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Social Media Traffic Myths That’s Crippling Your Marketing

Social media is one of the best traffic methods in today’s world but it is not as easy as many people make it sound. Just like any other internet marketing strategy, one needs to master some skills and ways to go through some milestones. If used to full potential, social media marketing can yield tons of traffic even without requiring one to invest so much.

There are also lots of myths and hypothesis surrounding the social media marketing arena which can cripple your entire internet marketing because you will be focusing on them rather than doing something more productive to your internet marketing game. In this guide, we will go through some of these myths which you should avoid and keep your focus on other practically proven strategies that will get you more traffic and sales. Below are some of these myths you need to avoid.

Following Less People Is Better Than Following Many People

This is a perception that has been going on for a very long time. Many folks have always believed that when you follow less people puts you in a higher platform and look more credible. While this is a trend that is seen more with celebrities, it is not always the case of following less people that makes them more visible.

You need to follow people with a reason and that is what matters most. It doesn’t matter whether you are already following a thousand people. If you feel the need and think that following someone will add value to you or the other person, you should go ahead and follow them. Research has also shown that a good percentage of people that you follow are likely to follow you back. So why not use this technique as a way to grow your following while interacting and sharing with people?

Posting Too Much Pisses People

Social media is a platform that has users who love interacting and getting fresh and trendy stuff. Ask yourself how much you are always on the social media reading something new.

You will be limiting yourself and getting low amount of traffic by not taking advantage by sharing more stuff to your followers. The more you share the better results that you will get through social media. Social media users are always yearning for fresh things to read and if you can keep up with the pace, you are good to go. Simply put, social media is the new news feed that keeps people updated on the latest trends. Just be sure to share content that are relevant to your audience and also avoid repetition. Repeating the same content over and over could indeed piss off someone. Imagine reading the same thing over and over. Wouldn’t that piss you off? This is therefore something that you need to be careful about.

You Need A Big Budget To Get The Best Results

Many people have always being lied to believe that they need to spend a lot of money to get good results from the social media sites. Although many have had the belief that a big budget is necessary, you’ll be surprise to learn that there are thousands of internet marketers who have made it without spending a dime. The only thing that counts when it comes to social media marketing is the perfect and proven strategy. If you are still new to the social media traffic hunting game, you may have to learn some of the ins and out of marketing to make the whole process and easy and smooth one. If you however have a little to spend, then you could easily penetrate the social media marketing game as you can hire a professional who will help you gain more visibility much faster.

Social media can be used for free or with a small budget and there is no excuse for not using it because it is a party of a billion users and buyers waiting for your offers on the various social media platforms. You should also focus on getting your name across multiple social media sites so that you can increase visibility and reach. Another thing that you’d want to make sure is top notch is the content that you provide. Make sure the content is interesting to read, recent and flawless.

Social Media Targeting Is Poor

social mediaAmong the best things that will ensure one gets high quality traffic that converts is the traffic that is targeted. Many people have always thought of social media a poor quality traffic source. While there are better performing sources like the search engines and paid media, social media also has good traffic when optimized well. With the fact that the top social media sites classifies people based on their interests one should therefore optimize their ads based on niches among other factors. With a well set up strategy, you can get highly targeted traffic and conversions from social media.

Final Word:

Traffic is all we are after. As long as you want to get more sales online, there is nothing else that you should be hunting for other than traffic and visitors to your website. Social media has presented a good opportunity for most of us. However, you need to follow the right path to get the best out of the social media marketing approaches that you make. The myths outlined above are spreading everyday but they should be avoided as they have no grounds and not proven.

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