toiling work? Or are you just very than busy to be available to pin, follow and do the rest of the engagement? Do not worry about that because there are dozens of tools which have been developed with the intention of helping people market, share and interact without any hard calls. If you were wondering if there is a way on how to increase your website traffic through Pinterest without doing the manual work, then you can be assured of untapped traffic through the autopilot use of these tools. Some of these tools are free while others are paid for. If money is not a big problem and you have something to invest then you will find an easy way through to succeeding on Pinterest. If you don’t have capital that you can invest on the premium tools but feel that you really need to easy some load of work and increase your website traffic, then you should just use the free ones that are available. Although they may not be as effective and more featured like the premium tools, it is the only way out better than the manual way. You may as well take some time to go through reviews on free Pinterest tools out there to find one that will assist you.


Pinterest is the ideal solution if you were looking for a way on how to increase your website traffic without going through hard trolls. The above methods is a comprehensive guide on how to increase your website traffic. It is one of the best known social media traffic web traffic source that converts better than any other.
The whole Pinterest thing may seem complicated to many people especially novice users but it turns out to be an addictive tool when one starts to get into it. Harnessing traffic from this social media site is very easy especially when one takes the advantage of using the various tools which ease lots of tasks and saves time. Investing on the paid tools is really worthy but one needs to research and go through various reviews if they wish to get the best. Creating boards and sharing pins that resonate your business is the best way to get the ball rolling and traffic flowing to your website.
The key to winning on Pinterest is to maintain interactivity at its highest possible level to ensure high converting traffic comes through.

7 Casino Traffic Mistake To Avoid For Better Results

Casinos are among the most lucrative niches in the internet marketing arena. However, to gush cash from your site, you need to have the right kind of traffic that will get you conversions. Without the right kind of traffic to your website, your website is as good as dead and not worth having.

In this guide, we will go through some of the most common mistakes that one should avoid to get the best out of their casino websites. The good thing is that they can be easily avoided and anyone regardless of their experience can get started with them. Here they are;

No Blog

Perhaps the most common thing that many people ignore is to have an active blog. Blog acts as traffic magnets and almost every successful online site in every niche has a blog that engages their audiences. Although it is an optional move to have a blog on your site, it is always crucial moreso in a world dominated by search engines that gives more credit to sites that tend to have more information. If you are therefore looking to dominate your niche, you ought to have a blog and make sure that it is engaging enough to bait audiences through social media and search engines.

Failing To Advertise

Long gone are the days when we used to put up posts and expect it to go viral and start pulling traffic to the site. Nowadays you need to give your posts and other pages that extra kick to get the much needed visibility. There are plenty of web traffic sources that you can use to buy quality traffic for your site. Among the most common sites where you can buy traffic includes Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and many others. You should however be careful not to fall into the ever rising scams.

Although there are many ways that you can use to get exposure for your site without spending a dime, having a small budget could be very beneficial in getting that boost.

Poor Keyword Research

In a world where finding anything on the web must go through the search engines, internet markets should always find ways of leveraging the search to harness the traffic. The first thing that comes after digging up on your niche is to find the best keywords that you can easily rank for. You keywords should also have high number of searches so as to get sufficient web traffic to your casino site who will convert. Poor keyword research is to blame for many websites failure since the owners cannot make bank with the keywords that they are working on.

Poor Web Tracking And Analytics

Do you know how your web traffic is fairing? Without knowing how your website is doing you will not be able to make decisions and plans that will see your site grown. This is why it is necessary to implement an analytic system on your site which will keep track of your traffic and their behaviors. Google Analytic, Kissmetrics and Clicky are some of the best known analytic tools that will come in handy when you are looking for something that will help you keep track of your website and how users interact with it. With these tools, you can keep track of things such as bounce rate, pageviews and even conversion rate.

Failing To Scale Up

Ask any successful internet marketer on how they make it and they will tell you that it takes time to make bank with their site. Getting conversions from a website isn’t very easy and sometimes it demands that one optimize their site based on their finding and research. You have to test different versions of your ad to ascertain which one is perfect and converts better. You should also ensure that you are getting the best ROI from your advertisements if you are investing money on it.

