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Traffic remains one of the most important things and assets to any website out there. Be it a blog or a website, you need people to come in so that you make money from it and get your return on investment. Perhaps you’ve tried your hand in SEO, content marketing, social media marketing among other kinds of traffic methods. If none of them seem to work, then it is time to find another alternative traffic method. For most people, the other known alternative is paid traffic, which simply involves paying third parties to send traffic to your website. 

In this guide, we will comprehensively look into the world of paid traffic, what it entails and of course try to answer the question whether paid traffic is worth it. 

What Is Paid Traffic?

Perhaps the first thing that we need to understand is what paid traffic is and what it entails. As the name suggests, paid traffic is when a webmaster or a website owner buys web traffic by either paying for advertisement spots on other sites or paying traffic from advertising agencies who will then source traffic from other sites with the help of publishers. Unlike what many perceive that paid traffic is only paid per click, it involves all sorts of advertisements such as banner and ad placements where a web owner invests in some web space. 

The Different Types Of Paid Traffic

paid traffic to your website

As aforementioned, there are different types of paid traffic, and to further give you an understanding abut it, below are some of the best paid traffic sources that one can use to generate good quality web traffic

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a paid traffic strategy that involves webmasters paying for advertisements through a pay as you go module. One is basically charged every time there is a click on the advertisement that leads to their website. It is the most common  type of paid traffic that one can find and with the success rate that it has see, it is undoubtedly very powerful and the way to go if you are looking for a fully managed means of generating paid traffic to you website. Google Adwords is perhaps the moist well known platform that uses paid traffic. 

Here, thousands of internet marketers and online based businesses manage their advertisement campaigns that are served through Google and affiliated website partners. The network has succeeded to be one of the largest and most reliable traffic sources because most of the online users use Google for their daily searches. There are other search engines like Bing and Yahoo who also offer similar pay per click services. 

To succeed in pay per click, there are strategies that must be put in place. Among them includes split testing campaigns to ensure that you are getting the best ROI from the investment and doing thorough keyword research to find less competitive and bid cheaper to beat the competition. 

Social Media Advertisement

Social media is yet another market that has proven to be very effective when it comes to internet marketing. Considering that the global social media market has over 2 billion active users, it surely is a good spot to set up a website. Everyone has a hobby and somethignt that they are interested in, and with the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter having all the details, webmasters and internet marketers can make precise targeting and get more usable traffic by advertising through them. 

Social media marketing is however not that easy, and many people could find themselves generating a lot of traffic from these sites without actually getting any sales or return on their initial investments. Without a good strategy to follow and implement, it could lead to your downfall and an end to your online endeavors. With social media, one has to understand that visitors who are there aren’t primarily intended to buying anything unless it really appeals to them. So instead of focusing on quick selling, one should look at it from a long term perspective and consider using methods such as email marketing to lock them in. Targeting is also a crucial factor since these people need to precisely love what they are getting for them to actually buy from your site. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your precious time. 

Infleuncer Marketing

Any avid internet market knows what influencer marketing is. If you don’t, then it is basically the kind of marketing where an influential social media figure helps to promote a brand or a product to their own followers and audiences. Content marketed through the social media platform or on the influencer’s website is still considered to be part of this. This kind of marketing has demonstrated amazing results for many people and has become a favorite new way of reaching out to masses. Why does influencer marketing and why is it better than most other traffic? First off, influencer marketing is effective because it is based on the influencer’s solid trust with their audiences. Since the audiences have laid their trust and know the influencer, they are more inclined to buy and go with the recommendation they are getting from the influencer.

To get started with influencer marketing, it pretty much follows any other outreach approach similar to that used in guest posting. You basically peach and reach out to influencers wither through their social media platforms or through their websites an ask them to help advertise your product or website. The negotiations on the charges and other requirements between the website owner and the influencer will them kick off. One of the reasons why influencer marketing is excellent is that it works for both beginners and pros regardless of whether their site is new or old. 

Paid Discovery

Yet another effective paid traffic method that gets less attention from many marketers all over is paid discovery. Paid discovery is more of a recommended content type of advertising which may not be as effective as pay per click and influencer marketing, but it is still a worthy web traffic avenue. As a matter of fact, and something that every webmaster needs to keep in mind before venturing onto this, it is worth noting that it isn’t for every website. It works perfect for some websites but not for others. For instance content with viral social media content and things such as games fair well with this kind of traffic, but might not actually show good results when it comes to a medical website. 

Targeting is also important when it comes to paid discovery. Although most of the content found here are considered general, better targeting and knowing what kind of sites your adverts are sent to is an important thing to ensure that you are spending less to get valid and more targeted visitors who are more profitable on your site. Among some of the most common paid discovery sites includes Outbrain and Taboola who boasts having millions of active visitors every month. 

Advantages Of Paid Traffic

advantages of paid traffic

To further understand paid traffic and figure out whether it is good for your website or not, it is important to look into the advantages that one could get by using them. Here they are;

You Have All The Control – If there is one thing that you need when it comes to web traffic, it is control. With free traffic sources, it is hard to know many things which from a statistical point could help improve things and get more profit. But with paid traffic, you are on a platform where you decide where the traffic comes from and you are able to know things such as click through ration which can help you scale up and improve many things. 

Better Targeting Means Better Business – There is no other kind of targeting that you will even get online that beats paid traffic targeting, Period. And with better targeting comes more profit. You can make precise targeting based on different factors such as location, age, gender, keyword, niche among other things. This ensures that you are getting good traffic and visitors who are interested in what you have to offer because they fit in those target categories. 

No Holds Barred – With free web traffic, you only have what you are getting and are limited by things such as keyword positioning and such. However with paid traffic, that is the opposite. The only thing that stands in your way in terms of traffic you get to your website is the budget that you have allocated. You can do as many tests as you can and reap even better with better click through without being charged extra. This kind of marketing freedom is surely a good way to improve and boost your business. And as long as you have more to invest, there is no limit as you can always enjoy more web traffic flow to your website. 

Disadvantage Of Paid Traffic

Like every other web traffic strategy out there, paid traffic too has some disadvantages and things that one might want to keep in mind before investing. 

Takes Some Time To Master The Art – One thing that you need to understand is that paid traffic isn’t an easy avenue and a way to get traffic easily. Although you are paying money, it doesn’t mean that you will start seeing swarms of them coming to your website out of the blue.It is a process and besides strategizing, you need to lean a few things a bout a particular traffic method, which sometimes takes a lot of time to master. 

Unfair Competition – If there is one thing that one can’t avoid when it comes to paid traffic, it has to be unfair competition. It always seems unfair to find a beginner competing head on with an amateur marketer who just has little to spend on their advertising. This always lead to the big advertisers taking up most of the traffic and leaving the small advertisers to scratch for the little they can get. 

Final Verdict

Paid traffic is worth it only if you know what you are doing and do everything strategically paying attention to the fake traffic providers and ensuring that your ads and campaigns are well set to give you a positive ROI. 

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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