Google Adwords Traffic: Using Google Adwords To Effectively Get Tons Of Website Traffic


If you have been into the marketing game for a while then Google Adwords isn’t something that is new to your ears. It is arguably the best paid traffic source to date. Buoyed by the fact that the traffic generated is highly targeted and has excellent conversion rate, it is a n approach that many marketers would swear by. However, not everyone gets the best out of it as most beginners find it complicated especially going against high-end competitors who would just do anything to stay on of of the results. So how does one go about it? Howe does one create campaigns and still gets something without getting cut short by the big players?

In this guide, we will go through some of the actionable techniques that you can easily implement and get the best out of your Google Adwords campaigns without having to worry about your competitors. Here we go;

Use Remarketing To Back Up The Search Campaigns

Ever heard of remarketing? Remarketing is targeting return prospects.  In simple terms, it is the process of reaching out to audiences who have been to your site before. Research has it that most people that end up buying from you are not those that come to your site for the first time. The rate at which you can expect to get sales from first time visitors is very low. Google Adwords algorithm gives remarketing bids a very high priority to sites that are retargeting. This means that you have the upper hand above your competitors. This is something that you must do if you are a serious marketer that is looking for solid return on investment. It is also one of the best ways to scale your online campaigns without any hassles at all.

Split Test Your Ad Campaigns

Ever found yourself confused and wondering what to do next after you have set up your advertisement campaigns? Most beginners just set their campaigns and start to expect some magic. How do you know if an ad will perform? If you set up an ad and expect tons of traffic without doing anything, then you have been doing the whole thing wrongly, and if you have got some good performance from it, then it was just a fluke. You need to determine how your ad campaigns are performing and

There is only one way to know that and it is by doing split testing. Split testing is the process of testing different ad campaigns to determine which one works better than the other. Here you will be creating different ad campaigns that target the same landing page, but with different wordings and creatives. You will then need to create a similar budget amount for each campaign and then keep track of everything about the ad campaigns. After the testing period, you should compare the ad campaigns and see which one is more profitable. You can then scale on the most profitable one to get even more web traffic to your website.

Don’t Forget To Remove Negative Keywords

Negative keywords have been to blame for many online campaigns going south and something that you need to keep in mind before running any Google Adwords campaign. Negative keywords are keywords that result in getting irrelevant traffic that will not end up converting. Since these keywords will just be a waste of your money and time, it is important to list them as negative so that Google Adwords bot will filter it and exclude your advertisements from showing along those useless keywords.

It is also an easy process that you can just list down the negative keywords on Google Adwords platform. You should also continue analyzing and listing down the negative keywords with time to keep improving the return on investment on your ad campaigns. A good example would be not bidding for keywords that contains the term “free”. If for instance your product doesn’t have a free trial or a free sample, then you wouldn’t need to work with keywords phrases containing the term “free” since these people are not intending to buy the particular product. Eliminating such keywords is one way of winning the Google Adwords game.

Ensure Better Targeting On Your Campaigns

Many people get varied results on their advertisement campaigns and one of the things that affect the results is how the targeting has been done. The better and more precise you targeting is, the better the results you will get. You should also learn to create custom ad campaigns for particular target group. A good example would be creating a custom ad that addresses the problem faced in a particular geographical location, to which your product is the solution. The good thing with all this is that Google Adwords offers you the tools and necessary resources to make all that a reality.

Have you ever received an advertisement that doesn’t meet your needs and you are wondering why you got it? It happens all the time to every avid internet user and it is as a result of poor targeting. It is obvious that such ad campaigns are a loss to the advertiser and they could get better if they focused on using better bid modifiers such as geographical targeting, niche, gender and age targeting. Using such bid modifies can make a big difference on the performance of your advertisement. It is something that you need to try if you are serious about taking your internet marketing to the next level.

Final Word:

Google Adwords is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website and if done well, it could get you tons of profits. The guide and tips above are some of the best that one can easily implement and get the best out of their Google Adwords campaigns.

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