6 Missing Social Media Ingredients To Boost Your Website Traffic

Social media has become the flesh and bone to every website online, simply because social media sites have become part of everyone’s life. From an internet marketer’s point of view, the platform is a hub of hungry buyers and clients awaiting to be leveraged. However getting this traffic to your sales funnel isn’t always easy as there are many processes involved and practical strategies to be applied.
Below, we cover some of the best on-site tweaks that anyone can do and in turn harness gargantuan loads of traffic to their website through the social media websites.

Implement Social Media Tracking In Your Marketing

Having a clear understanding of how you are faring at the social media networks is perhaps the first thing that you need to implement if you are serious about making social media your traffic source. There are plenty of tools in the market today which helps marketers get insights of the latest niche trends and some which go to the extent of showing how a website is doing in the social media. With the data acquired, you will be able to know where to strengthen and even do tests to know which social media campaign works better than the other.

Although most if the tools that you will come across come with a price, it is still worth investing in them.

Install Social Media Sharing Plugins

How audiences interact with your website determines how your website stands a chance in the various social media platforms. Most newbie marketers forget that social media starts on their website where you need to make necessary tweaks to enable the content to be easily shared. To do this, one would need to use at least a few social media plugins.

Depending on the web platform that you are using, there are plenty of them out there all serving the same purpose of giving the website content that push. You should focus on using the popular plugins which increase audience’s interaction easily giving them an option to share the content.

Use More Visuals in Your Content

What kind of content do you share on the social media? Long gone are the days when one could post anything and get instant social ripples. Today, you need to keep in mind the fact that there are competitors who are pulling every string and making every word count. With that in mind, you also have to take necessary measures and ensure that you are also competitive in your social marketing approach.

You are responsible for making your content get the visibility it needs. Using visuals and catchy graphics is one strategy that had been proven to work over time, and definitely one that you need to give a shot. Using more visuals provides a more interactive alternative to the old boring content that is also overused. Some of the best performing visuals that have stood the test of time includes inforgraphics, Gif images and short explainer videos. While creating these visuals, you should also make sure that they display clearly to ensure clarity and better visibility.

Lock High-End Content Using Social Media APIs

This is yet another guaranteed way to not only increase the share-ability of your content on the social media but it also boost the social following. The process involves baiting audiences with something that they need in exchange for a social media follow or share.

What you need to get started with this method is to create an in-demand digital product such as an e-book containing some rare to find information. Once the e-book is ready, you should upload it to your site and then restrict its access by using social content lockers. Social content lockers are coded plugins which restricts the access until an action such as sharing the page is done.

A practical example would be someone who has some high quality content and for audience to read it they would need to tweet it in their account. After tweeting it, the content shows automatically. This not only applies to twitter but can be done with other social media networks, thanks to the variety of plugins in the market today.

Focus on Quality Rather Than Quantity & Sharing Frequency

The so called social media gurus will tell you that you should post more frequently to capture the attention of many users. While it makes a lot of sense to share content more frequently, not everyone will have the time to create content everyday while maintaining the same quality. Quality should be of more significance than the frequency at which you share the content. It is better to share less content that add value to the audience rather than a dozen of them that is redundant.

Start Social Media Polls

Have you ever come across a poll in between your tweet or Facebook post? If you have been a regular user of the social media platforms, you must at some point come across one. Marketers use social polls to capture a wide range of audience and build their brand online.

To get the best results, you need to focus on a hot, trending topic but make sure to stay within your niche. This ensures that you are not only getting the attention of many people, but also ensuring that you are getting relevant people interested in your niche.
With this, you will increase visibility of your social media account which translates to more visibility of your brand.

Final Word:

Numbers never lie, and with the bazillion amount of audience roaming the social media networks, every internet marketer should be hedging for a spot and reaping the benefits of the traffic avalanche. If well, implemented, the above strategies are enough to propel even a new website to get huge amount of traffic.

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Increase Website Visitors To Your Site Without Buying Traffic

Wondering how to increase website visitors to your site? Nowadays there are very many creative ways that can be used to increase web visitors of which some may cost you some money while others will not. Below is a list of some legitimate ways that you can use to boost the number of visitors in your website.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!


Offer free, original, and quality content on your site – this is one method that has been found to be very effective for increasing traffic to a website. The method offers people something that cannot be found anywhere else or not in the same level of quality. Create content that will be helpful and useful to the visitors, and keep it afresh.

