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Paid Traffic Vs Organic Traffic Tips – Ultimate Beginner’s Traffic Buying Guide!

If you have been in the internet marketing industry, then you must have now known that there are two major ways to generate traffic to a website. The method can either be paid or free. Some people keep asking the very question as to why one would pay for traffic when you can get the traffic for free. Free traffic can be sourced from different websites. They can be organic which means that they come automatically from different sources like the search engines. This kind of traffic is natural and being targeted is also considered one of the best. So, if you were to choose from paid traffic vs organic, which one would you go with?

In this comprehensive traffic guide, we will be comparing paid traffic vs organic traffic. But before that, here are some of the reasons why one would buy traffic rather than get them for free.

Reasons To Buy Traffic (Paid Traffic)

There are a number of reasons why one would want to invest in website traffic as opposed to getting the traffic for free. Here they are;

Paid Traffic is Instant

When you opt to buy website traffic, you will love the fact that the traffic can be delivered to your website or landing page in that very instant or just moments after the the ad campaign has been approved. This is as opposed to other methods which someone would find to be slower. So, if you are in need of traffic fast or need results then running a paid campaign would be the perfect way to go.

Better Targeting

With paid traffic, you can easily get better targeting which also means better results and performance. Imagine being able to pick people who are already looking for something that you are selling. It would be an amazing experience because all you have to do is sell to them. The same is the case for traffic. When you have targeted traffic, you can expect your conversions to increase and get more profits. Some of the things that you can use to better target your audiences includes reaching different people from certain locations, gender, age among other factors.

Absolute Control

Just like it is the case of better targeting, there are a lot of control features that are left to you when you are paying for traffic. You will be mostly provided with a dashboard where you have tons of features that you can use to customize or control your ads and consequently the performance that you get.

Paid Traffic Vs Organic Traffic

How do paid traffic compare to organic traffic? What are their similarities or differences? Paid traffic as earlier discussed is the form of traffic where one pays the, while on the other end, organic traffic is free traffic which is acquired organically through web sources such as search engines like Google.

Perhaps the bets thing that one would love about both paid and organic traffic is that they are very high quality and boasts good conversions. This is because they are mostly well targeted. Paid traffic offers better control where targeting is done while organic traffic comes from keywords a website ranks for which also makes it well targeted.

Paid Traffic

Are you wondering about ways that you can get good quality paid traffic or how to go about the whole thing? Here are some of the best paid traffic sources that you should consider.


PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of advertisement where one pays for visitors based on how may visits their website. It is tracked using clicks and one is billed for every click that is made. PPC ads can be sourced from websites an platforms like search engine ad platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads as well as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


CPM ads are ads that are based on impressions rather than clicks as seen in the case of PPC. Actually CPM stands for Cost Per Mille which means that one is billed on impressions of 1,000 views. It is a great advertisement method if you are looking for a way to get more traffic cheaply.

Sponsored Posts

You must have some experience about blog posts if you’ve been around for a whole. Now, there is a way to advertise yourself on top blogs, and this is by asking the blog owners to write a review about one of your products, services or website. This is an approach which someone should use only on related websites and blogs. This will ensure good targeting.

Organic Traffic

organic traffic

Organic traffic is the process of acquiring traffic naturally by optimizing your website to start getting the traffic on its own. One great example to that is by tweaking your website to get better appearance on search engines like Google. Getting websites to appear on Google, Bing and Yahoo is the way to go if you are looking to tap into free website traffic. The organic website traffic is highly targeted and guarantees users good conversions and eventually good profits out of it.

The thing is that it can take long to get results with search engines and other organic traffic approaches. It can also be a bit hard if someone is still new to the organic traffic methodology. You can however start learning search engine optimization and even consider buying or hiring organic traffic experts to help you make the optimizations. However, the results are very rewarding.

Final Verdict

Generating website traffic is sometimes tricky especially if you are still new to the grind. The two main methods that one can choose to use to get quality traffic to their website is either paid traffic or free organic traffic. The question is which one should you use? Both of these traffic approaches are great, but they operate differently. While you can get free traffic through the organic approach, it is a bit slow, on the other end if you need quick traffic to your site and have some money to spend, you should consider paid traffic.

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