Tips On How To Increase Clickbank Affiliate Sales

Learning how you can increase clickbank affiliate sales can help you to dramatically maximize your profits. This site has certainly lived up to its reputation as one of the best products sales sites in the world. The following are some of the things you can do in order to generate more money from your sales on it.

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Have A SEO Optimized Website

For you to be able to promote your products on clickbank, you will need a website. But just having the website is not enough. You will need to make sure that it is specifically designed as well as curated for the niche that you are trying to sell products in. For instance, if you are selling beauty products, it will be pointless or less profitable to put the information on a website that has been designed teach people about mathematical principles. You will also need to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. You should use keywords and other SEO tools that will drive traffic from other sources to your website.

Solve a Problemcoins-948603_640

Even though it is a fact that promoting your products on clickbank can help to boost your sales, it may not work if you are promoting products that do not seem to be of any use to people. It is therefore important to think some ideas or problems that can help you create a product that will offer a valuable solution to people. The more aware you are of the problem that you are trying to solve, the easier it will be for you to stay on the right track and the higher the chances of maximizing your profits. You should try to stick to a single product, since dealing with many products at once may create a lot of confusion.

Create Eye-Catching Content

After you have created the product that you would like to market on clickbank, you will need to create content that will help you sell it. Creating content might be tricky and easy at the same time. Finding and coming up with great content ideas can be quite hard especially if you are selling a sophisticated product. What matters the most when it comes to creating eye-catching content to sell your products is passion as well as the amount of you time you are willing to invest in creating compelling and educating content that will make people want to buy your products instantly. When creating the content, it is important to focus on the questions that people are likely to ask when buying the product, and then give content that provides answers to those questions.

Promote the Content

It is not just enough to create eye-catching content. You will need to promote it in order to increase your clickbank affiliate sales. Some of the methods you can use to effective promote your content include social media marketing, guest posting, article publishing and buying ad campaigns. Be sure to use products promotions that are simple and effective enough. Some marketing strategies, such as buying ad campaigns, require some investment. It is important to go over them thoroughly before committing to them.

4 Surefire Ways To Pull Traffic From Google Without SEO

Google has been known to help many businesses serve their clients more flexibly. In fact there are thousands of businesses that wholly depend on Google to keep their business rolling. With this in mind, it is clear that Google is a power-source that as internet marketers, we should make the best use of it. SEO is one way that we can all make it work for us, but with the competition striking hard and algorithms changing every time, we might need to create diversity and not only rely on Google SEO. This is especially when one is an amateur in the marketing scene, where stable competitors can easily swallow their online business and shutter their internet marketing dreams sooner than they expect.

But how does one do this? Is it possible to still harness high quality traffic from Google without using SEO? The short answer to that is, YES. There are dozens of ways that one can use Google to drive high quality web traffic and sales. This has been done more than a few times by many marketers. Below, we will share some of the best ways to get traffic from Google without SEO or ever thinking about search engine algorithms or the boring on page optimization. Here are the traffic methods;

Guest Blogging On News Sites

Google gives top priority to news sites that have built their online credibility and trust. Google news is a section within the search engine where news from different news sites are curated.

Google News is also an entity on its own which receives millions of people seeking for news every single day from across the globe. The entity is aimed at reaching people and broadcasting to them the latest from the media houses.

With this fact in mind, don’t you think it would be amazing to be featured in one of these websites? Fact is, that is very possible and could even be much easier than you think.

Since Google loves these websites so much that they index their content almost instantly and put them under the news section, many people have used the opportunity to market themselves and their brand.

There are dozens of these news sites that allow people to register as contributors and as raw-news providers. News can range from anything and inserting a link into one of the posts you write on these sites could lead to a big avalanche of traffic. Now, if you scale up this method and use more news sites to submit your content, you are sure to get more traffic than you will ever need.

Press Release

Not many of us use the power of press releases to the full potential. Although we have always been made to believe that press release are only mean to be used whenever there is a big event, that isn’t the case. We all have something new to say about something in the niche and whether it is a new case study that you need to share, it could also be tames to make news.

