Why Paid Website Traffic Is Better That Free Traffic Sources

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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Getting web traffic to a website is all what every internet marketer is up to. Regardless of the niche and the kind of online business one is running, the only way that website will be successful is when there are visitors flowing to that website. And the more web traffic to that website the better performance since there will be increase in sales and conversions. There are many web traffic strategies and sources that people can use to drive traffic to their websites but they can be classified mainly to be either paid traffic or free traffic. Paid traffic is when the website owner sought to acquire traffic through paid channels like Google Adwords and Bing Ads. On the other end, free traffic can be achieved through various sources like from Google organic searches and free classified sites.

Although many might tend to debate, there are many reasons why one would like to stick with paid traffic rather than free traffic. Apart from being free, organic traffic and other free sources have their disadvantages that will make you want to only focus on Paid traffic. Below, we discuss the various differences and why paid traffic sources are much better.

Better Control With Paid Traffic As Compared With Free Traffic

Don’t we all love to be in control of whatever we do? I guess we all do. Now if you have been actively doing SEO and getting website traffic to your website through organic searches then you know the many challenges that come a long with it. Although the traffic is free, you are always under the ever changing algorithms which can be changed at any time and could render your website useless anytime because you could be on the other side of the algorithm.

But isn’t paid traffic the same? Paid traffic has no such limits as algorithm changes that can directly affect the advertisements and campaigns. Instead, with paid traffic, you run your campaigns based on your set budget and targeting prospects. There is also no limit to the traffic that you get since it is all dependent on the budget that you have allocated to it. This makes paid traffic much reliable when it comes to traffic as compared to free traffic.

Growth Is Faster With Paid Traffic

With the fact that paid traffic has no limits and you can always do whatever you want as long as you are within your set budget, growth is something that you can expect to happen at the pace you set. If you choose to create a bigger budget, the faster the traffic flows to your website and the more the sales you will get which translates to a faster growth. On the other tip if the scale, the opposite is true with free traffic. When you rely on free organic traffic, you have no control over the amount of traffic that flows to your website. Unless you do more optimizations which could take more time to optimize, your site will grow at a slower pace. If you are therefore looking for a faster way to grow your business online, you should give much consideration to the paid traffic option.

Easy Scalability

As said above, you will have total control of almost everything with paid traffic sources. You can decide to boost your traffic as much as you can and you can also choke the budget and stop the traffic from flowing into your website. Beyond this control, one also has the options to make tests and determine what is good for them and what is not right. You can optimize your campaigns to make sure that they are profitable and that there are no wastage of funds, thanks to many campaign optimization tools that has made this simple in a snap. Split testing is a well-known conversion rate optimization technique which involves testing different ad sets and campaigns to see which one of them works perfect and which one you should stop focusing on. Doing split testing with paid traffic is much easier as compared to free traffic sources since you cannot control the amount of traffic among other things from the free paid sources.

The Paid Traffic Challenges

10 Top Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO, Google Or Social MediaEverything has its challenges and with paid traffic there are those challenges that you should also be prepared for. Apart from demanding hat you have a budget ready, there is the competitor factor. You should be ready to meet with the competitors and grind a long with them regardless. The scary thing is that you could be a newbie and you find yourself in the midst of high end competitors who would easily crash you and get you out of their way. Besides this, you should also have some skills and mastery on how to run paid campaigns. Although it could take some time to master advanced paid traffic optimization, it is a well worth learning process that will eventually pay off.

Final word:

Free traffic and paid traffic have been used since the internet was born and they will continue being used over a lengthy period of time. The question whether you should choose to use paid or free traffic for your traffic acquisition all depends with you and your website needs. Having cleared the air above, it is clear that there are advantages in both and although one has the choice to choose, it is good to understand that paid traffic gives you more control as compared to free traffic sources which you will need to rely more on algorithms.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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