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Are you an internet marketer in quest for the best free web traffic strategies that you can use to get more sales and leads? Today’s internet has grown tremendously and with lots of traffic from all over, it is hard to really find one that gets you results and this sis moreso if you are still a newbie and new to the game.

In this guide, we ill go through several time tested free web traffic strategies hat you can rely on to get good sales and leads.

Search Engine Traffic

Everyone who has accessed the internet must have used Google, Yahoo or Bing at some point. Billions of searches are done on a daily basis and these search engines will remain the best ways to find something online. From a webmaster and internet marketer’s point of view, one needs to make sure that their website is on top of the search engines. There are a number of things that webmasters need to do to ensure that their site ranks well in the search engines to get the much needed traffic.

Optimizing the site and ensuring that it meets the search engine’s algorithm demands is the bets way to approach this. It can sometimes be a tough process, but it is well worth the work. As long as the internet remains active the search engines will always be here and still remain a good way that internet marketers market their products through their websites. It is a strategy worth pursuing for long term traffic generation.

Social Media Traffic

Social media is something that has grown and become like a plague and almost everyone is in to it. Internet marketers have every reason and opportunity to put their focus towards marketing their sites with social media. With over a billion of audiences active on social media sites there are a lot of potential customers that one can tap into.
Even better, social media marketing is considered one of the easiest to get into and above all one can start marketing with it for free. Although you can always pay for more exposure, there are a lot of free strategies that have always showed good results.

Guest Posting

Guest posting, which can also be termed as guest blogging for many marketers this is a free strategy where a webmaster writes an article on another website or blog with the intention of getting traffic. Since you will be leaving your link on that post, the readers of that particular sire or blog will follow the link to your website an end up being your own traffic. Consider it as a legal way of stealing your competitor’s traffic without sweating.

To get the best out of it, you should ways consider doing this on big sites hat have gained a lot of authority and have a lot of traffic as well.

Aggregation Sites & RSS Feeds

Syndicating and submitting your site to RSS feeds an aggregation sites is among the easiest and best ways that one can easily tap into free traffic. when approved by these sites, you will be getting traffic to your site every time you publish a post. A nice example of a top aggregation site is AllTop.com which many marketers know that is a high trafficked site that can change everything on your site.

Despite the sad fact that aggregation sites becoming redundant over the past years, it is still a good source and after all yo are not spending anything by submitting your site to these directories. The amount of traffic will depend on the quality of aggregation site or RSS feed that you submit your website to. It will help your site to get quickly indexed in search engines and also help you get a better authority.

Build A Mobile App For Your Site

mobile seoMany people across the globe use smartphones to do almost anything online and having an application can easily help them to access your site with a lot of ease. The use of Smartphone and smart device has made the app industry increase with demands and quest for things that makes life easier. With that in mind, every marketer should always consider an app for their website, especially if they have a large site that is updated regularly.

Creating these mobile apps is also difficult and does not need you to crack some code. There are lots of softwares that will help you to create them in a drag and drop platform hence no need to master any line of code. With just a few tutorials, anyone who has no experience with coding can get started and create an app within a short time.

Email Marketing
email marketing is yet another free strategy that has been around for a very long time and has shown no signs of slowing down. As long as people want to get better deals, guides and information from the internet, email marketing is here to stay. Email marketing also doesn’t demand any in-depth experience for any newbies. You van compare it to having an army of repeat customers who are always waiting to check out what you have in store for them.

Anybody who is serious about getting the job done and making sales online must consider email marketing as one of their core traffic sources. The more subscribers that one has, the more they can expect in terms of sales and leads.

Final Word:

Without web traffic, there is no online business and you’d be even better off without a website. The strategies shared here have stood the test of time and are considered among the best you can use today.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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