Press releases will help you to get the word out and in most cases it lands you on Google news. When your website is featured on Google news, traffic can even freeze your server bandwidth depending on the niche and the weight of the news. It is a well worthy approach that you can use.

Commenting On News Articles

Yet another tricky but openly acceptable web traffic formula that anyone can implement and start making real money with is to comment on new sites. The approach is self-explanatory and is all about heading o Google and searching for niche based sites that are featured on Google News. Once you find these sites, start commenting on them with informative comments while also adding a link to your site.

Although this is an indirect method of getting traffic from Google, the traffic still bear the same quality and you will reap all the benefits. If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start with internet marketing and how to get traffic, this is something that you should also think of as a traffic source.

Buying Traffic

Finally, and most conveniently, paying for Google traffic is another surefire way to get tons of high quality traffic that will get you conversions. Google is arguably the best online brand which allows advertisers to use its network to get their word out. Google Adwords is the name of the search giant’s own advertising medium and any internet marketer will tell you that the results from the network are one of the best that you can find.

Google Adwords uses a click based module where advertisers are charged for every visitor delivered to their website. This model is also one of the most popular with almost every online advertising agency out there.

One of the things that make Google Adwords lovable is because their traffic is highly targeted and is inspired by searcher’s trends and keywords. This makes the advertisements very relevant to the audience hence better performance and increase rate of conversion. If you have money to spend and just aren’t into the idea of waiting for Google organic traffic, this is an approach that you need to give a serious thought.

Final Word:

For one to survive the internet marketing game and keep their online business afloat, being aggressive on the various marketing approaches is a must. Without a steady plan and an actionable strategy to drive relevant traffic to you website, you are doomed and won’t last long in the game. Your competitors will reap all the benefits leaving and driving you out of business.

With the simple, yet effective traffic marketing approaches described above, you can put your online business on the map and harness tons of high quality website traffic with little effort.

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Using Expired Domain Traffic to Promote Your Online Business

The idea of acquiring and using an expired domain name instead of registering a new one is not a new concept. Companies and online businesses have used this online marketing technique in the past with varying rates of success.

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Many of them however claim the effort was worth it. By buying one of these domain names, you will be able to increase the number of hits on your website by exploiting the already established pool of steady traffic.
So what is an expired domain name?

This is a domain who’s owner for one reason or the other does not renew his/her registered domain name. This unregistered name is then “repossessed” by the domain name provider and put back in the pool for available domain names. This means that the domain name can now be bought by any interested party at a fair price. There are several reasons why someone would go through the trouble of acquiring a domain name, building a website using this name and then letting it expire.

They include:

– loss of interest by the author
– running out of funds for the venture
– poor domain management
– inability to pay domain renewal fees.

How to identify a domain with a significant amount of traffic.check-mark-29114_640

There is no specific way of accessing the amount of traffic going to an expired domain. You can however find out the domains popularity in terms of links by using any major search engine. This will give you the number of listed web pages in a particular search engine that link to that particular domain. More links mean the domain is high in link popularity and is thus getting a large amount of regular traffic. It may mean a higher ranking too depending on the search engine you are using.
The advantage of buying expired domains.
The advantage of buying an expired domain name is that it will give you the ability to maximize the potential of the ‘new-found’ traffic and especially so if they are part of your target market. When this occurs and the new traffic is directed to your website, you will get new visitors who have genuine interest in your products. A large number of these visitors will thus be converted into customers and this will ultimately lead to increased sales and profits.
Be careful when choosing an expired domain to ensure that the domain chosen is related to the business you are trying to promote. Your main aim should be to direct traffic from your target market to your business; not just to improve traffic. Buying a domain not relevant to your business will create new traffic, but the new visitors will end up frustrated by your constant promotions of goods or services that are of no interest to them.

