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If you have been on the internet marketing game long enough then you must have already known that getting steady flow of traffic requires the use of tools. While most of these advanced tools are paid, there are those that you are free, yet offer great value. In this post, we feature some of those free tools that you should use in your research and analysis.

Google Webmasters (Search Console)

If you are doing SEO then it is important to know what you are ranking for and where you are in the serps. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a tool that takes care of this on a regular basis? Google search console is that amazing tool.

In fact Google search console has also been helpful in helping marketers find out about more long tail keywords. To use it for digging up untapped keywords, all you need to do is check for the keywords that your website is ranking for but not at the front page. You can then maximize the keywords by optimizing for them.

Google Analytics

Regardless of your traffic source, you need to know the volume and the general progress of your site’s traffic. To do this, tools such as Google Analytics comes in handy. It is also regarded as the most accurate tool for measuring website traffic.

Beyond just volume, Google Analytics also provides other metrics such as bounce rate, page views, time on site and advanced users can also integrate their sales metrics.

Keyword Planner

If you are focusing on SEO as a marketing approach, then you already know how doing keyword research is important. You need to know the volume of a particular keyword, it’s potential to decide whether it’s worth pursuing.

Originally started as a tool for paid advertisers, Google’s keyword planner has proven to be a an important asset in the entire search engine marketing world. And to make it even better, the tool is accessible for free.

Although there are dozens of more advanced keyword research tools out there, using Keyword planner for brainstorming and discovering new keywords has always proven to be great.

Open Site Explorer

The off page side of SEO is often under-looked by many yet it plays a vital role in propelling a website on top of the serps. Knowing your backlinks quality, quantity and their statuses is as important as any other SEO metric. To do this, you need tools that can easily scan a huge web database and get you the necessary backlink reports.

Open Site explorer has proven to be an amazing off page tool that helps in monitoring and running backlink analysis. Being a product of SEOMoz, one of the best SEO communities on the planet, it is a tool that gets things done. You can as well use this tool to compare backlinks with those of your competitors. This is mostly important if you are doing competitor analysis.

SEO Quake Toolbar

How would you like to get statistics of every website that pops up on the search engines right on your search page? That’s exactly what SEO quake does. When you use a search engine like Google to search for something, there are snippets that appear under each search result. The metrics are very detailed and features lots of combined stats from many other different tools.

among some of the important metrics that comes with the SEO Quake tool includes;

Alexa rank – This is a tool that ranks websites globally against each other. Knowing where your competitor ranks is crucial.

Website Age – This is important in knowing whether a niche is dominated by authority sites or small sites that are easy to beat.

Indexing status – This lets you know the number of indexed pages on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Backlinks – With the extension, you are also able to know the number of backlinks that your competitors have.

Packed with all these other tools, the tool is an invaluable asset worth using. It is a browser extension which can easily be installed on Firefox and Chrome.

Google Trends

ipad-1758353_640Yet another tool by Google that every expert marketer will swear by is the Google Trends tool. The tool helps in analyzing specific market performances. for instance if you would like to know about a particular dog breed like German Shepherd, you would enter the keywords “German Shepherd” onto the tool and what you will see is a graph showing you the interest of the dog breed over time.

You can as well use the tools to compare two keywords which will be well presented in a graphical format. Beginners might find it a bit trick to translate the data at the beginning but it gets easy with more use of the tool.

This is yet another keyword research tool that many marketers love. It helps you find new keywords and will also be more helpful for anyone that is focused on long tail keywords. The in-depth statistics provided through the tool makes it one of the best free keyword research tools.

If you are not comfortable or feel that Google’s Keyword planner is redundant, then is a great alternative that is fast and free to use.

Pingdom Speed Tool

It is a proven fact that speed is an important feature that Google and other search engines use to rank websites. They are always out to impress and serve their audience with quality content fast, and this is why the speed of your site matters.

Pingdom is a speed test tool that gives you the chance to know the speed of your site. The tool will also highlight some of the errors and necessary tweaks that one can look into to make the website run much faster.


The use of SEO tools is a must for anyone who is serious about taking their website to the front pages of the search engine. Although most of the much needed tools require one to invest, there are always free alternatives and the above are enough to get your site on top of your competitors.

Aside from tools, traffic is the end goal. Be sure to check our discounted packages for high quality traffic.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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