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Tips on How to Get Cheap Facebook Ads

It is very essential for all online marketers to master how to get cheap facebook ads. You should learn how to trigger more traffic on your facebook page. This will help you to access more potential customers to buy your products.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

You should also master simple basics of testing, tracking and scaling your social media campaigns. Learning how to create and write effective Facebook ads is paramount to your success in online marketing.

Simple Basics You Should Learn to Boost Your Facebook Ads

-You should to learn how to get potential customers to buy your offer.

-How to navigate the viral nature of social media to trigger more traffic.

-When and when not to use Facebook Ads for your offers and why.

-How to create, write and optimize your Ads to maximize conversions.

-How to create highly targeted Facebook custom audiences and user lists.

Golden Tips on How to Get Cheap Facebook Ads

(a) Familiarize yourself with promoted posts:
It is advisable to target fans with promoted posts. This is vital because these posts work perfectly with one audience. Your fans are likely to engage you when they know and trust you. You can ask your funs questions you want them to weigh in on. This is also ideal for sales and conversions.

(b) Attract more fans with the new like ads:

These like ads are essential in helping you to increase the number of your fans. You should present these ads on the right- hand column of your facebook page. This ensures that they are not limited to just news feed.

(c) Avoid long texts on your ad image:

You should apply the 20 percent rule which states that your text overlay should not be more than 20 percent of the entire ad image. This is a very vital aspect to consider to avoid penalties before realizing any positive results.

(d) Focus on hyper-targeted advertising to save on CPC:

This will help you to create a reliable audience to boost the returns you get from your ads. You should therefore focus most of your early marketing effort to establish a strong fan base. A solid fan base assures you of getting better ad conversions.

(e) Substitute your sales with custom audiences:

You should target fans who already lead-like your email list. Custom audiences feature is very important in increasing conversion rates on your ad spends. You just need to upload your email list directly to face your facebook page. This will enable you to select custom audience in the targeting section of the ads dashboard.

(f) Boost your lead generation with facebook offers:

It is very ideal to create offers for your fans and potential fans. This helps you to build your email list. These offers are emailed directly to your fans inbox. You can simply create an offer by using a name and an email to set up a simple landing page for your giveaway. You should then link your offer to the landing page. You should then use your page wall to turn your offer into a promoted post.

(g) Split test your efforts:

This will help you to know the best ads and get the cheapest clicks. It is therefore very essential to split test the variables between your ads.

Other features you may need to split test include the following:

-Regular ad vs. sponsored story.

-Bidding model (CPM vs. CPC)

-Headline of your ad for external URL.

-Photo in your ad.

-Body of your ad.

In conclusion, the above guidelines are very informative on how to get cheap facebook ads. This will definitely help you to attract more fans on your ads. This is paramount to increasing your returns and conversions. Facebook is among the best social medial marketing platforms.

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