Slow Website Loading Speed

dating trafficWebsite page speed is something that you need to be concerned about especially in this era where competition is high. Your site needs to be fast to stand up to the competition.

Imagine visiting a website that takes a minute to load. It is obvious that before that site loads you will have already considered closing it and visiting another site to find what you are looking for. This is the same thing that happens when your site is slow. Clients and customers will opt out and go for another competitor site. This means loss of sales and leads which is something that you cannot afford to lose especially if you are in a competitive niche. You should implement browser caching and pre-load page among other approaches to ensure that your website loads fast.

Not Creating An Email List

Ever heard of the cliché that the money is ion the list? It always is in the list and you will be dump to not create an email list in a world of serious internet marketers where competitors are all over looking to crush you and get you out of business. If you want to survive in today’s internet marketing world, creating a sales funnel that starts from the email list is something that is a must.

There are many email marketing tools that you can start with which will also help you to keep record and analytics of your opt-ins.

Final Word:

If you are able to steer away from the web traffic mistakes discussed above, you are ion your way to getting a more productive casino site that attracts high quality visitors who will get you conversions.

If you are looking for a surefire way to get traffic to your casino website then you can always check out our high quality web traffic that are casino site friendly. We have been serving casino traffic to many websites for a long time and we are certain that you will love the quality of the web traffic from our network. Get in touch with us if you have any question about the web traffic and whether it is perfect for you.

How Do I Get More Traffic To My WordPress Blog?

WordPress allows internet users to easily create their own blog or webpage and fill it full of interesting well researched essential content, but this does not mean it will ever be heard or seen. Read this article to find out how you can get more people to read your blog. Here are ways to increase website traffic to your wordpress blog.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

WordPress provides its users with an all-in-one SEO plugin. You can easily install the plugin and choose which options you want to enable. This plugin is not a miracle tool; it helps you keep track of who visited your website and the key words that they used. The plugin also offers helpful suggestions to help you tag your posts.

The XML sitemap plugin creates an XML map of your website. Visitors cannot see this map, but search engine spiders will use it to get a general idea of the content of your website. This means your website will be indexed faster and perhaps more than one page will be indexed.

If you leave relevant comments on other blogs along with a link to your own blog, you should get more visitors to your site. The blog owner on whose post you commented should be interested in reading a blog about a topic that interests him or her. People who visit the blog where you posted a comment might visit your blog if they found your comment interesting and want to read more from you. Commenting on other blogs is also a great way to start conversations and find out what your target audience is interested in. When you post a comment, take the time to think of something useful to say, proofread what you wrote and do not criticise anyone. Remember that you are doing this to advertise your business.

Popular key words change constantly. To increase website traffic make sure you stay up-to-date by using key word tools. Look at trends and try to understand what influences them. When you post new content, try including new keywords. Do not change your page titles unless the key words you originally used become obsolete.

Try to get other websites to link to your website and increase website traffic. There is no sense spending your time convincing someone to post a link to your site if their blog or website is not related to your industry and does not attract the kind of people you are targeting. Find out which websites are popular with your audience and get links from them.

Make your blog available as a feed. The RSS and the Atom format are the most popular; make sure you choose one of these two options. Advertise your feed on your blog and provide a link for people who wish to subscribe to it. Do not flood your feed with useless and repetitive information. Post quality content regularly, not necessarily about your products but also about your industry and about issues that may interest your customers.

Take the time to find out more about the tools described in this article. They are relatively easy to use, and you should be able to boost the traffic on your blog very quickly.

How to Get More Views by Traffic Exchange in Youtube?

You just posted your initial ever YouTube movie and you hit rock bottom when you identified your video clip has so very little views. Getting seen is uncomplicated to do primarily with YouTube, but you want to produce a ton of views to do that. Here is how to use YouTube Traffic exchange for the best.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

And with hundreds of video clips currently being uploaded each day, you genuinely need to start functioning on it. Here is How to get more views by traffic exchange in Youtube.

You constantly start off with doing a large excellent video. It could be complete with handy and crucial details, or it could be the funniest matter ever, or the most unlikely matter that could at any time materialize to any person. Regardless of what it is, it will need to absolutely be exciting to get the viewers interest.

