Paid Traffic Vs Free Traffic – Which is the Best?

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The Internet came as a rescue to most of us and as much as it helps us to hack our way through our daily lifestyle, the daily webmasters have always seen the rough part of it. For an Internet marketer and webmaster to make it through and generate enough traffic to their websites there are lots of hard trolls that have to be done. Here’s our indepth comparison of Paid traffic and Free traffic.

Paid Traffic Vs Free Traffic

If you have been in the industry for a while then you probably are aware that there are two classified ways to get traffic which are namely paid traffic and free traffic. Both have their differences and advantages over the other. In this write-up we will dive deep and discuss both ways to get traffic and conclude on which appears better to focus on. There is however another thing that people need to learn when comparing traffic and it is the debated question of bulk traffic vs targeted traffic concerns. Whether you are using paid traffic or free ones, you need to keep in mind that what matters more is quality which regardless of whether you are driving a big avalanche of traffic or not, you should be keen on the traffic that matters.

Below is a comprehensive coverage of the two different traffic modules that one can use on their website or affiliate offers;

-Paid Traffic
Why would anyone want to pay for traffic when they can get it for free? This is usually a very obvious question that is mostly asked by novice Internet marketers who have no in-depth experience in the industry. One will however learn the difference and know why there are people who focus their online investments on paid traffic alone. Among the major things that people who are buying traffic are always keen is to ensure that you are getting quality and regardless of the amount, the conversion ratio is what really matters. The issue on conversion ratio brings about the subject on bulk traffic vs targeted traffic principle. The reason why this matters is because regardless of whether you are receiving traffic, they may not be at the height of bringing conversions which dictates that one is running at a negative ROI (Return On Investment). One should therefore know there are some paid traffic that works better for some offers while others are poor for some promotions. Below are some of the best paid traffic methods that work for most campaigns;

1) PPC (Pay Per Click)
PPC is perhaps the most common way in paid traffic. It revolves around bidding for a certain targeted keyword against other competing bidders. One usually bids for a keyword related to their product then create a landing page where the visitors will take the intended action. ROI is always a metric that needs to be looked into keenly when it comes to the bidding process.

2) PPV (Pay Per View) advertising
This form of advertising makes it to the top 3 most used and has been used in the industry for over a decade. It is however important to note that this is strictly restricted to only some particular offers and some may perform horribly when executed with it. Despite the fact that PPV has a huge load of traffic, the conversion ration may be minimal when used with some campaigns. This practically explains the concept of comparing bulk traffic vs targeted traffic.

3) Outsourced Traffic
Sometimes even the free traffic methods are difficult or time consuming to many people and outsourcing could come in as a good option. Another thing that one may look into outsourcing the traffic generation task is if they have not well mastered the process of getting traffic. This way hiring a freelancer or an agency to take care of that is perfect and helps save time in the long run. There are also lots of trustworthy Internet marketing agents who have dedicated themselves to provide high quality traffic to their clients.

4) CPA traffic
This is perhaps the most promising traffic method that guarantees a high ROI than any other. Here the question on bulk traffic vs targeted traffic simply does not matter because one only pays after an action has been completed which means that you will have already made a good return on your side before paying the traffic. If you are worried about any other kind of traffic then this is the perfect one that you should be building your empire on.

5) Media Buying and Contextual advertising
Media buying and contextual ads always work in the same principle where it rotates on renting. With media buying, one can choose to buy web space where they can put there links or banners for a certain agreed period of time. On the other hand contextual ads are advertisements which involves buying a link on a website post and renting it for a certain period. The two are excellent ways to steal traffic from other sites. Some of the hacks that you will find worthy with these kind of advertising is to focus on websites with high volume of traffic.

The above traffic methods are all paid and they are the 5 most common ones that one will find more useful when looking for high quality paid traffic. Paid traffic are advantaged by the fact that the traffic is instant and one can generate limitless amount of traffic as long as their budget is within range.