For your website to be fully functional and successful make sure you keep tags in place and the links are not broken. If it is not possible for you to generate content for your website you can opt to outsource.

Supplement your original content 

Find products that are free and which will allow you to fully use the content that is premium branded and which is legally allowed to be shared.

Try and get more backlinks on your website as this will help to increase website visitors

Get a proofreader that will help you in case of poor spelling and grammar mistakes which tend to reflect badly on the information and services that is being provided. Always avoid judgments that are not warranted by making sure that your writing is in order before online publication.

Avoid any generated information as it is no longer useful and let your team be creative online and never at any time should you ever copy and paste information from any other website as nowadays it’s very easy to detect any copied material.

Improve your search engine ranking 

This can be done by being focused on your content on keyword that is related to your topic. This is what is referred to as Search Optimization Engine (SEO) and it will be of help to people who want to find your website when searching on the web. Your keyword you should make sure it is naturally flowing with the text and when doing word brainstorming make sure they comes naturally to people of all ages when they are looking for the type of your site. Do not over do the keywords as this will result to a very low searching ranking of your website.

Get linked 

In web management this is very important and by trading your links with other websites that are related closely to your website subject may result to bringing more website traffic. Link only to the sites that are dead on topic and this will help your visitors. Apart from trading links you can also classified ads, half page ads, banner ads among others.

When doing your link exchanges do not be too excessive and do not make it to be the entire link building method.

Use social media 

increase web traffic

By posting a compelling content you will be building a loyal following. Share and follow other users who may at one time or the other reciprocate and follow you. Keep yourself updated with the social media and always find time to post content as it’s worth it. Let your friends and people following you on social media to become your community and they will be of help to you in promoting your content for you. This will help you in saving you time and the content will be shared further that using other conventional strategies.

Advertise your presence 

Apart from using links in your website it is very important to look for other ways of increasing web traffic. Get time and write a list of other ways that you can think of that will help in getting your web being noticed and opened. In case you may be having money consider paying per click but find a way first of how you will be able to limit your expenditure to the level you want.

Make your own e-zine that is related to your website and for a reminder that is regular for people to visit your website. All free e-zine directories should be submitted on the internet.

Apart from advertising on electronic media you can also use the print media like newspapers, magazines, business brochures or any other nationwide publications which are well known to increase website visitors to your site.

Amazon vs. Flipkart Affiliate Program

If you have been in the affiliate marketing game for a while then you must have at some point tried comparing different affiliate programs. What of an Amazon vs Flipkart comparison? These are two great E-commerce platforms which have been running for a while. And just in case you have tried one of them and wondering how the other platform works, here is an in depth review. Lets unfold the goodies and the caveats by comparing both networks and see which one is better than the other.

Payment Terms

Every marketer out there to make a killing, and it all boils down to how payment are favorable. When it comes to seeing who pays better there are a few angles to look at it from. Here are 3 most important ones;

1) Commissions
Fipkart pays its affiliates ranging from 4% up to 20% depending on the type of product and the volume of sales. Books fetch from 6% – 12%, electronics and gadgets fetch 4-6% while toys could go as high as 20%.

On the other side of the scale, Amazon pays affiliates from 4% up to 8.5% depending on the sales volume.

2) Cookie Policy
Here comes the bitter-sweet part. When an visitor you have referred visits an affiliate platform, the browser cookie is tracked for a certain period of time. If the user buys the item before the period ends, you still get the commission. Both Amazon and Flipkart have a 24 hour period of cookie tracking. While both seem to have tied on this, there is a twist. Amazon doesn’t somehow doesn’t allow embedding affiliate links in emails. This means if you do email marketing, Amazon waives the commission. Flipkart would be better on this.

3) Payment period and Threshold
Who would like an affiliate network that takes ages to process their payments?

It is always important to know when payments are made and how they are made on a network one chooses. Amazon processes payments after 60 days. For instance you make sales on January, you will get payments in late March. Flipkart on the other side pays within a period between 30-60 days. 60 days might mean a lot, but it all depends with the refund policy.

Inventory Size

Inventory could mean a lot especially for marketers who would like to diversify into a variety of niches. Since consumers also love selecting from a wide variety of products, you need to be up for this. And the only way to do this is by working with a big network or multiple. But there are lots of disadvantages that comes with being an affiliate with multiple network. Since almost all affiliate networks pay for higher sales volumes, it would be great to focus on one.