Why buying Traffic for Newbie Webmasters is the Best Idea to Get Started

As a newbie webmaster you may have find it hard to attain your goals especially in the highly competitive niches. In addition, it may be hard to beat the competition of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in running websites. Here are reasons to start buying traffic for your site.

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This is in terms of ranking on the different search engines and also attracting traffic to the site. However, you do not have to worry because you can attain the amount of traffic you need by buying the traffic from reputable sources. Below are some of the reasons why buying traffic for newbie webmasters is a great option.

Attain better ranking fast

Purchasing the traffic will not only help you get the amount of traffic you want, but also help your site attain better ranking within a short time. One of the factors that determine how sites are ranked on the search engines is the amount of active traffic they have. Thus, by buying traffic your site will be able to compete with other sites to rank of the first page of search results more effectively.

Get more exposure

Newbie webmasters find it hard to get the desired exposure because of the high competition from the already established sites. However, buying the traffic can help gain a competitive edge because the more traffic a site has the more exposure it gets on the internet. With more exposure, it means that your brand will gain more popularity leading to more customers that will in the long end translate into more profit.


Get more sharing

With high amount of visitors, you can expect that your site will be shared more on the internet. Your visitors will share your content with their friends and followers in the social media platform. With the rapid rise of social media as a site promotion platform, sharing has become one of the best ways to make a site gain popularity on the internet. By buying more traffic, you can then expect that your site will go viral on the internet through sharing.

Reduce cost

There are many sources where you can buy traffic in the modern days. The competition in this business is very high, thus you can be assured to get a provider who will sell you the traffic at a low price. Compared to other ways of getting more traffic such as SEO or PPC, buying traffic is the most cost effective way of attain the amount of traffic need for a newbie webmaster.

Difference Between Robot.txt file or Sitemap File in SEO

The most smart and preferred way of preventing your site from getting indexed is to use a robot.txt file. It is very easy to use such files but requires access to website’s server root location. This file informs search engines what to index and what not to index in order to make it available to other persons. Here is a guide on the difference between robot.txt and sitemap

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Robots Meta tag can only be used if you have access to your server’s domain and in case you don’t have, you can restrict access to it. For proper setting of WebPages and indexing of web content it is mandatory to apply Robot.txt file.
Suppose you have an important data in your website and you don’t want others to see it, in that case you need to protect your content by making it offline for users by using robots.txt files. Search engine optimization (SEO) services are the best way to target people who are searching for what you have and it is an important factor in search engine optimization. For having good ranking on search engines you must go for robots. Txt files. These simple text files have a major scope in web development and SEO since a long time.
Foe enhancing SEO services through websites, it is necessary to have robot.txt files attached with your website.

You can create these files using a simple text editor. Also you can use robot files in that case when you are unable to verify your sites XML Sitemap. You may also use it to publish your blogs and posts but before that you need to take special care of password protection and firewalls that should be used with such files. These files works by blocking access to spammers.

There are some options which you can use in Robot.txt file to deny or allow specific search boots index certain folders and files. This files use basically uses rules as user agent and disallow. You can also use multiple user agents as well as disallow lines in a single entry for creating robot.txt files. You just need to create a basic html file within your hosting account. To upload you can use file transfer protocol (FTP) client. These files work on all major search engines.
Proper use of robots.txt can help to bring larger traffic to your website content. One this file gets uploaded; you can recheck it by opening your website. Other things which you can do with such files using sub domain of websites is that you can prevent any duplicate pages with similar content from being crawled. Secondly you can prevent landing pages connected to your email wizard from being indexed by SEO Services.

XML Sitemaps: An Ignored Tool For Website Owners

A sitemap is usually an often ignored archive which usually allows cutting-edge search engines catalog websites much better. Google had been the first to release sitemaps with the Google XML sitemap data format in 2005. A little more than a year later, Google left behind his own sitemap format and joined some other search companies to generate an XML sitemap standard. This brand new standard has replaced the previous Google XML format and is used currently by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and several other search corporations. As the internet evolves, the standard advances with it and the search engines look toward the standard to get guidance on the best way to accomplish their web-site indexing and web-site crawling.

difference between robot.txt and sitemapEssentially an XML sitemap is simply an XML archive placed in a directory of a web-site that contains URLs as well as some information regarding those URLs. An internet site can have multiple sitemaps stored in multiple folders. To help search engines discover the various sitemaps a company may have, the locations of the XML files are detailed at the bottom of a web site’s robots.txt file.

