Top Video Marketing Mistakes That Will Deny You Traffic

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Videos being one of the trendiest medias today which has taken the web by storm. Given the increased interaction of videos across the web, experts also see them being the future of the web, something that every serious internet marketer should be following closely. If you’ve tried your hand on video marketing, then you already know how effective they can be and how they can drive visitors toy your website or landing page. However, just like with any other approach, there are those mistakes that one cannot avoid, simply because they do not know or when they are trying out something new. In this write-up, we will go through some of these mistakes which you need to stay away from since they have proved to either go south or bring poor results. Here they are;

Making the Video Too Long

You might think that a lengthy video is what people are looking for but you are wrong. Although many of us might think that the longer the video, the more informative it is and the audiences will love that, findings show totally different results. Statistics show that videos with shorter recordings give the best results and people will hardly make it to the end of lengthy videos. This simply means that you need to summarize your videos and choose your words carefully so as to bring the point clearly while also capturing the attention of the users. Making a lengthy video could also become boring for many audiences which could force them to leave before going through the funnel.

You should first start by creating your script and ensuring that it is the best that will ensure total engagement and bat for click throughs to your website or landing page. With this in mind, you will be among the internet marketer who are taking full potential of video marketing.

Ignoring The Powers Of SEO

Publishing a video on YouTube will get you massive amount of web traffic, especially if you are on a trendy niche and your video is interesting enough to go viral. But what happens when you are in a competitive niche where your video could easily get buried in many others. So what does one do to get more traffic? The simple answer is to optimize your video to appear in the search engines.

You must have searched for something on Google and come across videos listed. This is the kind of optimization you should be looking into to send your videos to the first page. Every experience marketer who is doing video marketing knows that SEO is important and the good thing is that it is not complicated and not hard to get ranked like the case of websites. Mostly it is to do with keyword optimization and ensuring that titles and descriptions are spot on. The use of tags will also increase targeting which means you will be getting more laser targeted audiences who will have better conversions.

Not Including Baits In The Video

youtube trafficWhen using videos for marketing, your main target is to make it send traffic to your website. But to do that, you need to make sure that your video has baits which will make the viewers click. A good example would be to include some call to action messages asking people to click on the link on the description or visit a certain page displayed on the video.  YouTube and other video sites like Daily motion allows you to add captions as well as a description which you can add a link.

You need to include baits and selling points which will captivate the audience to click to your website or landing page. Without doing this, you could forget about ever getting web traffic from videos. Unless you are making videos for fun and not expecting to get any traffic or conversions from it.

Expecting Results Instantly

We all fall victims of impatience and this is something that you’d really want to avoid when it comes to video marketing. Video marketing is one of those long term strategies which needs you to focus on optimizing and waiting on them to mature as they continue to increase the frequency of visitors. If you are going to expect video marketing to yield you results overnight then it might not be the strategy for you. Scaling up and split testing on different call to actions, descriptions and other baits is something that you should also look into as part of your video marketing strategy. This will take time but will help you to get the best results from your video. One should learn to

Beyond traffic, video marketing is a way to increase the visibility of your brand, so don’t also forget to use your logos wherever possible. You can as well brand your channel to your business name to increase the visibility.

Final Word:

For anyone who is keen on the internet world and has been watching recent trends, it is clear that video is something worth venturing into. People are ditching the traditional written content and considering videos as a good source of information. Webmasters and internet marketers should therefore do whatever it takes to leverage the powers of video marketing. The information above are some of the things that one should avoid when they are focusing on video marketing.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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