Now, you may be undertaking all of these items by the guide already but you may perhaps however obtain it hard to make the views you will need. All of this is only not sufficient. The street to stardom can take a great deal extra exertion to realize success.

1 matter you want to put in mind is that, YouTube is just an individual of the social media on the Web. There are numerous social media out there that you can use to get extra views. Facebook is one of the most broadly used social networks out there.

download-1002802_640You can just easily article backlinks of your videos in your profile, your friends’ profile, or even the profiles of strangers, folks you haven’t even satisfied. You can even concept it to them or make a notice. There are a ton of strategies to obtain YouTube views – from your incredibly personal Facebook account. You can even make your own enthusiast web page exactly where fans can entry your videos with just a click away.

One more quickest rising network social media currently is Twitter, which has been dubbed as the future of promoting. Help can also come from your incredibly private YouTube pals. All you have to do is add buddies, and view their videos. You can even comment and hyperlink your own movie to grab their consideration. This way, not only will they have accessibility to your web page, their followers will also discover your post.

These are all do-it-your self traffic exchange options. If you want to get tons of views in just a short time without so substantially work, then you can simply obtain them from organizations. There are a good deal of corporations that present not only to augment your views but also give feedback or ratings that will also support you.

Getting Started With Selling at Amazon and eBay

As international electronic commerce company in the United States, Amazon has become a huge and exciting place for people who own an online business who wants to boost their sales and make more customer networks. eBay is also an e-commerce company that provides a “consumer to consumer” sales service online – “a place to buy and a great place to sell” as some people dub it .

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

The two companies have been two of the world’s most famous attractions for online marketers nowadays. The downside of the sites being so popular is the competition among people that has been so dense that new comers find it hard to enter and be at par with others. This article will help you on getting started with selling at Amazon and eBay and become successful in the process! Amazon and eBay are somewhat different in their approach and so I will introduce different tips on how to get started with selling in the particular sites.

When it comes to eBay, there are several ways for you get started and make a big impact as a new entrepreneur. The first thing you need to consider is having professional quality photographs of your products. Remember that a picture is really worth a thousand words, so take this as an advantage for you to make high-quality pictures of your products so that people will be able to see vividly as to what you are selling. Customers are drawn to good pictures.

A high quality picture means a high quality listing. This means that for you to start selling in eBay, you need to have a powerful listing. These include combining all search engine friendly phrasing and at the same time provide concrete details about your product.

Another thing you need to consider is to know the real worth of your product. In order for you to be competitive, you need first to do a little research on similar products on eBay and follow the process of bidding and know the price of your competitors.

You should also learn everything about shipping. It’s not enough to rely on simple methods of shipping. You must find the best shipping method so that you can stand out among others. Consider expense and reliability of the shipping and then specify your method in your eBay listing.

amazonAfter figuring out the best shipping options, you should also provide potential bidders with a full slate of payment options. Yes, this includes credit cards and the like. The more payment options you can offer to your prospective bidders, the more bidders will be attracted to your selling, thus making you stand out among your competitors.

The most important thing you need to do is to be business-like. This means that you should act professionally and provide supreme customer service that can really satisfy buyers. In this way, you will be able to build your reputation and become more successful.

Amazon on the other hand, also contains great competition among sellers. For you to get started, you must strive to stand out. You can also apply some of the tips provided in the eBay portion and incorporate them as a seller on Amazon.

When you sell on Amazon, you should first make sure that your product must be listed. Be guided that Amazon determines the order of the seller offers list by how competing offers there are and how competitive the pricing is.

As a starter, you first need to start by selling in a low-competition item in order for you to boost your ranking as a seller. This is an important step because generally, the more sellers there are the harder it is to climb on top. This happens on high-competition products, thus you need to work first in low competition. If not, then try offering a very competitive price on a popular product. Be lower as much as possible than your competitors’ pricing.

Communication is also one of the keys for you build reputation on Amazon. This includes delivering your product in a timely manner and giving your customers updates. Always work this way so that you will have a long and positive selling history with Amazon which will pave way for more customers and the potential to obtain one of the top spots.