An XML sitemap is useful for web sites at which some pages are changed more often or where some webpages are more crucial than others. As an example, a nearby company might update its hours frequently while never updating the webpage describing the history of its organization. In that case, the webmaster would want to notify search engines to use a greater priority on the hours web page when it does its regular web site indexing. Similarly, the webmaster can place a higher focus on the hours pages or perhaps on some other pages with distinctive content, so that the search engine’s website crawling rates those webpages higher.

Sitemaps should contain the date a page was last changed, how frequently that web page changes and the page’s priority. The last edited date is merely the calendar date the webpage last changed. The frequency that a webpage can be modified may be hourly, daily, every month or some other values. The priority can be a value from zero to one having a default of 0.5.

Hopefully this guide has answered you on the difference between robot.txt and sitemap.

How Can I Promote My E-commerce Store? How Can I Get More Sales?

So you already have an ecommerce store and looking for ways to promote it to get more sales? This is not hard as you may think, but patience is required because you may not boost the sales within a day. You need to put more efforts so that you can be able to gain a competitive edge over other ecommerce stores in the market. Below is how to promote e-commerce stores and make more sales.

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If you do not promote e-commerce stores, it will be hard for customers to find it. There are several ways both paid and free you can use and realize your business goals within a short period of time. Here are some of the ways you can do it.

Apply search engine optimization

You will need to apply SEO to your ecommerce store to make it be recognized easily by different search engines. This technique will make search engines such as Bing and Google find your site and rank it higher in their search results. Make sure that you use relevant keywords on your site to attract the engines. Avoid using JavaScript and flash because it is hard for the search engines to find this type of content.


Starting and maintaining a blog is an effective way to make your ecommerce store get more exposure. In your blog, post information that relate to your ecommerce store. For example, if you sell brand new clothes on your ecommerce store, write article on the latest fashions on the blog. Then, link your blog and the ecommerce store together. If your readers like your blog, this will make them be attracted to your store making them your customers, which will at the end increase your sales.

Participate in forums

blue-148985_640You need to search for forums related to your e-commerce store. Use your site URL as the signature of your forum if you have the option to do it. Make sure you participate in forum discussions. Interact with other posters and inform them about your ecommerce store. This will increase the exposure your site has leading to more sales.

Back linking

To ensure that your site is ranked higher on different search engines, search for other reputable and highly ranked sites and ask the owners whether they would link to link to your site. Return the favor by doing the same to their websites on yours. Note that you should only link with highly ranked sites so that you can realize your ecommerce store promotion goals.

Social media

Social networking sites have becomes very crucial when it comes to internet marketing because of their popularity in the modern days. Do not allow this opportunity to pass you. Thus, open accounts with the different social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram and others. Encourage people to become your fans and like your social media pages. By doing this, you will not only expose your ecommerce store to many prospects and customers, but also make it rank high in different search engines. Encourage your fans to share and refer your store to other people to promote e-commerce store to go viral on the internet leading to more sales.

How To Get The Best Out Of Email Marketing

Are you contemplating on starting email marketing? If you have not started, then you are throwing a lot of money without knowing.

Email marketing is one of the best internet marketing techniques and if you know how to optimize and leverage traffic by building an email list, you can depend on email marketing as your sole traffic source. The only problem is that many people do not know how to setup and bait for traffic. Building an email list crucial, but do you know how to get traffic from the list? In this post, we will go through some of the best ways that you can easily get started and generate huge amount of traffic to your website without much hassles.