-Free traffic

It has always been said that the best things are those that are free. When it comes to free traffic, there are multiple ways of getting them and they all serve webmasters in different ways. They vary in quality depending on which traffic method is used and the purpose it has been used for. If you are on low budget or are not willing to spend any money on your campaigns then you will have to trail the free traffic route. There are however some things that you need to know before delving the free traffic route. You need to know what works where before you invest your time. It will be frustrating to work on something spending so much time only to find that it was all a waste of time. You also need to be well informed of the free traffic methods to use. Below are some of the most common traffic methods that one can make a fortune with;

1) Organic SEO Traffic
Anyone who has been in the Internet marketing business will always tell you that the best free method that you can generate traffic is through the search engines. SEO is not only famed and loved for being free but the fact that it is evergreen makes it a worthy traffic avalanche. It is not a smooth run to do SEO especially if one is new to it but you can be rest assured that the course is well worth mastering. Most of the top performing websites get high traffic flow from the search engines through this organic method.

2) Social Media
Almost everyone today regardless of whether young or old is going social. The social media craze has stolen the hearts of many people and to be factual on figures, there are over one billion active people on social media which well explains why anyone interested in Internet marketing should be seeking to harness the social media traffic. Today a website without social media interactive features is worth throwing in the trash can since customers and clients want somewhere to interact with who they are buying their services and products from. So if you are doing Internet marketing or just want to drive traffic to your offers, then you should be looking forward to mastering the social media traffic methods. One should target the leading social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for the best results.

3) Video Sharing Sites
Recent research shows that the future of the Internet relies on videos. Top multimedia sites like YouTube are becoming coal hot and come the near future there will be more interactivity through videos. One evident proof that one can use is that currently YouTube is the second best ranked site in terms of traffic and with the current rate of video uploads, there is even much more to expect. If you are looking for some evergreen traffic that you can get without any kind of investment then you should start focusing on creating videos and animation content. If you are new to creating videos then the inbuilt slide show maker inside YouTube will help you to jump start your video creation. One should also focus on taking advantage of the features availed and target their traffic to their website.

4) Social bookmarking sites
Have you ever come across any website content that has made a good impression on you? If yes, then many people also feel the same way and this usually leads to content bookmarking. Social bookmarking is just the new evolved way of bookmarking which has more interaction and engagement. Everyone who has been doing Internet marketing cannot question the powers of social bookmarking and how it can turn a website into a traffic highway. One however needs to master some ups and downs of the social bookmarking in order to make the best out of it. It is something that will continue and not ending soon which makes it a worthy traffic option to look into.

5) Content syndication
Without content on websites there would be nothing to search or browse. Content is the flesh that fills the web and if one chooses to be part of the content creation process, there is more to gain. If you have a website and would like it to gain much attention then you may want to learn some of the content syndication methods to many authority sites that have ready traffic. Some content syndication techniques that one can find useful includes guest blogging, press releases and submitting websites for content aggregation. If you are wondering why article directories is not among the most recommended these days, it is because they have become full of spam and lost their juice. The more one syndicates the more traffic that they are going to get to their website.

Which traffic method should you choose? Here we are going to discuss which is the most appropriate traffic method that you need to focus on and for what reason you should go with it. Hoping that the air is cleared for people who had doubt about paying for traffic, it really is a good source of traffic but there is only one thing that matters more which is quality. Is the traffic being bought targeted to the right audience and can they really convert? The question of comparing bulk traffic vs targeted traffic is something that should be in the mind of everyone who is thinking of buying website traffic. If it turns out to be good and the results are impressive then why not purchase traffic if you have enough to pay for it? ROI is always a key analytic that you should keep an eagle eye on regularly and ensure that the margin is on your favor.

When it comes to using free traffic, the investment that is needed is your time. When choosing a method to target on, you should be sure that you are going to get positive results or otherwise you may spend months doing mule work and in the end get no yields. Some traffic methods such as SEO need lot of time and will eventually yield good fruits if done well and used on a well performing offer. Messing any part of it may be a poison that can damage everything leading to wastage of time. Despite the principle of bulk traffic vs targeted traffic being a minimal issue to look at here, one should also know how to play their cards well.

Another thing that many people often forget is to ensure that the offers that you are promoting work well with the type of traffic that you are dealing with. The best way to go about this is to do split testing which involves implementing different versions of landing pages and advertisements to see which one is better. Paid traffic is perfect for people who have enough funds for their campaigns and free traffic will do for people who do not want to spend a dime but willing to invest their time instead.

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