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We all know how social media works, unless you have been living under a rock somewhere. So, how much traffic do you generate from social media? If you aren’t getting any traffic from these social media websites, then you have been missing a lot and your competition have been talking advantage of that. Social media traffic can be great when done right and all you need is a good strategy on how to approach it. Many websites including big corporations and news publisher sites use social media to get traffic every single day. But how do they do it? Have you ever asked yourself how professional marketers do it and the strategies that they employ? If not, then this comprehensive guide is for you. We will go through some actionable social media traffic strategies which are easy and can be easily implemented by anyone regardless of their internet marketing experience. But first, let’s go through an overview of social media in general.

Social Media Overview

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Social media is a platform that features tons of sites where people visit to connect with family and friends as well as meet new people and have fun. It is all about socializing. The social media as a whole has grown tremendously and showing no signs of stopping. Fact has it that social media has grown to become a place where over a billion people across the globe from different countries and all walks of life. So what does this mean for the internet marketer? Opportunities of course. There are lots of low lying fruits that one can take advantage of when it comes to social media and the opportunities are endless if you know what you are doing.

Like thousands of professional marketers who have embraced social media as their driving force and source of traffic, you can too. All you need to do is get started, which is an easy thing to do. You just have to sign up and start building a relationship and start getting followers who might end up being potential customers on your website.

Is Social Media Right For My Website?

The straightforward answer to that is Yes and No. This is because some social media sites are good to use on some niches and not so good when used on others. Again, it depends with the strategy and approach that you use in doing that. Some sites like E-commerce websites need a specific strategy and a unique way of engaging with visitors as compared to how one can engage with visitors that are targeted towards a blog. This is because these two sites are both different in the way they do their marketing even in other mediums.

So, before you get started with social media, it is always important to do some research and try to learn what kind of strategy will work for your website. You can do this by simply logging on your social media account then spy on your competitors (of course you already know who your competitors are at this point). This will give you an insight on what to expect when you do what and also get to learn what trends and things engages people. Having gone through that, here are the steps and approaches that you can quickly implement and get the ball rolling and send tons of social media traffic to your website.

Site Triggers

You have to have the right triggers to capture the attention of social media users. They are not going to come to your site by themselves. This means that you have to take advantage of every little opportunity you get to lock them in and have them as future potential customers or clients. This can be done by simply using site triggers. Even if someone isn’t going to buy goods or a service from you at the first time they visit, they can lead to your success in one way or the other. How you set social media triggers on your site will make a very big difference and can boost the rate at which social media sites sends in traffic to your website. Social media triggers are one of the best known ways to woo traffic and build a good follower base and it simply starts with the triggers on your website. Have you ever seen a site or blog that doesn’t have social media sharing buttons? You will hardly come across any, and if you find one, you will realize that their traffic is almost nonexistent. These social media triggers should be placed in a way that will entice the audience to click and share content easily, and that could go vial hence sending you countless number of traffic to your website. This means placement location is important and you need to put much consideration and testing to see which location is best to do this. The type of button also matters and you need to test how different social sharing buttons work. It is also a proven fact that one can generate tons of traffic by asking people to share the content as this can lead to another ripple effect.

Bribe Your Visitors

Yes, that is right. Sometimes you have to go an extra mile to bribe your visitors and ask them to either share or like a post on your site for exchange they get something of value. And don’t be misled to think that you can give an expensive product for that. A simple digital book will just work, unless you are ready to dive in big and make a big offer. Content locking is the latest trend in social media and something that many internet marketers have adopted and used to increase their social media traffic easily. In the past, people used to lock content for email opt-ins but there is even better results and opt-in rate with the use of social media lockers. So how does the social media lockers work? There are a number of plugins and applications that you can access online which will help you create these social media lockers. When you lock content, it doesn’t get revealed to the reader until they either share it or follow you through social media. This is one of the best proven ways to boost your social media following and increase your content visibility, and this will lead to lots of reactions on the social media sites and traffic coming to your site depending on the demand of the content that you have decided to lock. If it is a rare type of content such as market research, or a study that is relevant in your niche, then people will do anything to access it and sharing it or following you on social media is something that is easy for you to do.

You are also free to try different twists and approaches to see which one works better when locking these digital content. This is more of a split testing approach to see which one you should be using over another.

Host Contests & Giveaways

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You must have come across social media contests on the web, and these are usually created using a number of social media apps. Some of the apps used includes rafflecopter, which is very common and has shown tremendous performance for any internet marketer that has used it. The way they work is that a user like you creates a contests or a giveaway which then people start subscribing and depending on how the hot the giveaway is it will get a big buzz. Something good also goes a long way and you can expect people to share the contests to many more people. This will bring people to your page and increase their chances of signing up and following. Doing this occasionally is often a good way to capture attention of many people which is a good social media practice to generate traffic.  Social media contests are on the rise and becoming common than ever before because it simply works in generating high quality social media traffic. Imagine having countless number of people competing for a single product that is highly demanded and only one of them will get it. It is definitely something that will create a buzz and get you high quality viral social media traffic.

Influencers Will Get You More Traffic

Influencer marketing is yet another thing that has taken the social media space and the entire internet marketing arena by storm. So, if you are not using influencer marketing you surely are missing tons of free social media traffic on your website. It is now regarded as one of the best internet marketing strategies that and is something that is good for both small sized and large businesses. There is no excuse for not using influencer marketing as there are lots of influencers that are ready to help you take your site to the next level either for free or with a small fee. Influencers are all over in every niche and they are a very effective marketing medium if you reach the right ones to help you share your content with their followers. If you still don’t know what is influencer marketing or how it works then it is simply a process of reaching out to industry leaders asking them to help you share content or product with their followers. Considering the fact that these influential people tons of followers, your content or product will get a lot of exposure which means that you are likely to close deals and make a lot of sales in the process. So why not join a league of successful marketers and start getting high quality social media traffic?

Final Word:

Social media is without a doubt one of the best sources of high quality traffic that one can get, but you can achieve big things only if you are using the right channels and strategies. This is usually the big challenge that most people have a problem with, but with hard work and determination, that is very doable. With the strategies outlined above, you can easily implement and start getting tons of traffic instantly, depending on your efforts. Any beginner can also implement them since they are easy and require no prior experience.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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