Traffic To Get You More Sales In Your Affiliate Website

Are you an affiliate and looking for high quality website traffic that will help you to boost sales? The could be dozens of traffic sources that you can come across but not all of them are worth the investment. There are tons of traffic sources that you need to avoid if you are to make your online business work. There are also lots of scams which can spoil everything and give you poor results. To do this, you have to focus on only the legit and proven web traffic strategies.

In this guide, we will go through some of the bets web traffic sources that you should be looking forward to increase and get more affiliate sales from your website. Here they are.

Paid Social Media a Traffic

Social media is one of the bets places that one can get tons of high quality and targeted audiences without having to do much. Also with the fact that there are over a billion uses active on social media, there is every reason to keep your focus on these sites. Most of the top social media sites offer the paid advertising option which internet marketers can take advantage of and reach more audiences. You should therefore not just be limited to the common social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but also delve deep and find other smaller social media sites. The other advantage of doing that is the fact that there are usually lots of competitors and you’d be getting cheaper advertisement packages by choosing to go with other social media sites.

Another reason why paid traffic will work for you is the fact that the social media has already categorized people based on their interests and what they love most. So you will know what kind of traffic to expect from these sites.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Did you know that over 70% of website traffic to websites comes from the search engines. Search giants like Google and Bing have been the salvation to many businesses and many businesses have been able to take their businesses to the next level, thanks to these search engines. But how does one get started with search engines and get their sites flooded with these search traffic? SEO (search engine optimization)is the art of optimizing websites and making sure that they are well themed to suit the search engine standards.

Traffic from the search engines is perhaps of the best quality that one can find, not to mention that it is also free. The keywords that you target are what will bring in the traffic and this is something that you’d love if you need to make more sales from your site.

Perhaps the most common challenge with search engine optimization is the fact that there is a lot of competition and it could take time for one to start seeing results.

Influence Marketing And Shout-Outs

Influencer marketing is among the latest but most effective internet marketing strategies that you can find around. Influencer marketing is an outreach strategy that one uses to reach out to top industry experts and see for their shout-out either through their social media site or through their website. If you’ve done guest posting as part of your internet marketing then it pretty follows the same approach, only that this time you are reaching out to people through their social media profiles.

To get the best results, you should consider focusing on those influencer that are in your niche and also those with many followers. This way you will be able to get tons of web traffic which will also translate to much better results. You can use top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get you going.

Shout-outs and influencer marketing has gained traction even from major companies that are looking to get their word out there. If you are therefore looking for the best way yet affordable means of getting lots of traffic that are both targeted and quality then influencer marketing is something that you should give consideration.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is perhaps one of the oldest internet marketing strategies, but it doesn’t get old and saturated. Many people are getting thousands every month from email marketing alone. The trick of winning the social media marketing game is to get as many subscribers as possible to your email list. Once you have your subsemail marketingcribers, you can be sending them offers and product special bonuses which will give you tons of commission if you are doing affiliate marketing.

To get started with email marketing, you have to create landing pages and find means of capturing the attention of your subscribers. You may also have to pay for solo ads and other ads but with good targeting you will make lots of money, not to mention that it is also a long term strategy that you don’t want to miss out on.

Final Word:

Traffic is the lifeblood and the backbone to every online business, but you have to be ken on how you source the traffic. With the tips and guide given above, you can generate lots of high quality legit traffic that will guarantee you more sales and commissions from your affiliate site. The strategies highlighted above are also easy to implement and get started with.

If you however think that it demands too much and could take you more time, then you might want to check out some high quality traffic venders to help you get started with that. We have been offering high quality and targeted traffic to many website owners out there and we are more certain that you will also love it. You can check out our traffic packages and find one that fits your business. By choosing to invest in our traffic, you will get to choose traffic from particular niche, keywords to target, age of the audience among other targeting features. You can be sure to get tons of sales and take your site to the next level with this kind of traffic.

