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How To Use Instagram To Get Quality Traffic

Instagram is without a doubt one of the best social media sites and among the most visited websites globally. On Instagram, people share photos and videos of almost anything legal and with the hundreds of millions of active users on the platform, it is without a doubt a good place to be for every internet marketer regardless of your niche.

In this guide, we will go through some of the best ways that you can use to harness the power of Instagram and turn it into high quality traffic that will get you tons of sales on your website.

Post The Best Photos Regularly

The first thing that you have to do with Instagram marketing is to make sure that your content stands out. People love fresh content and if you have subscribers and followers it is because they loved what they got from you and you should continue giving them what they like. When you give your followers what the love from you, they are inclined to share your content not only to their followers but also to other social media sites.

You should make sure that the photos that you are sharing are very attractive and that they are as clear as possible. This will dramatically get you lots of web traffic without a question.

Get More Followers

Among the top things that you should be doing to make sure that you win in your Instagram marketing is making sure that you get as many followers as possible. The more followers that you have the faster you can reach more people and the more you are able to penetrate your word out. Simply put, if you have more followers you will get a lot of traffic. So how does one get to increase their flowers? If you have ever done social media marketing or have used the other social media platforms like twitter and Facebook, then you can use the same principles to get a good following.

Among the best ways to win the hearts of people and get them to follow you in social media is to share amazing content that they will love and also focus on building relationships by interacting with them. You should make sure that you are commenting and socializing with other people in your niche who interact with you on the social media site.

Follow Influential People And Clone Their Strategies

Another thing that you wouldn’t wasn’t to ignore is to get closer to the people you look up to in the industry. Of course there are those industry geeks that you already know in your industry. And just as you would like to be in their shoes, it is always good to be keen on how they are doing their marketing on social media. There is no better way to do this than to follow them so that you can see how they are treating their followers and making their Instagram marketing wok for them. This is a strategy used by many people and has been proven to be a good one that yields results.

Make a list of the top people in your niche who have lots of followers and try cloning what you see in their marketing. If they post 10 times a day, try adopting a similar strategy and sooner or later, you will see your account starting to grow. This is also applicable to other social media platforms. Doing the same will help you yield similar and impressive results.

Influencer Outreach

classifieds trafficInfluencer outreach is one of the best traffic techniques used today. It involves reaching out to top influencers and industry leaders in a particular niche. Imagine getting a vouch or recommendation by someone who has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. What you stand to get are thousands of traffic that are both high quality and targeted. This guarantees that you will get more sales and leads from the traffic. Influencer outreach on Instagram is something that you have to try if you are serious about getting good quality traffic.

You can also come across some top influencers who charge a certain fee to give your site and brand a shoutouts which is an amazing thing and a guaranteed way to get more traffic. Although it costs to get these shoutouts, you are sure to get your money’s worth as this traffic is of top quality.

As a bonus you can also try out some paid social media traffic, which is also offered on Instagram. One of the biggest advantages that come with paid social media traffic is that they are very highly targeted. Keeping in mind that social media sites have the details of everyone in their network and they well understand their interests, you can easily reach out to prospects and get easy sales and leads.

Final Word:

Every internet marketer knows that the secret to making an online business work is by getting a high quality source of traffic. Instagram has proven to be one of those sources which are most sort out for and it has been used by many marketers from all sorts of online businesses. From Shopify store owners to the day to day bloggers, Instagram is a high quality source of traffic that can be relied on. With the above tactics, one can easily leverage the high quality traffic and get more sales from their website.

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