Ensure Full Compliance With The CAN-SPAM Rules

The use of internet and how companies treat the privacy of other people with regards to email marketing is governed by (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing) CAN-SPAM and there are several rules that have been put in place to combat spam. Of course if you have been online for a while you already know of the spam that you are likely to experience with your email exposed to thousands of spammers on the web. The policy helps in both helping manage the spammers and also penalize them whenever they are found breaching. Compliance with this also ensures that you have higher email deliverability and that your emails don’t end up in the spam box.

In order to use the services of the best email servers and softwares, you also have to be compliant with the CAN-SPAM rules and there is no exception to that.

Use Captivating Call To Actions

Something else that you should give so much weight and ensure that you get successful email marketing in place is to ensure that you are using top notch call to action that will attract people to get into your email list. With this, you can try different captivating texts under different places on your landing page, but also remember to keep testing the different spots so as to ascertain which one will work perfect for you.

Besides the call to action text being important, you should also keep in mind the copy on the page and ensure that it sells. The copy is the engine that guarantees you that you will get positive results and you should do whatever you can to see that it is captivating and engaging. Even if you have to hire a copywriter to take care of it, you should just to make sure the copy is convictive enough.

Respond To Email Queries

In some cases, you will come across some email replies to the emails and newsletters that you send out to you email list and the best thing to go about this situation is to respond to them. This is because most of the time the sender is always enquiring about your service or product. When you dedicate yourself to responding to these queries then the subscribers will start bringing their attention to you and as their attention switch towards you and your brand, they will also seek you for advise on the products an services that are in your niche. And that is when you will have the golden chance to sell to them.

In simple terms, the better your relationship and how you dedicate yourself to helping your subscribers, the better your chances of selling yourself and marketing them whatever you need. Another approach that has shown good results is to respond to queries on forums and discussion groups. This is an approach that will also help in pulling people towards your email list landing page where you can get a chance to increase your email list. As long as you are helpful, people will not hesitate hoping into your email list since they know they will find it to be of value.

Focus On Building Connections With Your Subscribers

Most people will botch their relationships by starting to pitch their products and services to their subscribers especially those that reply asking more about something. Amateur email marketers will hop in and try to close a sale right away. While it may seem like a golden opportunity to clinch on a sale, it is best to wait and always connect and build a relationship with a subscriber. This way, you will be building more trust and credibility which will pay off in the long run.

You should also consider putting in a personal touch in your emails and ensure that they sound like you are addressing the person directly. As your business grows, make the habit of engaging with your subscribers not as your customers but create a scenario that is more of an expert helping out someone in need. This is something that has been proven to work over a long time and will definitely work for you.

Final word:

Email marketing has been around for a while now and there doesn’t seem to be anything that will stop it. As long as people can buy stuffs online, email marketing has a chance and as such, you shouldn’t stop getting people to your email list. As long as you can build your email list, you will always have the chance to get tons of traffic from it. With the pointers highlighted above, you should get good quality traffic. If you are ready to get started and make email marketing work for you, then all you have to do is take action on the strategies above.

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How To Get Targeted Web Traffic Without Any SEO

Getting website traffic is every internet marketer’s duty and obligation to see sales and conversions on their website. Without web traffic, there is no internet marketing and a website has no use. However, one should also not forget that not just any traffic will bring good results and conversions. The website traffic needs to be highly targeted. Getting web traffic could be an easy process but to get targeted ones is another story. Many people end up with poor quality web traffic then they end up wondering why they are not getting any conversions from the traffic. This is something that happens often with beginners who are still new to the internet marketing game. What one ought to know is that nothing outshines quality.

SEO has been one of the most sought for traffic acquisition method that one can look into. The problem with that is that you need to have skills in it so as to stay abreast from the high competition. SEO is complex and that is just it. There are many things that one has to keep up with and could just get complicated in the long run. In this guide, we will go through some of the best ways that one can use to generate tons of website traffic without ever thinking of SEO at all. These are highly targeted website traffic sources that you can easily implement regardless of your internet marketing experience. Here we go;

Guest Post On Authority Sites

Guest posting isn’t something new and if you have been around in the internet marketing game, then you already know how the drill works. For anyone that is hearing guest posting for the first time, it is the process of writing blog posts and submitting it or publishing them on another blog owned by someone else. What is the benefit in that? When you write and submit the guest post, usually a link is added which links back to your website and it is this link that people from that blog will click and follow to your website.