Generating Casino Traffic The Easy Way

Casino as a niche is one of the most lucrative online ventures that one can get into. But running a casino affiliate site can sometimes be hectic especially if you do not know what to do to get the traffic to your website. You definitely need traffic to see conversions and profits from your site. And not just any kind of traffic. It has to be of great quality if you are to see any conversion. Other than that, you might not get to see the results that you expect. Casino niche is understandably one of the most competitive ones that one can come across. Internet marketers are all over trying to get the best ahead of the others which makes it very competitive especially for someone who has no experience in the industry. Without traffic, you will never see anyone signing up to your casino offers and your site will also lack the interaction that it needs. One of the best ways that one can get traffic is by advertising. However, the downside with that is that there are little known ways that gets you results and sometimes the advertising costs are crazily priced.

Why You Need Traffic To Your Casino Website

10 Top Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO, Google Or Social Media

If you have been on the internet for a while, then you already know that you need traffic for your website to continue running and getting you the much needed results. For a beginner though, there are till questions concerning the need to get traffic. Just the same way as you wouldn’t get people to buy from an offline shop without putting banners and ensuring that you shop is well marketer, you shouldn’t also expect any sales without doing marketing. Gone are the days when people used to create a website and just wait for people to come from Google. The competition out there is hard and demands a lot in terms of implementing actionable means of getting traffic.

And it shouldn’t just be any kind of traffic. You have to make sure that the quality of the traffic you are getting is spot on if you are to expect any sales or leads from it. Having gone through some of the reasons and highlighting every reason why you need to have high quality website traffic for casino websites, below are some of the bets proven strategies that one can implement to get the desired results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the best web traffic generation strategies that one could use. Search engine optimization is the most popular way of getting high quality and targeted website traffic to any website. Almost every serious internet marketer who is serious about getting good traffic to their website knows that using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo is the way to go. Since people flock to these search engines to search for anything they want from their shopping supplies, food and services, these search engines will continue to be the backbone of the web. And this is the reason why every internet marketer should be concerned on how to make it work for them.

Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a beginner who doesn’t know much about SEO, this is the best way that you can get high quality traffic. And the best thing about all that is that it is all free. Among some of the best things that comes along with SEO is the fact that it is all organic and free. You do not need to pay for the traffic, which means that as long as you are ranking on Google for the right keywords and other search engines, the traffic will continue to flow to your website. All you have to do to get the best out of SEO is to master some optimization techniques and also stay under the radar to know of the latest search algorithms and updates.

Posting On Other Websites

Considering that you have been in the online game for a while then guest posting isn’t anything new to your ears. Sometimes it is called guest writing or ghost writing. Guest posting is the process of posting blog posts on other sites that you do not own. You pitch other bloggers in the casino niche and then reach out to them asking them if you could drop an informative post on their site. Usually one includes a link to their site which will help to drive that kind of traffic to your site. If done well and when one focuses on the authority sites that have a huge amount of traffic, the end results are amazing.

However, writing on other blogs could be a two edged sword that helps you to get both instant traffic and build an authority sites that will dominate the industry in future. It works for you either way and there is no downside to it. This means that guest posting is a long term strategy and is perfect for anyone who is looking for long term results.

Exchanging Emails

Email marketing is yet another strategy that has been in use for many years. Perhaps since the internet came o life. Among some of the long known internet marketing strategies that have proven to work for almost every niche out there is email marketing. Email marketing enables one to get hold of those visitors who have been to their site and are not planning on buying anything the first time that they are there. So what one does is capture them and add them to your email list. Email ad swaps are brought about by swapping advertisements from one person to another one in the same niche. In this case, you will therefore be looking for other people who are in your casino niche and ask them to swap advertisements with you. This however works best if you have an email list that is close to the other person’s

Social Media

increase social traffic

Perhaps one of the easiest internet marketing strategies that one can use regardless of their internet marketing experiences is social media marketing. Yet another internet marketing strategy that we cannot fail to mention in this list is the social media. The 3 top social media sites have a huge follower base that is approximated to be in the ranges of above 1 billion active users. This makes it yet another traffic powerhouse and something worth venturing into for those who know how to tap this kind of traffic. It’s however not that hard, but requires one to come up with a workable strategy that has been proven to work. The good news is that there are tons of forums and bloggers who have dedicated themselves to showing others how to succeed in the social media marketing game.