So which between Amazon and Flipkart has more inventory? Amazon is the obvious winner here. It has been in the industry for longer too which has given it an edge in expanding.

Market Competition

How experienced are you in term of affiliate marketing? It is always important to keep in mind that there are other affiliate marketers and you are in a competition. But wouldn’t it be easier if one focuses on selling products with lower competition? Lower competition products could mean low lying gems but it could also mean that there is lower demand. Flipkart has plenty of low lying gems but they have lower demand as compared to those on Amazon. This could mean business either way but it is all yours to gauge.

If you are getting started and don’t have an idea on how to tackle competition, then Flipkart is a little better for beginners. Although there are some low competition niches in Amazon, seeking the help of a professional would also be great given that there are lots of inventories.

Target Market

Abandoned carts is an Affiliate marketer’s nightmare. And what makes that sad is that most of them are due to the target market. There are lots of E-commerce stores running online which allows affiliates in their platform. however, just a fraction of them can ship to different regions globally.

A good affiliate program should have an established shipping channel to ship the products purchased. Otherwise it could end up burning the affiliate’s reputation and their efforts also gets wasted. Luckily both Flipkart and Amazon serve the global market although Amazon has better penetration.

If you intend to market internationally, then Amazon could be the ideal option.

Similarities Between Amazon and Flipkart

ascending-graph-1173935_640Here are some of the common things that you can always count on with both affiliate programs.

Affiliates Approval
Joining both networks is free. You however need to have your site comply with the terms of service of each affiliate network. In most cases, having a good website with great content is all you need. And just to be on the safe side and avoid getting banned, make sure to always stick by the terms of service.

Customer service and Integrity
Would you like to put all your effort only to have your referred customers treated badly? Amazingly, you wouldn’t hear such from these affiliate companies. Over the years, customers have always received the quality of service promised.

Tools availability
In order to perform and get impressive profit margins, an affiliate marker needs tools. Amazingly, both amazon and Flipkart have supplied necessary tools of trade for the affiliates. This ranges from track-able links, banners, widgets among others.

Scams are on the rise online and many affiliate marketers lose a lot by joining shadow networks. Luckily, the transparency with Amazon and Flipkart speaks for itself. These are some of the leading companies and you can always count on them.

Final Word:

In all honesty, in an Amazon vs Flipkart battle it is clear that there are more advantages in joining Amazon over Flipkart. However some products on Flipkart could be higher paying than those on Amazon. You can therefore opt to go with Flipkart if you intend to promote some of these products.

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How To Get Binary Option Traffic

If you are a binary options affiliate, then you stand a chance to reap big from the huge commissions in the niche. However, sending traffic to the affiliate page has always been a challenge to most people. Many marketers fail to reach their goals simply because they have no traffic or they are getting low quality traffic. One needs to be extra cautious on the ways they use to get traffic to their website. To get you going and help you find the best traffic sources, here are some proven ones that you can always use with confidence;

PPC (Pay Per Click)

If you ask any online marketer about the best ways to get traffic, PPC will be among the ones topping the list. It is simply because it works and delivers invaluable results. With PPC, one needs to bid for certain keywords which in this case is binary options targeted keywords. This is usually done on a platform provided by an ad serving agency. there are hundreds of ad providers out thee who provide PPC as an ad option.

When you place a bid, you are competing with others in your niche and you need to master some basics and tricks to stay afloat. You could as well opt to hire a PPC professional to help you out in the optimization process. The initial cost of hiring an expert and running the campaigns could however be high.

The best way to get results with PPC, especially if you have a low budget and just starting is to bid on long term keywords which don’t have lots of competition. Most long tail keywords are also buyer-intent, meaning that they are more targeted and not just generic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO doesn’t need much introduction here. It has been there since the internet search engines like Google and Bing came into existence. If you have been doing internet marketing then you must have come across a few discussions on search engine optimization. It is basically the art of optimizing a website and making it search engine friendly.

SEO usually takes a number of processes which are based on the search engines algorithms. The two major phases that a well optimized website undergoes includes on-page optimization and the off-page optimization. On-page is basically the optimization done on the website pages and site structure. On the other side, Off-page involves external web optimization which mostly revolves around acquiring links from other websites.