Here are some of the bets guest posting strategies that will get you high quality web traffic that converts.

-Focus on guest posting to high authority sites. This is the best way to get a lot of people to your website. This is because the high authority sites already have a huge following and thousands of people are on that site.

-Write informative posts that will help the readers. Although it is meant to market your brand and website, you should avoid being over-promotional in your writing.

-Respond to comments on the guest post. Doing this will show that you are helpful and willing to assist anyone that comes your way.

Social Media Marketing

drive trafficFor long many internet marketers have used social media as an alternative way of getting traffic to their sites. Although it isn’t as targeted as the SEO traffic, the fact that one can easily get started with the social media marketing and that there are a bazillion amount of ready traffic makes it all even. Creating content alone on the site is half the task. To get the content read, you need to share it with people who are interested and will find it useful.

Social media has over a billion users who are actively locked and getting them all depends with your efforts.  You need to improvise and implement some ways to share your content to a wider audience. Here are some of the things that you can do to get more attention on the social media;

-Influencer outreach:- Share your content with industry experts and pitch them asking them to share it as well. Be sure that the content is of high value and written excellently.

-Ensure you have social triggers set on your website so as to increase the share-ability of your web content.

-Focus on building strong relationship with your followers so that they can gain your trust and become better leads ho end up buying from you.

Press Release Submission

Most people have forgotten the old golden way of getting content read by many people. Press release has been around since the web was still young and in the earlier days, it was one of the little known ways of getting the word out to thousands of people. With time, everyone seems to be focusing with other web traffic methods forgetting that even press release can still offer good traffic that gets conversions. You will hear many people claiming that press release marketing is dead, but the only thing that has changed is the approach used in press releases.  If you want press release to work for you, you have to focus on high quality submission. Today you will come across many press release submission channels and what differentiates the good ones from the bad ones is that there are some that submit to low authority sites and these are the ones that you should be ditching.

Final word:

It doesn’t matter how much you create content on your site or how that content is informative if it will not reach the target audiences. To survive the internet marketing game, you have to know where to get high quality web traffic that will get you conversions. Since for may the SEO game may seem like rocket science, we prepared this guide and listed the strategies above to help anyone, beginners included to learn how to easily generate web traffic to their websites. Hopefully the guide has been resourceful on that account.

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How to Launch A Business Website-Guidelines and Considerations

A website is a fast, yet effective tool for marketing. It’s the first point of contact through which internet users are exposed to your products or a service. However, many websites suffer from low traffic and as result, they do not live up to the owners intention. Here’s how you launch business websites that boost your business.

Launch Business Websites = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Other than poor design structure, flaws during the site launching largely contributes to low traffic and visitors turn off. So then, how do you launch a website? What factors should you think over before putting your site online? Below is a preview of factors you should think over beforehand.

Online marketing is dynamic. There are hundreds of thousands of websites launched daily all observing an improved design ideas. It’s therefore necessary to plan your website launch to the last detail. Some of the critical factors to put into consideration include:

Target audience:
Your target audience determines the content to be displayed on the site, and how often such content need to be refreshed. Understand the needs of your target group, market trends that influence their decisions and point of contact with such as group.

Domain Name:
Having the right domain is just as important as publishing relevant and quality content on your website. A good domain Name should be easy to memorise, vivid and closely related to the products or service that the website specializes in. This is especially important for new websites which are yet to be well established online.

Web hosting:
While there are numerous web hosting services around the world, only a select few offers stability and support thereafter. It’s necessary to invest in tested and proven web hosting service providers. Don’t just pick a host based on low costs; it may be a source of frustrating problems in future.


