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How Paid Facebook Ads Can Help Your Site

There are a bazillion ways of getting traffic to any website, but the quality and the results of the traffic is what determines if your website will grow online. Although there are many traffic sources, you cannot count on all of them to deliver you good results. As such, you need to focus on other traffic sources such as paid traffic. Among one of the under-looked traffic paid traffic sources includes Facebook traffic which has shown amazing results for most internet marketers. Facebook is one of the most visited websites on the web and probably the best social media site out there.  In this guide, we will look at Facebook paid traffic and how it can be used to increase web traffic and revenue to any website.

Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click)

If you have been on the internet marketing game, then you must have already known what PPC marketing is all about. With PPC, you pay advertisements for every click that a visitor makes to your website. PPC has been a successful approach when it comes to paid traffic and it is something that every internet marketer should give a shot. Setting up PPC advertisements is easy and all you need to do is to create an account on Facebook and set up your ad budget among other ad sets.

Among some of the things that you’d appreciate as an advertiser using Facebook PPC includes ad targeting which means you can reach out to audiences who are specifically interested in what you offer. You can target people based on their location, age, their interests, their gender among other metrics.

Pay Per Engagement

Yet another great approach that one should consider when looking for a way to get tons of traffic from Facebook is Pay Per engagement. The impression based paid traffic focuses on how many times the advert has received engagement without necessarily adhering to how many times the ad has being clicked. Engagement is defined as any action taken by the ad viewer on the ad.

Pay per engagement turns out to be a much cheaper as compared to pay per click since the audiences are likely to like or share the content as long as they are interested in it. So if you have good targeting then you can expect something great from your advertisements. Yet another thing that you will love with pay per impression is the fact that a post stands to go viral and get you more results. So if your page is interesting, it stands a chance to go viral and get you even more results.

This advertising module is excellent especially when you are looking for general traffic and one that has being optimized. To get started with pay per impression, all you need to do is create an account and set your campaigns and targeting.

Optimize The Ads Though Split Testing

Something else that you do not want to miss out on when you are serious about getting more results from your paid traffic is ensuring that you traffic has been optimized and yielding the best results as expected. Split testing is the process of testing different variations of ad campaigns with the same goal of selling a particular product or service. You keep track of the best performing ad campaign so that you can focus on reducing costs and maximizing profit and efficiency.

Split testing is an approach that has been used over and over and has helped tons of internet marketers including big brands which have reaped good returns from optimizing their ads this way. It sis something hat everyone doing paid traffic marketing should do.

Spy On competitor Advertisers

Have you always wondered how the big ballers in your industry are doing? It would be an amazing opportunity to learn from them as well as also get to know what they are doing and what they are focusing on to get the results that they are getting. If this is something that you have always dreamed of learning and spying on your competitors, then you will be amazed to realize that you can do even more than just spying on them. With the gargantuan loads of tools at your disposal, you can spy on your competitor’s ad campaigns and see how they are faring when it comes to their ad campaigns on Facebook. And that is not all, you can even know the approximate budgets on specific ads and how much traffic they are getting from a particular advert.

Getting information about your competitors is a way that has been used by top brands to stay on track and maintain their businesses afloat. It is something that every serious internet marketer ought to consider, especially if you are in a competitive niche. It is thus good to make hay and get started with the marketing tools which are readily available. Some of the tools could require one to pay for them while others are free.

Final Word:

Facebook is one of the best websites on the web and this opens up an opportunity for internet marketers to get their websites on top of their audiences and make more profits from the traffic.

With the strategies outlined above, one can easily get started and win the Facebook paid ads game with an assurance of getting positive ROIs. If you are however skeptic and don’t want to dive in in that direction, you may consider our paid traffic option which we can guarantee will help you see great returns on your website. Our traffic is sourced from some of the bets traffic sources such as magazines, top forums and from expired domains. The traffic from is highly targeted and suits every website regardless of the niche that you are in. You can target your traffic based on location, gender, age, niche among other metrics. Hop in and get our affordable web traffic today and we will help you get started right away. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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