Both of these processes are equally important and should be followed to the letter for the bets results. SEO is perfect if you intend to get free and high quality traffic over a long period.

Sponsored Reviews

Imagine getting highly targeted binary option traffic with high conversion rate from a price of a meal. It’s possible and doable with sponsored reviews. The approach simply involves writing a review and asking a blogger to post in in their blog. Of course you will be focusing on binary options or investment related blogs for the best targeting. The rest is as simple as putting down a review and getting choke-load amount of web traffic.

The cost of sponsored reviews will however depend on the level of authority a website has and the traffic the site gets. The more authoritative a site is, the more they are likely to charge. Just like with any other paid traffic, the sky is the limit with sponsored reviews. You can reach out to as many bloggers in the niche and pitch them for a sponsored post and you’ll also be amazed at how many of them are ready to put up sponsored reviews for you at friendly rates.

Guest Blogging

banknote-15801_640How much do you blog and interact with other bloggers on their websites? If you have low interaction and karma from your fellow niche webmasters, then you are to blame for low traffic and conversions. Guest blogging is the process of writing blog posts on other blogs related to yours. since the process involves adding a link to your website, you stand high chances of channeling that blog’s traffic to yours. to get started, you need to find a handful amount of blogs in your niche who accept guest posts. It usually takes a few search strings and parameters to find sites by using a search engine. Once you have the sites, you can pitch them and although you won’t win all pitches, it is something worth trying.

Imagine taking this to a huger scale and reaching out to many bloggers. It could take time to do that over and over but it surely is a traffic miner. It is a good start to build authority and get your website known.

Many marketers see guest blogging to be a double edged sword which gets you traffic and at the same time helping you to build your brand and authority.

And Web Traffic

Surprised? We have been providing binary option clients with high quality, converting traffic and we are certain that you will love the results. Our network of websites spans hundreds of them sending traffic in thousands. Your site could benefit from our traffic an you could start seeing high returns from your affiliate offers. Getting conversion demands that once have highly targeted website traffic, and we’ve got just that.

Take advantage of our packages today and get your site buzzing with high quality traffic. Our platform gives you a variety of targeting options and our staff are always there to help you get the best out of your ad campaigns.

Final Word:

Binary option trading is something that is gaining traction and expanding very fast. If you made the choice to be part of the niche, you need high quality targeted traffic and you are in the money. Using the methods listed above, you could reap big if your strategy is solid enough.

If you need help in getting traffic, why not get in touch with us and we can guide you or hook you up with a discount offer on one of our traffic packages. We are certain that you’ll be blown by the results.

4 Best Ways To Get Traffic To Dropshipping Sites

So, you have set up your store and are ready to roll with your dropshipping business, but you just realized that getting visitors is almost impossible? Without traffic you might never make any money since there is nobody visiting your store to buy from you. So how does one get the best website traffic that converts for their dropshipping stores?

To save you the hassles and get your dropshipping rolling, we’ve sampled up a list of 4 best traffic sources that will help you propel you dropshipping business to the next level.


Social media is one of the best traffic sources that every marketer knows of. With billions of potential website traffic and audiences who are super-active, marketers have a real opportunity to take advantage of. But here, Facebook has been specifically singled out when it comes to successfully running dropshipping stores. The nature of Facebook traffic and how the platform interacts perfectly with its advertisement campaigns has given it an upper hand over other social media sites. Once you have your website professionally designed and set up your contacts, products pricing and the landing pages, you should be good to go with Facebook marketing.

Setting up campaigns on Facebook is pretty easy and requires one to have some basic skills on setting up bidding campaigns. If you aren’t familiar, it is also something that you can easily learn within a few hours. You should however be extra cautious on how you set your budgeting. For newer campaigns, it is advisable that one start with smaller amounts and scale up as they continue to perform.

Email Marketing

If you have been in the internet marketing game for a while, then you already know that email marketing is one of the best strategies to use online. As the internet marketing saying goes “money is in the list”, if done well, email marketing could have the potential to run any dropshipping site without any other traffic source. Coupling this strategy with others such as media buying and Search engine Optimization has shown terrific results over time. So, how does email marketing work? And what do you need to get started?

