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6 Missing Social Media Ingredients To Boost Your Website Traffic

Social media has become the flesh and bone to every website online, simply because social media sites have become part of everyone’s life. From an internet marketer’s point of view, the platform is a hub of hungry buyers and clients awaiting to be leveraged. However getting this traffic to your sales funnel isn’t always easy as there are many processes involved and practical strategies to be applied.
Below, we cover some of the best on-site tweaks that anyone can do and in turn harness gargantuan loads of traffic to their website through the social media websites.

Implement Social Media Tracking In Your Marketing

Having a clear understanding of how you are faring at the social media networks is perhaps the first thing that you need to implement if you are serious about making social media your traffic source. There are plenty of tools in the market today which helps marketers get insights of the latest niche trends and some which go to the extent of showing how a website is doing in the social media. With the data acquired, you will be able to know where to strengthen and even do tests to know which social media campaign works better than the other.

Although most if the tools that you will come across come with a price, it is still worth investing in them.

Install Social Media Sharing Plugins

How audiences interact with your website determines how your website stands a chance in the various social media platforms. Most newbie marketers forget that social media starts on their website where you need to make necessary tweaks to enable the content to be easily shared. To do this, one would need to use at least a few social media plugins.

Depending on the web platform that you are using, there are plenty of them out there all serving the same purpose of giving the website content that push. You should focus on using the popular plugins which increase audience’s interaction easily giving them an option to share the content.

Use More Visuals in Your Content

What kind of content do you share on the social media? Long gone are the days when one could post anything and get instant social ripples. Today, you need to keep in mind the fact that there are competitors who are pulling every string and making every word count. With that in mind, you also have to take necessary measures and ensure that you are also competitive in your social marketing approach.

You are responsible for making your content get the visibility it needs. Using visuals and catchy graphics is one strategy that had been proven to work over time, and definitely one that you need to give a shot. Using more visuals provides a more interactive alternative to the old boring content that is also overused. Some of the best performing visuals that have stood the test of time includes inforgraphics, Gif images and short explainer videos. While creating these visuals, you should also make sure that they display clearly to ensure clarity and better visibility.

Lock High-End Content Using Social Media APIs

This is yet another guaranteed way to not only increase the share-ability of your content on the social media but it also boost the social following. The process involves baiting audiences with something that they need in exchange for a social media follow or share.

What you need to get started with this method is to create an in-demand digital product such as an e-book containing some rare to find information. Once the e-book is ready, you should upload it to your site and then restrict its access by using social content lockers. Social content lockers are coded plugins which restricts the access until an action such as sharing the page is done.

A practical example would be someone who has some high quality content and for audience to read it they would need to tweet it in their account. After tweeting it, the content shows automatically. This not only applies to twitter but can be done with other social media networks, thanks to the variety of plugins in the market today.

Focus on Quality Rather Than Quantity & Sharing Frequency

The so called social media gurus will tell you that you should post more frequently to capture the attention of many users. While it makes a lot of sense to share content more frequently, not everyone will have the time to create content everyday while maintaining the same quality. Quality should be of more significance than the frequency at which you share the content. It is better to share less content that add value to the audience rather than a dozen of them that is redundant.

Start Social Media Polls

Have you ever come across a poll in between your tweet or Facebook post? If you have been a regular user of the social media platforms, you must at some point come across one. Marketers use social polls to capture a wide range of audience and build their brand online.

To get the best results, you need to focus on a hot, trending topic but make sure to stay within your niche. This ensures that you are not only getting the attention of many people, but also ensuring that you are getting relevant people interested in your niche.
With this, you will increase visibility of your social media account which translates to more visibility of your brand.

Final Word:

Numbers never lie, and with the bazillion amount of audience roaming the social media networks, every internet marketer should be hedging for a spot and reaping the benefits of the traffic avalanche. If well, implemented, the above strategies are enough to propel even a new website to get huge amount of traffic.

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