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Gone are the days when internet accessibility was only possible through the use of old bulky desktop computers. Today everyone can surf the internet conveniently wherever they are, thanks to mobile technology which has revolutionized everything. From an internet marketer’s point of view, it means that there needs to be a shift and start optimizing for mobile traffic. There are dozens of ways to harness mobile traffic to your website.


How is mobile optimization different? Although the approach is pretty much similar to the general marketing, there are various practices that are meant to augment mobile performance.

Among some of the tweaks that are needed to push a website to get mobile traffic includes;

-Making the website responsive so that it can be easily accessed from any device. This is also among Google’s recommended design patterns.

-Optimizing mobile site for browser user friendliness. Not all mobile browsers pick up websites similarly. Ensure to make necessary tweaks so that your website appears well on every browser.

-Ensure that all your pages can be indexed by the search engines.
-Page speed is important and should also be on your checklist.

Without pulling punches, here is our distilled list of the top 5 ways to buy mobile traffic for your website.

1. Social Media Sites

This won’t come as a surprise to many markers especially with the well known fact that people use social media on their phones more than in their PCs. So if you need to grab your customers by the throat, then social media sites is where you need to be. Ads can be based on a “per impression basis” or a per click basis.

You may need to do bits of research to find the best approach. Although it may be costly depending on the niche, it often pays off. also with the fact that the traffic is cheap, this is something worth giving a try.

Here are some of the most common places to buy traffic through the social media;

-Facebook Sponsored posts.
-Pinterest Sponsored Pins.
-YouTube Advertising.
-Twitter sponsored tweets.
-Reddit Promoted Posts.
-Instagram sponsored ads.

Half of the world is super-active on these platforms and you can buy unlimited amount of traffic from these sites.

2. CPA Traffic

Have a product that you are wondering how you can make sales? Imagine coming across a system where you only pay for an active sale or lead. Your investment doesn’t go on waste. If that is a model that you would like to give a try, then CPA marketing is for you. How does CPA marketing work? As an advertiser who has a product, you reach out to a CPA network presenting your product. Once accepted to the network, you are required to pay a certain amount. You are then required to set an amount to be paid when an action is done. Here you can decide whether you will pay when a sale is made or when you get a lead.

The only downside of this approach is that you will need a bigger budget to run CPA campaigns. This is because the networks try to prevent ads running out while they are being advertised.

There are always thousands of marketers waiting to help you reach out to customers. If you have a big budget, then perhaps it’s time you make that leap and start making money.

Here are a few CPA networks that serve high quality mobile traffic;
-Max Bounty
-Click Booth
-Never Blue
-CPA Lead

3. PPC Mobile Traffic Networks

buy-targeted-trafficIt didn’t take long for the PPC marketing world to realize that they needed to also extend their reach to mobile users. Today most PPC platforms offer targeted mobile traffic for their clients. With this, you simply signed up for a PPC agency as an advertiser and set advertisements where you pay when someone clicks on an ad to visit your website.

There are 2 major classifications of PPC mobile traffic. Here they are;

1) Horizontal Ad networks – Also known as blind ad networks, these networks offer high volume of traffic at affordable rates but they have low targeting.

2) Vertical Ad Network – These networks are geared towards delivering highly targeted traffic to advertisers and are more costly than horizontal networks.

Note: Avoid blind networks when you are running targeted campaigns. Although blind networks are usually cheap to get started with, you could fail to reach your desired goals since the traffic sources are randomized and masked.

4. Buying Banners

Ever thought of buying banners as a way of harnessing traffic to your site? Apparently it also works well for mobile traffic. There are hundreds of sites who are selling their ad spaces at affordable costs which you should take advantage of.

A good place to find a database of sites to buy ad space from is Buy Sell Ads. Here you will find hundreds of sites listed and you can choose based on the traffic volume as well as the niche. This makes targeting more easy which raises the quality of your traffic too. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when buying banner traffic;

-Compare different sites and find the one which charges a lower cost
-Do your homework and find out where that website is getting their traffic.

-Limit yourself to your niche and avoid getting traffic from general niche sites. This improves the quality of traffic which yields more conversions.

5. And Web Traffic

What if we told you that there is a way to get traffic without exposing yourself to many risks? Imagine forgetting about testing and running blind campaigns. This is all possible here at And Web Traffic. We are one of the longest quality traffic providers online and to keep up with the internet marketing trends we have inclined our focus on mobile traffic.

And the best thing with choosing us is that we have handled all the hard tasks and all you need to do is to get the traffic and watch your business sour.

Why we are better than the rest;
-Highly targeted traffic.
-Traffic comes in affordable packages.
-No experience needed.
-You get all the support that you need to get started.
-We have huge volumes of traffic.

Final Word:

In today’s world where mobile is the new PC, marketers ought to take action and focus on where their audience are. The methods above have stood the test of time and are worth trying.

Should you need somewhere to get started with getting mobile traffic, we are sure you’ll love our services.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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