To get started with email marketing, you need to have a landing page or a system that will help you collect leads. You can use a pop up lead capture plugin that visitors to your website will have to enter their email and name to get a newsletter or updates. This is the most common way that can be easily implemented on any website. Once you have the list created, you should start sending them emails which are relevant and recommending some of the products in your dropshipping site.

Google Adwords

Google is without a doubt the best search engine on the planet and attracts billions of people. If anyone would like to find anything online, Google is their first option that they would consider using to find that particular thing. Their Google Adwords section is meant to offer advertisers an opportunity to market themselves and their products to the general users that are using Google. The mode of advertisement used under Google Adwords is a PPC basis which means that advertisers pays for every click that a visitors makes to their website. Like the case with Facebook advertising which also uses the same payment model, you do need some basic understanding of setting up online ad campaigns.

One of the best things that you will love with Google Adwords is the fact that you have the ability to target a huge but precise audience. This increases the rate of conversion and how your dropshipping website profits.

To succeed with Google Adwords, you also have to keep an eye on your competitors and know how they are doing their business. You need to out-bid them and make valid decisions that will see you dropshipping site go above theirs. You will also need to know a thing or two about how to optimize and scale up successful ad campaigns. Do split testing and test different variations of ad campaigns to determine which one works perfect for you and which one doesn’t.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing as we all know is the process of marketing products with the aim of making a killing from commissions through the sales. From an Ecommerce website owner’s point of view, this is a great way of bringing in tons of customers effortlessly. There are tons of internet marketers who are willing to become affiliates, all depending with their specific niche.


To get the best results through affiliate marketing, there are a couple of things that you need to know. Here they are;

-Always make sure that you have a realistic commission structure that gives you a good profit margin as well as offering the affiliates a reasonable amount.

-Don’t rely on affiliate marketing alone. You need to diversify you marketing strategy to get better profit margins and only use affiliate marketing as a way of booting.

-Pay your affiliates their commission on time as advertised. This is very important in keeping your affiliates committed to working with you.

-Offer your affiliate marketers support and crucial resources that they can use to market the products. Banners and creatives should do well on that account.

Final Word:

The above four strategies have been proven and have stood the test of time in the internet marketing world. They are some of the best ways that are not only guaranteed to bolster you dropshipping traffic, but to also give good conversion rates.

We also understand that it may be difficult for many other people, especially beginners to get things running. As such, we have a surefire solution that will help you generate unlimited amount of traffic to your website. To gets started, visit our web traffic sales page and choose a package that best suits you dropshipping site based on the niche. This is the same traffic that we send to many super-affiliate marketers as well as companies that do businesses online. It is your chance to join the league of big money makers.

How Can I Make Money Off Of A WordPress Blog?

WordPress sites are typically this sort of excellent tool to the not too long ago established internet marketer. It absolutely was just a number of years back that whenever you desired to acquire a web-based web marketer you had to invest a brand new internet marketer a number of thousand us dollars to location up a web-site to suit your desires.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

An extra unfortunate reality is that probably on the internet business hopefuls spent money they didn’t have in get to knowledge an internet web-site developed for these men and women. That they expected that simply by setting up an online web page will bring all of them boat tons of money, only to find out there is a whole lot more to be able to web site advertising than basically placing up a pretty net web-site.

I’d personally be prepared for you to wager that most of those first pricey web-sites are likely to be lengthy gone. Now go into the White good info. The actual Laymans Tech Blog plan cost simply portion items prior versions charge to put way up a website and following this it may well be setup in minutes.

Among the crucial factors concerning the actual Tech Blog will probably be the plugins. Plugins are merely extensions on the Laymans Tech Blog that could come up with a blogger’s operate much simpler. There are premium plugins that you have to purchase high may also be an excellent deal of cost-free of charge WordPress plugins that do an amazing job also. Your raved about Laymans Tech Blog designs are commonly numerous in shade, operate, type, and price to fit your fancy.

A brand new discouraging distinction among the two sources will be the fact that WordPress.com will not permit themes or templates to become downloaded in your WordPress blog. Even though an individual has to work with of various entirely free of charge themes or templates WordPress as well as other programmers supply, they aren’t offered the opportunity to install a chosen styles for their WordPress web site. Pest bit scary simply because brand-new themes or templates with regard to WordPress can simply be bought a treadmill could even custom make a design WordPress suitable!