The rule of the thumb and perhaps one of the best social media secrets to winning in the social media marketing game is to stick to your niche and focus more on building a good relationship with your followers rather than rushing to give them to your sales page and presenting them with offers. You first need to build trust with the audiences then sell to them later.

Final Word:

Casinos and gambling niche being one of the most lucrative ones gives many internet marketers in that industry a chance to gush tons of cash. It however doesn’t come easy. There is high competition on the industry and that means that one needs a unique and solid approach on how to get as many web traffic to their sites as possible. This is the only way to survive. Above, we have outlines some of the best casino traffic sources that you can easily use to get tons of visitors who will convert.

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5 Little Known Twitter Traffic Tricks

Twitter is one of the most popular websites on the planet today, enjoying hundreds of millions of active users who keep visiting in every day. From an internet marketer’s perspective, this opens up huge opportunities for webmasters to tap in and exploit. The good news is that anyone can get started with it, though with some specific solid strategies in place.

One of the most loved thing with twitter marketing lies on the fact that the interest of every member I known. Be it sports, technology, leisure and any other known niche, every detail is well known. This means that whichever your niche, you should be focusing on twitter traffic techniques to get your site more visitors. To get you going and start getting traffic to your website from Twitter, here are some pointers that have been proven to work all the time;

Building Relationships Industry Experts And Influencers

One of the best ways to win the social media game is to build relationships with audiences. This way you will be able to gain people’s trust. Although it could be tempting to start selling stuffs right away, it is common knowledge that people will less likely buy products and services from people who they are less familiar with. This is why building an audience base and ensuring that you win their trust is crucial.

You should therefore avoid leading them to the sales page but focus much on having them subscribe to your pages as well as your free offers. When you have them locked and won their trust, you can then consider recommending them to purchase products. This is an approach that has been used over and over by industry experts and proven to work over and over. There is no reason that it shouldn’t work for you as well.

Create An Outstanding Profile

Yet another thing that you do not want to ignore is your profile page. It is one of the most crucial pages that sell you. Your profile is your own space and almost everyone that comes across your content on the web will visit your profile page. The wordings and the appearance should therefore be optimized to capture their attention to ensure that you have their attention and that they will subscribe and befriend you. To ensure that you have an outstanding profile that entices people, you should go to top industry experts and see how they are doing theirs and replicate the same to yours. Of course you are not going to copy everything but rather use their profiles as a reference to highlight the most important things that makes them stand out. Your image and background should be the best you have and the wordings should give them a reason to scroll further on your profile page.

Hash Tags And Mentions Are Important

Twitter is well known for being the originators of hash-tags which is now used by almost every social media site all over. It is used to tag or categorize posts based on various topics and to make it easy for others to follow up on a topic. If for instance you are interested in a particular sport like cricket, you can use “#cricket” to see what’s on in the world of cricket. Searching that will display tons of posts and news related to cricket.

Yet another feature that you should look out for is the mention feature which is annotated with a @ sign. This is used to mention, notify or quote a person or an organization. When you use this mention, you will inform the owner of the tag that you were addressing. These two features have changed the way people communicate in both twitter and other social media sites and people are using it. It is also time you adopt it if you are not yet doing that.

Share Other People’s Content

The whole point of social media is to interact with each other and therefore to win in the game of twitter marketing, you first have to bow down to the rules and play the game as it should be. You should start out by building relationships with existing experts so that they will also share your content. Imagine how much traffic you stand to get when someone with thousands of followers share your content. Perhaps hundreds or thousands and could even get to an infinite number should your post go viral. But these don’t just happen just from nowhere. You have to make sure that you have a good relationship with the industry experts and this starts by sharing their content. Once you have that, you can reach out to them and ask them if they could share your content. This is an approach that is quickly gaining traction and is known as influencer marketing and has been working perfectly on Twitter.

Share Quality Info And Media Content

Content is king, and it will always be. For you to win the twitter marketing game, you have to make sure that whatever you are sharing is top notch and not just random junk. People love informative content and will shy away from junk content that doesn’t add anything to their live or solve their problems. To stay relevant you therefore have to make sure that your content is what your audiences are looking for. Without quality content, winning them and getting them to subscribe and like your content twill be much harder.

