5 Little Known Tools That Will Increase Your Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

What efforts are you taking to boost your website traffic? The traffic that you get to your website depends on your input and whether the action you are taking are effective in baiting the traffic.

Gone are the days when one could just write a post on their website, feed it to the social media and expect some voodoo kind of traffic to flow to their website. Today, it takes way more to turn a website into a buzz. You need to have a good rolodex of the tools to use in your marketing. But how do you know which tool to use?

We have sampled up some of the little known tools, yet very effective for anyone who needs to up their internet marketing game. Check the out below;

Crazy Egg

Wouldn’t it be awesome to study your website audience and know if the information on your website is helpful to them? It may sound undoable to track audience behavior, but with Crazy egg it all becomes a reality. You can use this tool to monitor almost every user event and behavior including clicks, scrolls among other user actions that happen on a web page.

To display all these, the tools uses heatmaps which is a visual presentation showing values and concentration of actions such as clicks and scrolls. They are usually represented with different colors showing different intensities and actions. This will help the website user know where their audience turns away and leave the page or find out where they are clicking most. With such information, one can improve their website and retain more website traffic as time goes.

Yet another good alternative worth looking into is Clicktale. They do pretty much the same task, only that they may vary in pricing and perhaps an added feature on one.

Google Trends

Ever wondered where some high authority websites and blogs get content to write every single day? It is not that they have a huge team thinking out what to write the next day, but they focus on putting up trending topics. The most important benefit of writing a trending topic is that search engines get to love your website and will soon get into the ranks of authority websites.

Google Trends is a tool that measures the different keyword performance over a long period of time. It also displays the current hot topics that are being searched on Google. Knowing what is rising and getting popular is one way to determine what you will be posting next on your blog post. This way you won’t be hitting misses and hoping that people get interested in the random posts you put down.

Forum Boards

Another traffic method that many people are forgetting about is the old golden forum marketing. Most of today’s internet marketers know nothing beyond spamming forums with some random posts. One thing that webmasters ought to keep in mind is that forums are one of the most frequented sites on the internet and people use them to get answers. If you present yourself as an expert in one of these forums, you could end up being a fortune builder in no time.

The trick with forum marketing is to stay within you niche and be helpful. When you are helpful, which is the main aim of the forum, people will start drawing their attention to you seeking guidance and help from you. Sooner or later, they will be demanding for your products and services.

And if you look at it from the advertising angle, they are way cheaper than any other website ad space, keeping in mind that they could have choke loads amount of traffic.

With highly targeted traffic from forums, you can always expect to pile up some good profits depending on your efforts.


How well do you know your competitors? Knowing your competitors nowadays demands that you also get close to them and know the marketing strategies that they are applying in their businesses. You also need to understand that your competitors are doing whatever it takes to stay in front of you and take as much business from you as they can.

If you want to survive the internet marketing game, then you need to have sophisticated competition analysis tools. Spy-Fu is one such tool that has proven to be awesome in gathering information regarding competitor marketing strides.

With this tool, you can see where your competitors are getting their website traffic, what keywords they are bidding for, their social media performance among other metrics. Knowing these details will enable you to know what is working for them so that you can also clone and use the strategies. Used perfectly, Spy-Fu has proven to be one of the most essential internet marketing tools.

Website Grader

We all know how SEO is an important name in today’s marketing world, and no serious marketer will take the search engine issue lightly. But most people do not have a clue on what to do to get better traffic or better search engine rankings. This is where Website Grader comes in.

Website grader is a free tool that helps users to analyze and make necessary fixes on their website to meet the search engine algorithms. This will basically include how to optimize your on page factors to meet the requirements, how to speed up your website among other analysis. This is a good tool, especially for someone who doesn’t have much time or those who know less about SEO.


The tools highlighted above include both free and paid ones. Although some of these are a tad pricey, they are worthy the investment. They are the same tools that expert marketers are using to survive the internet marketing game and stealing their competitor’s traffic. You can also do the same by starting using these tools.

Traffic is very important to every inline business and without it, there is no need for a website. Be sure to check out some of our affordable web traffic packages today. You can also reach out to us should you have any web traffic questions.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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