Running a blog as well as affiliate advertising and marketing programs or even cost-per-action plans genuinely are a profitable mixture! Understanding that WordPress will likely be search engine optimisation pleasant as well as search engine spiders somewhat expeditiously, the inability to link to affiliate programs and so on need to not dissuade funds hunters in by using this okay device.

wordpress-1415705_640Writing content that will need to do together with the actual internet marketer item or probably cost-per-action type after which relating through that Hubpages.net publish aimed at your internet where the genuine affiliate marketer hyperlink or even cost-per-action range lies is tactically wonderful!

The actual best issue about generating a brand new White Goods Guide is the fact that you could make use of software program known as Tech Blog; this makes it possible for you to help to produce adjustments really very easily and update this with out difficulty.

It is also doable to offer people rights for them to sign in enhance the idea in your case but aren’t in a position to alter in addition to revise everything hypersensitive giving you with complete safety along with privateness. Making a White Good Guide truly is easy, when you have setup the idea in your sponsor either create your individual template or obtain among the obtainable styles on the internet that might be employed completely totally free in addition to off you proceed. Don’t forget to check out our high quality traffic packages.

How to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Building a popular blog isn’t easy at all. It isn’t just anything you want to put in it, neither. Valuable content and lots of promotions are needed to be able to acquire massive audience. Below is how to increase traffic to your blog.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

On my journey to success, I have learned many things. One crucial thing I knew about was how to increase traffic to your blog. If you do not have traffic, you simply can’t produce any income. So, it is imperative to build huge amount of traffic to your blog to make real money online.

Here are the top tips showing you how I am continuously building traffic to my blog;

First and foremost, of course, you should create your blog with good quality content. Include your subscriber’s form on the side of your blog where it can easily be recognized.

Second would be the crucial part which can lead you to success and make real money online. This is the promotion in which you need to increase traffic to your blog.

How you promote your blog? By simply following the guides below, you can increase traffic to your blog continuously.

Feed Submissions

Submitting your blog feed address to the top feed submission sites add a lot even better traffic to your site. RSS means syndication. It is a tool used by website owners to ease up their task. Being one of the most popular ways to submit your blog, it also gives website owners a chance to conserve time and energy submitting every single post update to any news sites and directories.

Collaborate with Blog owners Relevant to your Niche

blog-769737_640Collaborating with other bloggers is the very right thing to do as it can easily do this in just two months alone. It is an excellent choice to get more audience to your blog. How? One is to interview the most popular blogger in your niche. Another is that you can ask a number of people and include their answers on your blog site and lastly, monitor the rankings of the top blogs in your same niche.monitor the rankings of the top blogs in your same niche.

Monitoring the rankings of the blogs with your same niche is important. You know why? They might come back to your site to know their rankings. Well, to let them know, you need to congratulate them for the high rankings they received. That can gain you traffic, having other people trying to look up frequently their standings and ranks on your blog site.That can gain you traffic, having other people trying to look up frequently their standings and ranks on your blog site.

Write what you are expert in

Writing the things you are expert in is imperative. This can build trust and confidence that your site visitors might be able to get back frequently to read more about your post. They know how valuable your posts are because being an expert to your field is something very important to other people who would want to enhance their knowledge and learn more from you as well.

On Page Tricks To Increase Web Traffic Easily

Web traffic is perhaps the only way that one can be sure that they will get more business and succeed online. But there are a bazillion ways of getting the traffic and the sad thing is that not all of the traffic is worth investing your time and money on. There are some traffic strategies that give better results than others while there are some that will not have any impact on your site as they wont bring in any conversions and leads. Such traffic are those you should avoid.


There are lots of things that one can do when it comes to optimizing their on-page to get the best results and conversions. In this guide, we will go through some on-page optimization tricks that have been proven to work over and over.

Content Quality Is The Key

The quality of the content that is on your site is everything when it comes to marketing your site and getting good results from it. But why does the quality of the content matter so much? When people visit your website, it is the content on the page they land that will engage them and even entice them into buying something from the site. This is how the content is crucial and should be spot on from the beginning to the end.


The better the content the higher the chances that you have of making a sale on the site. But what if you cannot create or write high quality content by yourself? In such a situation, you will have to hire someone to help you with the copy and ensure that it stands out and of the best quality. It may be expensive to hire a copywriter,, but you will get good results in the end.


