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Automation Tools To Boost Your Social Media Traffic

We all know the power of social media and with over a billion users actively engaged on a regular basis, this is where the world is. You can find almost anyone of any age actively chatting or communicating with others over the social media space. It has also opened new avenues for internet marketers and with some good strategies, one can reap a lot of social media traffic that is enough to change their internet marketing game. However, sometimes the process of generating traffic can be a tedious process an would be perfect if there is something that can help simplify it. The good news is that with the lots of softwares on the internet today, automation has become the name of the game and there are lots of them out there that can do pretty much anything.

In this guide, we will go through some of the best softwares and tools that will help you to up your social media marketing game by focusing on automation.


There is little doubt on whether Hootsuite is a reliable and quality software that one can count on to deliver in social automation. Almost every expert out there will tell you that this is the ultimate social media automation tool. It does pretty much anything that you would be doing on a regular basis to improve your social media interaction. With the use of Hootsuite, you can integrate pretty much any social media platform out there and have things running smoothly without having to visit to post a tweet or update your Facebook posts.

Even better news is that there are both free and premium option to choose from which makes it perfect for anyone who is getting started to test out some of the features that the software comes with. Of course the premium option has more features and will produce much better results, but the free option is a good place to start for amateurs who are still familiarizing themselves.


Mention is a handy application that marketers can use to better understand their content performance on various social media sites. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know who is sharing your content and quoting your content or social profile? This is something that you can easily use to gauge how you are performing and getting things done. How this software works is by tracking and monitoring hashtags, usernames and other things that are attached to your brand such as your brand name or website name. It will help you to understand how viral your content goes and how much growth and attention you are getting through social media. It is also a tool that many internet marketers are using to understand whether the strategy that they are implementing is serving hem as it should.

Social Oomph

This is one that has been in the social media arena for a while and has proven to be very effective in managing and interacting with people on the social media sites. It started as a twitter targeted marketing tool, but as time went by, other social media sites have been added. It is very crucial especially when it comes to handing things like twitter direct messages as it can help you to auto-respond to people who contact you with your own custom message like you would see in a company email. The only downside is that there is no free version of this tool to test. Overall, it is an excellent tool that is worth investing on for use in monitoring your social media marketing without having to log in to each one of them every time.


BuzzSumo is yet another powerful social media marketing tool that can also be used in many other instances to measure and better understand your competition and trending topics that one can put more focus on. It has become one of the most important and a must have for many internet marketers since it is an effective way of generating traffic to a website.

Using the software is also pretty easy and once any newbie gets used to it, they can know what topics to focus on as they are trendy and the ones that people are looking for.

Agora Pulse

social media trafficLastly, is Agora pulse which resembles Buzz Sumo in many ways including the features and functionalities. With this tool, you can plan and schedule posts with a lot of ease. Things like running contests, performing social media analysis and quizzes can also be achieved through this platform, which makes it one of the most superior applications you can have in your social media marketing arsenal. Even better it can help you to compare your campaigns with that of your competitors giving you an edge an helping you achieve better results over your competitors.

As compared to Buzz Sumo, this is more customer oriented and one will love most of the features and efficiency that it comes with. So, if you are serious about taking your competitors down and generating more social media traffic the easy way, then this is a tool that you need by your side.

Final Word:

Anyone who is not using social media is missing a lot and they are not taking advantage of the low lying fruits that they could be benefiting from. To succeed, one needs to strategize and come up with a good approach on how to win the game. Shared here are some of the best kickasss social media marketing tools that will help you automate your internet marketing and get more social media traffic that will improve the performance of your website.

To get the best tool to use, you have to test different ones to see one that suits your site promotion strategy. The good thing is that most of them either offer free trial or have a free option. If you find the process of getting social media traffic, then you may want to consider our high quality traffic packages. We are certain that you will love the experience that you get from our web traffic.

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