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Using Expired Domain Traffic to Promote Your Online Business

The idea of acquiring and using an expired domain name instead of registering a new one is not a new concept. Companies and online businesses have used this online marketing technique in the past with varying rates of success.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Many of them however claim the effort was worth it. By buying one of these domain names, you will be able to increase the number of hits on your website by exploiting the already established pool of steady traffic.
So what is an expired domain name?

This is a domain who’s owner for one reason or the other does not renew his/her registered domain name. This unregistered name is then “repossessed” by the domain name provider and put back in the pool for available domain names. This means that the domain name can now be bought by any interested party at a fair price. There are several reasons why someone would go through the trouble of acquiring a domain name, building a website using this name and then letting it expire.

They include:

– loss of interest by the author
– running out of funds for the venture
– poor domain management
– inability to pay domain renewal fees.

How to identify a domain with a significant amount of traffic.check-mark-29114_640

There is no specific way of accessing the amount of traffic going to an expired domain. You can however find out the domains popularity in terms of links by using any major search engine. This will give you the number of listed web pages in a particular search engine that link to that particular domain. More links mean the domain is high in link popularity and is thus getting a large amount of regular traffic. It may mean a higher ranking too depending on the search engine you are using.
The advantage of buying expired domains.
The advantage of buying an expired domain name is that it will give you the ability to maximize the potential of the ‘new-found’ traffic and especially so if they are part of your target market. When this occurs and the new traffic is directed to your website, you will get new visitors who have genuine interest in your products. A large number of these visitors will thus be converted into customers and this will ultimately lead to increased sales and profits.
Be careful when choosing an expired domain to ensure that the domain chosen is related to the business you are trying to promote. Your main aim should be to direct traffic from your target market to your business; not just to improve traffic. Buying a domain not relevant to your business will create new traffic, but the new visitors will end up frustrated by your constant promotions of goods or services that are of no interest to them.

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