Another strategy that many people always ignore is interlinking related content on the site. While many of us always consider and give much priority to external backlinking, the impact that internal linking has is tremendous and can make a huge change in terms of boosting the site’s performance. There is evidence that sites and pages with good internal linking get a good search engine boost and better rankings than those that have not been interlinked. This is because interlinking builds an authority which search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo value much.


The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to make sure that whatever you are interlinking is web pages that are related. Linking non-related sites could lead to spammy looking and non-authoritative kind of linking that is not good in the eyes of search engine crawlers.

Boost Your Site Speed

Ever visited a website that takes a whole 2 minutes to load? Of course there are tons of them out there, and that is why they do not get good rankings from such engines which also limits them from getting tons of traffic to their websites. Search engines love sites that have good speed because their audience also love them. If your site takes ages to load, your readers and visitors will quickly leave and visit another competitor site. And since the search engines love to serve good quality content that loads up fast.


How does one create a fast loading site which doesn’t take ages to load? There are a number of ways to speed up a site and among them is the choice of hosting that one uses. One you have a good hosting that gives your site good server speed, you should also consider using some cache plugins and scripts to help load pages on-demand. There are many other ways of boosting your site speed which you should try also.

Adopt A Responsive Web Design

youtubeHow easy is it to navigate your website? Sites have different ways in which one can navigate and scroll to find things. The easier your website it is, the better results you will get in terms of conversions and leads on the site. most of the sites that you will find with poor results have their web design to blame. With the increase int he number of devices that people use to access the web, one needs to make sure that whatever they are using to access the web is perfect in accessing the web with any device. Old static HTML sites are considered of lower standards in today’s web because they are not responsive and are harder to navigate and use with multiple devices. Such will affect how people shop or make decisions that will benefit your online business.


Creating a responsive website or converting your existing one isn’t as hard though and with a few tweaks and use of scripts, one can seamlessly have their responsive website that is easy to navigate for their visitors. Search engines also tend to give better attention to sites that have good navigation which makes them even more successful than those that are not. With that in mind, there is every reason to get your site responsive.

Final Word:

Every website needs traffic to succeed online and for that to happen, one needs to do a number of approaches and strategies that have been proven to work,. The on page strategies shared above have proven to work over and over and without a doubt it is something that you can count on to deliver when it comes to your site. The strategies are very easy to implement and anyone regardless of their marketing and web design experience can have them implemented on their sites.


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Tips On How To Increase Clickbank Affiliate Sales

Learning how you can increase clickbank affiliate sales can help you to dramatically maximize your profits. This site has certainly lived up to its reputation as one of the best products sales sites in the world. The following are some of the things you can do in order to generate more money from your sales on it.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Clickbank Sales!

Have A SEO Optimized Website

For you to be able to promote your products on clickbank, you will need a website. But just having the website is not enough. You will need to make sure that it is specifically designed as well as curated for the niche that you are trying to sell products in. For instance, if you are selling beauty products, it will be pointless or less profitable to put the information on a website that has been designed teach people about mathematical principles. You will also need to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. You should use keywords and other SEO tools that will drive traffic from other sources to your website.

Solve a Problemcoins-948603_640

Even though it is a fact that promoting your products on clickbank can help to boost your sales, it may not work if you are promoting products that do not seem to be of any use to people. It is therefore important to think some ideas or problems that can help you create a product that will offer a valuable solution to people. The more aware you are of the problem that you are trying to solve, the easier it will be for you to stay on the right track and the higher the chances of maximizing your profits. You should try to stick to a single product, since dealing with many products at once may create a lot of confusion.

Create Eye-Catching Content

After you have created the product that you would like to market on clickbank, you will need to create content that will help you sell it. Creating content might be tricky and easy at the same time. Finding and coming up with great content ideas can be quite hard especially if you are selling a sophisticated product. What matters the most when it comes to creating eye-catching content to sell your products is passion as well as the amount of you time you are willing to invest in creating compelling and educating content that will make people want to buy your products instantly. When creating the content, it is important to focus on the questions that people are likely to ask when buying the product, and then give content that provides answers to those questions.

Promote the Content

It is not just enough to create eye-catching content. You will need to promote it in order to increase your clickbank affiliate sales. Some of the methods you can use to effective promote your content include social media marketing, guest posting, article publishing and buying ad campaigns. Be sure to use products promotions that are simple and effective enough. Some marketing strategies, such as buying ad campaigns, require some investment. It is important to go over them thoroughly before committing to them.

