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Tips & Tricks To Get High Converting Blog Traffic

Traffic is paramount to every website on the internet. Even if you are in it for the fun, you need people to read what you are writing about. Otherwise, you will just be writing for nobody and your voice will only be left to the web bots to read. Often at at times, we find ourselves wasting time with traffic strategies that do not work. Or get some traffic that won’t be helpful to any website. So, how does one get through this and how can one get high converting traffic to their blog? In this guide, we will cover some of the most crucial tips and tricks that professional bloggers are using to generate recurring traffic without having to lift a finger.

The good thing with these tips and tricks is that they are easy to execute and anyone regardless of their prior marketing experience can easily get started with them. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get more traffic to your blog and get tons of sales in the process.

Getting Established & Better Branding

The first step to conquer every niche is to always establish yourself as the expert that you are. Once you have established yourself, you will get the attention of many people in the niche. Getting the attention of many people through banding isn’t an overnight approach to marketing, but a long term one that will take sometime before one starts to see some results. So how does one get established on their niche? 

There are a number ways that one can brand themselves, but the fits one that one should consider is to use the power of social media. Many people always start their online journey with social media. This not only gives people a chance to generate tons of traffic but to also build relationships with other bloggers and interact while gaining their trust. Regardless of whether you are getting started or have an established online presence, social media remains a crucial pat of growth of any website. 

You may also want to consider advertising your blog to reach out to more prospects. When advertising, you need to look for high quality traffic providers out there since not every web traffic provider will deliver the much needed quality. Some of the web traffic sources to consider includes Google Adwords PPC, Social media advertisements or you could opt for our very own high quality traffic packages

Squeeze Traffic To The Email List

Email marketing has been around for many decades and it is as old as the internet is if you ask many professionals. It is also considered one of the most effective and dependable blog traffic generation strategy that one can use. If well executed email marketing is a great traffic magnet that one can use over and over as their website grows. If you visit any professional blog that has been established, you will not fail to come across an email subscription box if at all you will get past a pop up triggering users to subscribe to an email list. There are a number of things that you need to know when you are getting started with email marketing, among them being the fact that you need to have a product to use to hook people into the email list. Usually an e-book or a guide does the work for most bloggers. When you have a unique product, you can always give it away to people who get into the email list and doing this over and over helps to build your email list over time.

One of the best advantages of having a larger email list is that you will get more sales whenever you send out newsletters with links to products on offer. To get the best, you also need to craft the bets sales pitch and even if you have to hire an expert in that field, it is a well worthy approach that will give you returns based on the number of people you have in your email list. With this in mind, it is always important to set up an email marketing system in place to keep building your email list for long term strategies. One can run a sustainable email marketing strategy without ever having to deal with any other kind of traffic again. 

Go Viral

Among some of the best ways that people can use to boost their blog traffic is to employ viral sharing techniques. Viral techniques are simply those strategies that will help give the content a ripple effect where it is shared over and over through social media and other platforms. Basically, a user creates content, which in this case should be a blog post and shares it. After sharing it with users, the users who find it interesting shares them more with other people making the post go viral and spread over many other people. The first step is to pick a trendy topic that is sure to attract a lot of traffic. With a number of tools such as Google trends at your disposal, this is a step that one can get through easily. When you pick a dull topic then you may have problems creating content that people will love, simply because it is a boring topic and there aren’t much to talk about. 

The trick with viral traffic is to create high quality and interesting content that captures the eye. From the heading to the last word on the content, everything should be crispy and interesting to avoid losing the reader. The traffic that one can get depends with the impact that is brought by the viral content. There sky is the limit and anyone can achieve as much as they wish to. The more viral content you create, the more the traffic you can drive to your blog. 

Automate Recurring Tasks

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Automation is the new super-tool in today’s marketing and you can always do most of the recurring tasks such as sharing content on social media among other things which are pretty easy to do yet can be time consuming when done manually. If you ask any expert internet marketer on what they think about automation, they will all tell you that they use it in one way or they other. It has become a ritual to always post updates on social media because if you don’t, you could soon get irrelevant to the users and start losing them in the process. 

So, how does one get started with automation and what are some of the automation tools that one can find? Most of the automation tools in the internet marketing world are intended to help users complete tasks fast without actually been there. Among some of the tools that are common includes the likes of Hootsuite which is a highly effective when it comes to automating most social media tasks such as posting on Facebook, updating tweets among other things. some of the other tools that you will come across in the market are those that helps you to determine the kind of content that users want as well as give you some topical ideas. There are almost any kind of tool that one would think of. 

Interact & Use Influencers

Another great approach to marketing your blog and generating more web traffic is by using the power of influencers. Many top brands are focusing and majoring into the influencer world ans changing their traffic and site performance through this approach. Basically, influencer marketing is all about using the power of influential people and experts in a particular niche to help you spread the word out about your brand or product. Using influencer marketing has a direct effect and guarantees incredible performance and traffic to a blog or website. 

To get started with influencer marketing, you should  firs seek to get the bets sites in you niche. The influencers should be within your niche to ensure that you are getting only highly targeted traffic which will bring a positive impact on your website. Once you have established the kind of influencers that you would like to get involved with, you need to reach out to them and pitch them to help you spread out the word. This kind of advertising is very effective since it is highly targeted and you only get to market yourself in front of people who already trust the influencer. It is so powerful that big brands are also tapping into the gems that it comes with. One of the best things with this kind of traffic is that it doesn’t matter how old your site is. You can start a website today and have it full of traffic the next day which is an amazing thing since most of the other traffic strategies that you will come across will always depend on the age and authority of a website.

Important Tips Help You Get Better Conversions On Your Blog

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Work on building relationships – Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to winning the online game is to build a relationship with your users and fellow bloggers. Although you may have the option to hard-sell products, it isn’t always the wise move to make and would be better off working to build user’s trust. 

Know Your competition – Making it big online also means know your competitors and understanding the strategies that they are using. Without this, you will not get the desired results especially if they know more about your site. 

Do research & keep testing – The internet marketing game keeps changing and to get the right kind of traffic, you need to also keep up with the changes. Keep testing new strategies and implementing approaches to get better results. 

Final Word:

If you are killing yourself trying to make the best out of every blog post and wondering how to get more people to read it, then the strategies shared above will help you achieve your goals. They are not only effective and time proven but they are also easy to execute making it perfect for both beginners and pro internet marketers. 

If you are looking for a high quality web traffic source, then you may want to consider checking out some of our high quality web packages. Our web traffic packages have been proven to work and are regularly used by many sites across multiple niches. You can therefore use it with confidence knowing that you are getting reliable and high quality traffic.

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