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How to Increase Website Traffic through Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media

Most companies spend huge amounts of money to develop their website; however, this can be a waste of resources if no traffic is generated on it. With the advancement of technology, you cannot ignore the huge role played by social media sites to draw traffic to a website.

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Whether starting out or already established there are ways that you can use social media to increase traffic to your website.

Have Your Website on Every Social Media Platform

Each social media platform has its own following. You might find that some of your clients are on Facebook and not on twitter and vice versa so do not neglect any platform. Make your presence felt on Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social platform.

Be Active

After creating a page on Facebook ensure that you interact with your audience as often as possible. This will keep them interested and they will want to know more about your services. Being active also presents you as a reliable company and people will come to you for services. The same applies to all other social media platform that you use to drive traffic to your website. The more you interact with people the more you build relationships. If people post enquiries on these sites, respond to them as soon as possible not forgetting to share a link to your website for more information. Ensure that you embed sharing buttons in your website; this will help in spreading the information on your website.

Content Generation

Most people are put off if they visit your social media platform and find that you have not updated your content for more than a week. If you are to keep your audience and win new ones you must be able to constantly come up with captivating content about your company. You will get more traffic on your website if you share information on the products that you have in the market. Do not limit yourself to only written contents, you can also use visuals. For example if you have a video about your business that you have shared on you tube, ensure you upload it on other sites as well. You can also use pictures to capture the attention of new audiences and share your URL so that they can visit your website for more information.

Return the Favor


When a person follows you on Twitter be sure to follow them back. Invite them to hang out with you on Google+ and make an effort to respond to every query they post on your platform. Also, get acquainted with communities in your niche on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and every other social platform and get to interact with them. Become an active member by sharing your opinions and advice on matters posted. This will make people rely on you and they will be inclined to visit your website for more information about your company. You can also use their page to share your websites’ URL

By following the above steps you are guaranteed to have more traffic directed to your website. So start now by getting your presence felt on every social media platform.

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