4 Surefire Ways To Pull Traffic From Google Without SEO

Google has been known to help many businesses serve their clients more flexibly. In fact there are thousands of businesses that wholly depend on Google to keep their business rolling. With this in mind, it is clear that Google is a power-source that as internet marketers, we should make the best use of it. SEO is one way that we can all make it work for us, but with the competition striking hard and algorithms changing every time, we might need to create diversity and not only rely on Google SEO. This is especially when one is an amateur in the marketing scene, where stable competitors can easily swallow their online business and shutter their internet marketing dreams sooner than they expect.

But how does one do this? Is it possible to still harness high quality traffic from Google without using SEO? The short answer to that is, YES. There are dozens of ways that one can use Google to drive high quality web traffic and sales. This has been done more than a few times by many marketers. Below, we will share some of the best ways to get traffic from Google without SEO or ever thinking about search engine algorithms or the boring on page optimization. Here are the traffic methods;

Guest Blogging On News Sites

Google gives top priority to news sites that have built their online credibility and trust. Google news is a section within the search engine where news from different news sites are curated.

Google News is also an entity on its own which receives millions of people seeking for news every single day from across the globe. The entity is aimed at reaching people and broadcasting to them the latest from the media houses.

With this fact in mind, don’t you think it would be amazing to be featured in one of these websites? Fact is, that is very possible and could even be much easier than you think.

Since Google loves these websites so much that they index their content almost instantly and put them under the news section, many people have used the opportunity to market themselves and their brand.

There are dozens of these news sites that allow people to register as contributors and as raw-news providers. News can range from anything and inserting a link into one of the posts you write on these sites could lead to a big avalanche of traffic. Now, if you scale up this method and use more news sites to submit your content, you are sure to get more traffic than you will ever need.

Press Release

Not many of us use the power of press releases to the full potential. Although we have always been made to believe that press release are only mean to be used whenever there is a big event, that isn’t the case. We all have something new to say about something in the niche and whether it is a new case study that you need to share, it could also be tames to make news.

Press releases will help you to get the word out and in most cases it lands you on Google news. When your website is featured on Google news, traffic can even freeze your server bandwidth depending on the niche and the weight of the news. It is a well worthy approach that you can use.

Commenting On News Articles

Yet another tricky but openly acceptable web traffic formula that anyone can implement and start making real money with is to comment on new sites. The approach is self-explanatory and is all about heading o Google and searching for niche based sites that are featured on Google News. Once you find these sites, start commenting on them with informative comments while also adding a link to your site.

Although this is an indirect method of getting traffic from Google, the traffic still bear the same quality and you will reap all the benefits. If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start with internet marketing and how to get traffic, this is something that you should also think of as a traffic source.

Buying Traffic

Finally, and most conveniently, paying for Google traffic is another surefire way to get tons of high quality traffic that will get you conversions. Google is arguably the best online brand which allows advertisers to use its network to get their word out. Google Adwords is the name of the search giant’s own advertising medium and any internet marketer will tell you that the results from the network are one of the best that you can find.

Google Adwords uses a click based module where advertisers are charged for every visitor delivered to their website. This model is also one of the most popular with almost every online advertising agency out there.

One of the things that make Google Adwords lovable is because their traffic is highly targeted and is inspired by searcher’s trends and keywords. This makes the advertisements very relevant to the audience hence better performance and increase rate of conversion. If you have money to spend and just aren’t into the idea of waiting for Google organic traffic, this is an approach that you need to give a serious thought.

Final Word:

For one to survive the internet marketing game and keep their online business afloat, being aggressive on the various marketing approaches is a must. Without a steady plan and an actionable strategy to drive relevant traffic to you website, you are doomed and won’t last long in the game. Your competitors will reap all the benefits leaving and driving you out of business.

With the simple, yet effective traffic marketing approaches described above, you can put your online business on the map and harness tons of high quality website traffic with little effort.

If you even need even juicier web traffic without having to pull a finger, you should consider checking our highly targeted traffic packages. We have been helping many marketers as well as some of the leading web brands to increase their website traffic and close more deals. Your business could as well join the league of best performing brands through our inner circle traffic network. Get in touch for more if you have any questions before purchasing.

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