How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money Online

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Most internet entrepreneurs start out with a free blog. It is cheap, manageable and easy to use even if you have insufficient web designing knowledge. Prior to building a free blog, however, you need to think of how to start a blog for free and make money online.

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There are many free methods of monetizing any sort of blog. Some of them will be discussed in the final paragraph. First you should know the steps of building a free blog. They are discussed as shown below.

Step 1: Explore your interests
A blog should be based on a topic or subject you are passionate about. It will require fresh and interesting content every few days. So you need to pick a niche that really excites you. Common blog niches include health and fitness, weight loss, food and nutrition, photography, gaming, business/finance, politics, sports, fashion, music, movies, vehicles, art and craft, education and environment among others.

Step 2: Reflect on how you can be relevant to humans
Although your blog needs to be optimized for search engines, it will be read by people. It is thus important to pick your target audience and specialize on topics it can be pleased to read. You need to connect, teach, inspire, provide news, reveal latest trends and create humor. This is what blogging is all about.

Step 3: Take a peek on rival blogs
There are many blogs in your favorite niche. To start a blog, you could visit rival blogs. Monitor their appearances, styles of writing, choices of keywords and other things. After gathering adequate information, think of how your blog can offer something unique and different.

Step 4: Choose a blog name and find relevant keywords.blogging-645219_640
A name will give your blog its identity on the World Wide Web. It has to be a unique name that has not been used before. Your name must somehow communicate its purpose and be easy to remember. Keywords are important for search engine optimization. You can use special web tools to locate suitable blog names and relevant keywords for free. Phrases that have high amounts of monthly searches are ideal.

Step 5: Pick a free blogging platform and install a blog
The top 7 best blogging platforms that lets you easily start a blog and make money for free include the following:
• WordPress – It has a paid self hosted option as well.
• Blogger – It belongs to Google and offers blog management tools for free.
• – Loved for its idiot-proof user interface.
• – It has multiple free to use themes.
• – Perfect for eCommerce oriented bloggers.
• – Allows you to add apps, an online store and social media links.
• – Provides numerous contemporary themes to let you customize your free blog.

Step 6: Monetize your blog
There are many ways to make your free blog profitable. Most people however choose affiliate marketing and ads. Google Adsense ads are popularly picked by many bloggers. Affiliate marketing products can be picked from a site like Commission Junction but they should be relevant to the blog topic. Banner ads and text ads offer consistent income streams as well as. If you have personal products and services, you can promote and sell them online through your blog.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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