Final Word:

Twitter traffic strategies are much easier to follow and implement. Anyone regardless of their niche should consider implementing the strategies above for better performance and increased sales. The other good thing is that you do not have to spend a dime unless when considering paid twitter traffic.

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How to Get Targeted CPI Traffic

Cost Per Install (CPI) is a cost per action model where affiliates make money by advertising applications. When an application is installed on a device, the affiliate is credited with a certain amount. CPI has grown to be among the top income earners for online marketers. It is praised for being high yielding and easy to get started with.

However, getting conversions might not be as easy as most people perceive it to be. Traffic acquisition is something that many affiliate marketers have had to go through. That’s why in this post we will cover how to get targeted CPI traffic that gets you high conversions.

Top 7 sources for buying traffic for your CPI campaigns

Pop Under Traffic

If you have been on the internet markeketing game or have been browsing for a while then pop ups aren’t anything new to you. Simply they are advertisement windows which are triggered when you visit other websites. They pop up and stay behind the active window. So when one is done and closes their current session, they find these pop up windows waiting for them to view. Although most people find these pop ups to be irritating, the majority don’t mind as sometimes they come bearing goodies they are interested on.

Among some of the advantages with pop up advertisements is that they are very cheap and easy to set up. Most of the advertising agencies do not also have any strict requirements.

However there is also a downside. You need to have mastered tricks in pop unders or else it could end up being costly to you.

Contextual Paid Traffic

There are many ways to get traffic and contextual is a favorite for many. There are more benefits that comes with contextual traffic beyond just the audience. First off, it is high quality and laser targeted.

Besides all that, you get to build your brand and relationship from the links that you will get from the affiliate website. If done well, contextual advertising is one of the best ways to harness traffic and gain authority.

Things to keep in mind with contextual advertising;

-Focus on niche related sites
-The more authoritative the website is the better
-Check around and compare the different pricing models for the traffic.
-Look for sites that receive high amount of web traffic.

Cost Per View (CPV)

Yet another approach that you may want to give a try is the Cost Per View. Unlike the common case with PPC, here one pays for impressions and the people who view the ads irregardless of whether they click or not. Many CPI marketers have reported reaping big with CPV traffic which is common with many advertising networks.

Again, just like in the case with pop unders it is easy to get started with but you need to know you game to avoid spilling loads of cash without anything to show for.

Social Media Advertising

There is no doubt when it comes to social media marketing. It is a powerful approach that has stood the test of time. Although many people use social media to harness high quality targeted traffic freely, it takes a lot of time trolling and doing all that. But why do that when it is all going for dirty cheap bid prices?

Among the most common module used in social media includes a per click basis and cost per impression. You need to understand the audience and have some basic knowledge on how to make it work for you.

Here are some of the best social media sites to launch your paid campaigns on.

-Linked In

Mobile PPC

wifi-1633666_640Pay Per Click might be the most common paid traffic source to most of us, but did you know that you can target mobile traffic?

With most CPI networks being focused on mobile apps, targeting mobile users has proven to be a vital. This is because the ads will be more targeted and you can easily make conversions when the app is installed. You should however do your homework and know which traffic sources are good and those you shouldn’t try.

And Web Traffic

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Our clients come first and we ensure that the traffic they get is quality targeted and sufficient to give them the desired results.

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Video Ads

With the new internet space where videos has become a norm, video sites like Youtube and Vimeo have become a must use tool for marketers. Nowadays you don’t even need to stand in front of your camera to create a video. There are plenty of applications out there to help you make great videos.

Some of the tips to get you on-board video marketing as a source of CPI traffic includes;

-Focusing ion big channels like YouTube and Vimeo
-Making short and interesting videos that are helpful
-You should be metrics focused, track and optimize your video campaigns

To conclude:

CPI could be seen as an easy way to generate income online but knowing how to tackle the traffic challenge is something else. The methods above are some of the proven ones that you can easily get around with.

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Research And Analysis of your Website With Free SEO Tools

If you have been on the internet marketing game long enough then you must have already known that getting steady flow of traffic requires the use of tools. While most of these advanced tools are paid, there are those that you are free, yet offer great value. In this post, we feature some of those free tools that you should use in your research and analysis.

