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Any mention of a popular website conjures images of robust marketing activities online and offline so as to lure visitors to such a site. However, attracting and sustaining high traffic to a website entails more than just marketing. Below are ways to increase your site traffic easily.

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In its simple form, a website that attracts large traffic online ought to be unique in presentation, balanced in design and above all, features helpful content that can be shared with ease. So, which elements will make your site derive waves of traffic online? The breakdown below analyzes all the prerequisites to increase web visitors.

Increased traffic has major benefits to your site. Among other gains, your site ranks better on search engines. Additionally, there’s increased conversion rates since your site has an expanded base of potential clients. And lastly, there are increased referrals which, essentially, builds traffic further. Read on to learn the actionable tips that will actually boost your website’s traffic.

7 Ways to increase your site traffic.

Create excellent content.
Your sites content forms the foundation of your traffic. If it’s poor quality, shows little to no variation with similar contents and is irrelevant, then your site is bound to fail, whatever other inputs. An excellent content must flow freely, be optimized, free of errors and generally eye catching. Such content is evergreen and worth sharing.

Incorporate top notch multimedia.
Instagram and Pinterest, sites which are characterized with graphic sharing have had a surge in traffic. People are thinking visually and as such, you ought to take cue. Incorporate eye catching graphics such as pictures to hold visitors on your site longer. Correspondingly, create links to your site in your YouTube Video uploads to bolster chances of new traffic to the site. Don’t forget to distribute your Podcasts through iTunes.

Optimize your site.
Based on recent research, the percentage of people accessing internet on their mobile devices is rising fast. In fact, mobile users are likely to surpass the number of people using fixed internet in the near future according to Mary Meeker, technology analyst at Kleiner Perkins. More so, 57 percent of people using mobile internet will abandon your website if it takes in excess of 3 seconds to load. You can’t afford such a risk. Optimize your site to increase engagements, conversions and reduce the bounce rate on mobile devices.

Include free information.
While monetizing is paramount for surviving online, disseminating free information in form of e-books and newsletters is vital in attracting new traffic. Alternatively, sell such freebies at low prices and offer commissions for any willing affiliates.

Make your site’s content shareable.
finger-1648573_640According to Shareaholic’s reports, social media sites-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others-contributed a total of 250 million unique visitors in referrals to more than 200,000 websites world over. It’s no brainer then that you ought to include content sharing handles in your site for improved sharing and increased referrals.

Do guest posts and linking building.
While commenting on varying blogs is a great way to attract traffic, guest blogging is the sure way to gain authority and traction on readers of the blogs you are guests to. Even so, include a link in your profiles that appear online. A good way to increase your visibility online is posting articles on popular sites like Hubpages and EzineArticles. Also, invite authoritative blogs to post articles on your blog so as to bolster credibility.

Market your website.
All said and done, invest in site marketing. Actually, content marketing and distribution ought to make 80 percent of your web activity according to Social Trigger’s Derek Halpern. This only means enough resources ought to be invested for marketing endeavors. Ideal marketing avenues include creating Facebook pages for your site, posting comments on different blogs, tweeting often and retweeting interesting or relevant tweets. Of significance, offer feedback to your followers on social sites.

Important traffic building tools you could leverage on.
Understanding the sort of traffic your site attracts and its source is, in effect, utmost vital. From the ensuing analysis, you’ll know which sites and search engines generate more referrals and also keywords commonly used to find your site.

1. Google Analytics -mines all important traffic data relating to your site. Such analyses are ideal for optimizing and marketing.

2. Crawling tools – Help in diagnosing problems in your site such as broken links that could drive away visitors. They as well help make navigation on you site user friendly.

There several alternative ways to increase your site traffic. However, the methods outlined herein form the basis of any successive traffic building undertaking.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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