Social Media Traffic Mistakes That Are Keeping Traffic Away From Your Site

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The social media is undoubtedly a very powerful digital marketing strategy that can move your business to the next level. This is not something new and almost every business that operates online has some form of social media presence. The theory behind this strategy is that a big number of online users engage through the social media and if you happen to write great content, they will engage with it and bring a good flow of traffic to your website. While this has worked quite well for a good percentage of businesses, it has become a complete fail for others.

Unlike SEO, PPC and other digital marketing strategies, social media marketing brings you traffic for free. However, this is only possible if you stick to certain rules of the game and avoid mistakes that include the following:

  • Having No Plan

Do you have a social media marketing plan in place? A good plan defines what you intend to achieve with your strategy and how you will go about achieving it. If you want your account to drive traffic then you should stick to that and not mix it with entertainment, public relations, customer service or other purposes. This is very important because it will define the kind of niche to target, the type of content to post and the amount of time to spend.

In other words, you need to be serious with your social media marketing and spend good amount of time and effort. This is because it has a huge potential of generating a good flow of traffic to your site. With 25% of the world’s population being active on social media, you need an actionable plan as bait in order to drive this traffic to your site.

  • Targeting The Wrong Niche

Has anyone tried to talk you into something that you are not interested in? This can be very annoying especially if that person it trying to sell to you something related to it. This is exactly how it will turn out if you insist on targeting just anyone in your social media campaigns. Just like you, social media users have different interests and you should only target those that show interest in you kind of product or service.

If you keep firing in the wrong direction then you should not expect to hit the target. The success of your social media marketing campaign highly depends on whether you are reaching out to the right audience or not. Without this, you should expect a lot of misses and poor results. For instance, if you are selling sporting gear you should target sports enthusiasts and not fashion lovers or farmers because they are certainly not going to be interested in your product.

  • Limiting Yourself To Top Social Media Sites

When you decide to make use of the social media, it doesn’t mean that you only use the top platforms available. Many business owners think that social media is all about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and so they limit themselves to only these ones. The truth is that there are over 100 social media sites globally and these numbers are increasing by the day. The best part of it is that these sites are unique and so they each attract a good number of users. Establishing your presence in small social media sites can work wonders for you given that they are not overcrowded by marketers.

Another thing that you should take into account is the fact that social media demographics are changing. The ones that were on top yesterday are not the same ones today and will not be in the days to come. This is because the users’ preferences change and this is why platforms like WhatsApp, QQ, Qzone and WeChat have come to beat platforms like Twitter and Instagram in terms of the number of users.

Top social media platforms are undoubtedly the real deal when it comes to the number of traffic that they can bring but this does not mean that others should be completely ignored.

  • Lack Of Proper Automation

With social media being an integral part of the society today, it is important for you manage your campaigns very well to ensure that you are achieving your goal. One such way is through automation which enables you to easily keep up with the never- ending social media demands. The problem is that many social media marketers have done it so wrong such that it has ended up jeopardizing their entire social media marketing. This has come through the sending of spam updates and links that do not add value to the users. In the end, they become a nuisance making them to unfollow, unfriend or simply withdraw from your account.

  • Poor Budgeting

Every business marketing strategy that you plan to implement needs to be financed well. While social media marketing success can come freely, you may need to pay for advertisement campaigns in order to get good results. This will require proper budgeting or else the project will become costly and unsustainable in the long run.

For successful social media campaigns, you need to come up with a realistic budget and track the performance of each campaign well. This is to allow you realize the campaigns that are performing well to optimize and scale them for even better results.


A website that is flooded with thousands of visitors will sell and grow your business and this is something that you can achieve with social media marketing. However, this can only come if you employ a strategy that has been proven to work and avoid mistakes that have the ability to reverse any of your potential gains. The above mistakes are common among internet marketers who often complain of getting poor results and you should avoid them in order to make your social media marketing a success.

If you want to improve on your website traffic, it is good to use a web traffic package which can be optimized to accommodate your preferences in terms of niche, geographical locations and many others. This is what our traffic package can do and we have been serving a huge number of internet marketers who have witnessed successful results.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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