Traffic From Google Without SEO

4 Surefire Ways To Pull Traffic From Google Without SEO

Google has been known to help many businesses serve their clients more flexibly. In fact there are thousands of businesses that wholly depend on Google to keep their business rolling. With this in mind, it is clear that Google is a power-source that as internet marketers, we should make the best use of it. SEO is one way that we can all make it work for us, but with the competition striking hard and algorithms changing every time, we might need to create diversity and not only rely on Google SEO. This is especially when one is an amateur in the marketing scene, where stable competitors can easily swallow their online business and shutter their internet marketing dreams sooner than they expect.

But how does one do this? Is it possible to still harness high quality traffic from Google without using SEO? The short answer to that is, YES. There are dozens of ways that one can use Google to drive high quality web traffic and sales. This has been done more than a few times by many marketers. Below, we will share some of the best ways to get traffic from Google without SEO or ever thinking about search engine algorithms or the boring on page optimization. Here are the traffic methods;

Guest Blogging On News Sites

Google gives top priority to news sites that have built their online credibility and trust. Google news is a section within the search engine where news from different news sites are curated.

Google News is also an entity on its own which receives millions of people seeking for news every single day from across the globe. The entity is aimed at reaching people and broadcasting to them the latest from the media houses.

With this fact in mind, don’t you think it would be amazing to be featured in one of these websites? Fact is, that is very possible and could even be much easier than you think.

Since Google loves these websites so much that they index their content almost instantly and put them under the news section, many people have used the opportunity to market themselves and their brand.

There are dozens of these news sites that allow people to register as contributors and as raw-news providers. News can range from anything and inserting a link into one of the posts you write on these sites could lead to a big avalanche of traffic. Now, if you scale up this method and use more news sites to submit your content, you are sure to get more traffic than you will ever need.

Press Release

Not many of us use the power of press releases to the full potential. Although we have always been made to believe that press release are only mean to be used whenever there is a big event, that isn’t the case. We all have something new to say about something in the niche and whether it is a new case study that you need to share, it could also be tames to make news.

Press releases will help you to get the word out and in most cases it lands you on Google news. When your website is featured on Google news, traffic can even freeze your server bandwidth depending on the niche and the weight of the news. It is a well worthy approach that you can use.

Commenting On News Articles

Yet another tricky but openly acceptable web traffic formula that anyone can implement and start making real money with is to comment on new sites. The approach is self-explanatory and is all about heading o Google and searching for niche based sites that are featured on Google News. Once you find these sites, start commenting on them with informative comments while also adding a link to your site.

Although this is an indirect method of getting traffic from Google, the traffic still bear the same quality and you will reap all the benefits. If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start with internet marketing and how to get traffic, this is something that you should also think of as a traffic source.

Buying Traffic

Finally, and most conveniently, paying for Google traffic is another surefire way to get tons of high quality traffic that will get you conversions. Google is arguably the best online brand which allows advertisers to use its network to get their word out. Google Adwords is the name of the search giant’s own advertising medium and any internet marketer will tell you that the results from the network are one of the best that you can find.

Google Adwords uses a click based module where advertisers are charged for every visitor delivered to their website. This model is also one of the most popular with almost every online advertising agency out there.

One of the things that make Google Adwords lovable is because their traffic is highly targeted and is inspired by searcher’s trends and keywords. This makes the advertisements very relevant to the audience hence better performance and increase rate of conversion. If you have money to spend and just aren’t into the idea of waiting for Google organic traffic, this is an approach that you need to give a serious thought.

Final Word:

For one to survive the internet marketing game and keep their online business afloat, being aggressive on the various marketing approaches is a must. Without a steady plan and an actionable strategy to drive relevant traffic to you website, you are doomed and won’t last long in the game. Your competitors will reap all the benefits leaving and driving you out of business.

With the simple, yet effective traffic marketing approaches described above, you can put your online business on the map and harness tons of high quality website traffic with little effort.

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