Usability across multiple platforms:
Ensure your website can work across multiple platforms and devices. The site should not only be visible on such devices, it should be easy to navigate through and even perform basic functions such as file downloads, email subscriptions and so forth.

Page Indexing on search engines:
It’s necessary to carry out a background search on how pages will be indexed by search engines. Since Google controls 70 percent of organic searches, find how of your site pages rank on Google. From there, you can find which pages should remain hidden yet they’re appearing, which ones are password protected and so on.

Page link errors and redirects:
A link to a deleted page can be annoying to your site visitors. You will at times be surprised to find a few of the sites that link to have been moved or deleted altogether. Creating page redirects can help guide your site users even without your knowledge. Use softwares to find and fix broken links and indexing errors on regular basis.

A soft launch, launching the site to a select few to test it’s viability, acts as a springboard for identifying minor errors in the website. This phase is important since you have a chance to place your new site under close scrutiny to identify loopholes or missing links. It’s only when you’re satisfied that your website is standard and professional that you should go ahead and launch it to the world audience.

The bottom line.
The early stages of your website existence defines how successful your website becomes. Since website design and launch can be straining, it helps to plan out the whole process. Ask any professionals web designer on how to launch business websites, and chances are good you’ll get new and helpful ideas.It’s only then that you can rest assured that your new website is complete and ready to rank high.

5 Tips on How To Increase Website Visibility on Search Engines

Want to keep your website running? You must achieve search engine visibility among a few other practices. Search engine visibility is a requirement in running web-based businesses. Search engines spiders crawl, analyze and interpret the content on every website on the World Wide Web. Links within your website are hugely important because search engines follow the links in order to understand the website.In this write-up, we will cover ways to increase website visibility easily.

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If a website cannot be interpreted by the search engine robots, then it won’t appear on the search engine results page. Below are a few tips on how to increase website visibility on search engines.

1. Research on Your Primary Keywords

The primary keywords are those that prospective customers are using to make searches related to your website. The process of identifying these keywords is called keyword research. This is where you create a long list of all possible keywords for your business niche. These possible keywords are then run through keyword research tools, e.g. Google Keyword Tool or WordTracker, to determine which of your listed keywords generate large numbers of searches per day.

2. Create Keyword Rich Web Content

When it comes to your web content, you should integrate the keywords you obtained from the keyword research in the content. There is a recommended keyword density, for a particular keyword, that the content should achieve – usually 3 to 4 times per page. The keywords should also appear in the page titles, headings, and Meta tags.

3. Maintain Fresh Content on Your Website

Who doesn’t love reading new and fresh content on websites? Search engines too love fresh content. Ensure that both the returning visitors and search engines find new and fresh content on your website. Fresh content makes your website worth visiting. Search engines use their algorithms to determine the search-engine-deserved-freshness of your site. You can only pass this test if you update your web content regularly, probably on daily basis.


4. Links Are Hugely Important

Internal links help search engines in understanding your website. Every page on your website must be correctly linked to the index page. As search engines index the index pages, those other pages can get a share of the indexing as well. It’s a good practice to avoid javascript menus because search engines find it hard to interpret the links. Also try to avoid broken links.

External links are also very important because they contribute to your site’s search engine rankings. The more quality inbound links your website has, the more it becomes authoritative. Search engines will consider the authoritative nature of your site and rank it high.

5. Social Media

Social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, help in promoting your web-based business. You should have a content rich and SEO friendly business profiles on the popular social sites. Post announcements, product descriptions, new arrivals, etc. on your profiles. This way, you are able to drive traffic and increase website visibility to your site and increase sales. Additionally, your site stands a chance of attracting active links from other websites.

As a recap, you should realize that your website is living just like you. You can’t create a site and think that you’ve killed an elephant. Actually, haven’t stepped on a crawling insect yet. Keep in mind that your site requires food, nourishment, improvements, etc. in order to grow. It’s also vital to install web analytics and monitoring tools. These tools help in monitoring your site’s performance.

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