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There are bazillions of ways that webmasters can use to generate traffic to their sites ans they also have a different impact on the site and the overall performance. However, there are two main divisions in which the traffic sources can be classified. There is free traffic and that which is acquired by paying. The big question is, which is better between the two, and is there really any importance and significance of paying for website traffic when you can get it for free? The simple answer to that is yes and no and below are more details on why and which kind of traffic is good for your website.

Why People Buy Web Traffic

If you are still new to internet marketing, then one of the big questions that you will find yourself asking is why anyone would ever want to buy traffic, yet there are lots of free traffic sources that one can use. Here are some of the reasons why people buy website traffic.

Fast Results

Most of the high quality free traffic sources demand that one be patient and take time before they start seeing results. This is something that many people aren’t ready to do and as such end up buying traffic. When you buy web traffic, you will get traffic as soon as you implement your advertisement campaigns and set the budget. In short, there is no waiting and it doesn’t require anyone to spend a lot of time before they start seeing traffic flowing to their website.

Unlimited Traffic

When it comes to free web traffic, depending on the source you are getting it from, you could easily end up being limited and not getting as much traffic as you expect. In a situation where one depends on search engine traffic, one would be limited with the number of searches and the ranking position that they are in. However, when it comes to paid traffic, there is no limit and one can get as much traffic as they would like as long as it is within their budget.

Full Control With Paid Traffic

Having full control of your traffic will help you determine and know the future and what to expect. Paid traffic ensures that one can make necessary tweaks to boost their traffic impact and their performance. You can decide on the amount of traffic that you want to get and the kind of targeting and other things like split testing that ensures that one gets high quality and converting traffic. Return on investment is also something that you will more control when using paid traffic and less can be done on free traffic.

Better Targeting with Paid Traffic

Besides having better control over the traffic that you get to your website, you will also have better results and conversions because you can easily decide on the source of traffic among other factors that ensures that you are getting laser targeting.

Difference Between Paid Traffic And Free Web Traffic

Now that we know the basics of both paid traffic and free traffic, here is how the two traffic sources compare.


The conversions and leads that one gets are the most important thing in the website. Regardless of the amount of traffic that you are getting on your site, the most important thing after the end of the day is how you are able to change that traffic into results and profits.


When it comes to both paid and free web traffic, all that matters in terms of conversions is the source. There are tons of free web traffic sources such as classified ads, search engines, social media among many others. It is however important to keep in mind the fact they are all different and will only give you results based on the quality they bring. Similarly, paid traffic sources too are numerous and they bring different results. From a conversion point of view, paid traffic sources are much better as compared to most of the free traffic sources.

Quality Of Traffic

How does the performance of the free traffic compare to paid web traffic? the performance and conversions of your traffic depends on the quality that you are getting. So, how do the quality from the two traffic segments compare? For free web traffic, the sources are very diverse and range from the search engines which are arguably the best to the low quality classified ads. However, when it comes to paid traffic, one can choose the one that best suits them and the one that they are certain will have a positive impact on their website.

It is also important to keep in mind the fact that the quality of traffic and its conversion sometimes depends on the sites being promoted and the niche. Some traffic have proven to be better in some niche than others.

Return On Investment

seoThere is little investment when it comes to free traffic and unless you are an amateur in the industry and are spending money on hiring experts to help you execute some of the strategies, there is literally no investment needed to generate and get website traffic. On the other side of the scale, paid traffic demands that you spend money to get results. There is literally no traffic without paying.

So how is the return on investment on both? Well, that depends on more than just what you see and get. It demands that one put in a lot of effort and expertise. The better you are at it, the more you get in terms of traffic and conversions.

Final Word:

Which between free traffic and paid traffic should one choose? While there is no straightforward answer and recommendation to that, it is crucial that one do more to discover which of the traffic choices will work perfect for their website.

If you are willing to stick with free traffic, you should be ready to spend time and commit to working on the site more. On the other side, if you need paid traffic, you should be prepared to spend more to get more traffic.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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