Google Webmasters (Search Console)

If you are doing SEO then it is important to know what you are ranking for and where you are in the serps. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a tool that takes care of this on a regular basis? Google search console is that amazing tool.

In fact Google search console has also been helpful in helping marketers find out about more long tail keywords. To use it for digging up untapped keywords, all you need to do is check for the keywords that your website is ranking for but not at the front page. You can then maximize the keywords by optimizing for them.

Google Analytics

Regardless of your traffic source, you need to know the volume and the general progress of your site’s traffic. To do this, tools such as Google Analytics comes in handy. It is also regarded as the most accurate tool for measuring website traffic.

Beyond just volume, Google Analytics also provides other metrics such as bounce rate, page views, time on site and advanced users can also integrate their sales metrics.

Keyword Planner

If you are focusing on SEO as a marketing approach, then you already know how doing keyword research is important. You need to know the volume of a particular keyword, it’s potential to decide whether it’s worth pursuing.

Originally started as a tool for paid advertisers, Google’s keyword planner has proven to be a an important asset in the entire search engine marketing world. And to make it even better, the tool is accessible for free.

Although there are dozens of more advanced keyword research tools out there, using Keyword planner for brainstorming and discovering new keywords has always proven to be great.

Open Site Explorer

The off page side of SEO is often under-looked by many yet it plays a vital role in propelling a website on top of the serps. Knowing your backlinks quality, quantity and their statuses is as important as any other SEO metric. To do this, you need tools that can easily scan a huge web database and get you the necessary backlink reports.

Open Site explorer has proven to be an amazing off page tool that helps in monitoring and running backlink analysis. Being a product of SEOMoz, one of the best SEO communities on the planet, it is a tool that gets things done. You can as well use this tool to compare backlinks with those of your competitors. This is mostly important if you are doing competitor analysis.

SEO Quake Toolbar

How would you like to get statistics of every website that pops up on the search engines right on your search page? That’s exactly what SEO quake does. When you use a search engine like Google to search for something, there are snippets that appear under each search result. The metrics are very detailed and features lots of combined stats from many other different tools.

among some of the important metrics that comes with the SEO Quake tool includes;

Alexa rank – This is a tool that ranks websites globally against each other. Knowing where your competitor ranks is crucial.

Website Age – This is important in knowing whether a niche is dominated by authority sites or small sites that are easy to beat.

Indexing status – This lets you know the number of indexed pages on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Backlinks – With the extension, you are also able to know the number of backlinks that your competitors have.

Packed with all these other tools, the tool is an invaluable asset worth using. It is a browser extension which can easily be installed on Firefox and Chrome.

Google Trends

ipad-1758353_640Yet another tool by Google that every expert marketer will swear by is the Google Trends tool. The tool helps in analyzing specific market performances. for instance if you would like to know about a particular dog breed like German Shepherd, you would enter the keywords “German Shepherd” onto the tool and what you will see is a graph showing you the interest of the dog breed over time.

You can as well use the tools to compare two keywords which will be well presented in a graphical format. Beginners might find it a bit trick to translate the data at the beginning but it gets easy with more use of the tool.

This is yet another keyword research tool that many marketers love. It helps you find new keywords and will also be more helpful for anyone that is focused on long tail keywords. The in-depth statistics provided through the tool makes it one of the best free keyword research tools.

If you are not comfortable or feel that Google’s Keyword planner is redundant, then is a great alternative that is fast and free to use.

Pingdom Speed Tool

It is a proven fact that speed is an important feature that Google and other search engines use to rank websites. They are always out to impress and serve their audience with quality content fast, and this is why the speed of your site matters.

Pingdom is a speed test tool that gives you the chance to know the speed of your site. The tool will also highlight some of the errors and necessary tweaks that one can look into to make the website run much faster.


The use of SEO tools is a must for anyone who is serious about taking their website to the front pages of the search engine. Although most of the much needed tools require one to invest, there are always free alternatives and the above are enough to get your site on top of your competitors.

Aside from tools, traffic is the end goal. Be sure to check our discounted packages for high quality traffic.

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