Using Paid Traffic On Affiliate Marketing

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Among one of the largest online incentives is affiliate marketing where thousands of internet marketers are fighting for a piece of the pie. Truth be told, only a quarter of the internet marketers make it and succeed with their online goals. the rest are forced to give up to the pressure. Among the hardest to do is combining affiliate marketing with paid traffic. Of course there are bazillion of online paid traffic platforms, but the big question is whether they are legit and if they will really bring any good to your business.

Good paid traffic sources are hard to find and strategizing and coming up with a good marketing plan is an even bigger problem. In this guide, we will go through some of the best ways to succeed in merging paid traffic and making it work for you as an affiliate marketer. Here are the best practices to get you going.

Use The Right Landing Page

Landing page is the first thing that one should be concerned about when they are creating the ultimate affiliate marketing strategy with paid advertisements. in order to be approved, the first thing that needs to be clear and straightforward is the landing page. There are lots of landing page templates that you can download and use for free online. Besides just having an attractive landing page, you should also make sure that it has all the features well factored in.  Things such as call to action should be precisely placed to ensure that you are getting the best out of the landing page.

Besides all that, it also needs to be highly responsive int hat anybody accessing it from any device can easily navigate and use the site. This will increase the sales and conversion ration as opposed to non-responsive one that will give visitors a hard time navigating and getting to make that final decision of opting in.

Focus On Building An Email List

One of the things that expert internet marketer preach is to build an email list. Email marketing is something hat many marketers will swear by and this is simply because everybody uses emails and doing your marketing the right way can guarantee you that your marketing is on the safe side. So how exactly does one come up with a solid email marketing strategy? First off, after creating a landing page, you need to integrate an email box where people will subscribe and join your list so that they can

The reason why email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies and worth integrating with paid traffic is simply because it is a long term strategy. when you capture user’s email and contact, you can reach to them anytime making it one of the most effective strategies ever. After all, it has been proven that most buyers do not take action on the first time they visit a website, therefore you can use them next time or in future by reaching to them through the provided email.

Use Legit Traffic Sources

There are lots of paid traffic sources that anyone can get access to. However, not all of them can be trusted to deliver since most of them use fake traffic that will not lead to any sales or conversion. Most of these shady traffic vendors use softwares that mimic human behavior and send these fake traffic with use of different IP addresses. This will reflect like any other real traffic, only that the clients sites will not receive any conversions and sales. If you want to succeed and avoid getting scammed by fake traffic vendors then you need to do your own due diligence to find trusted traffic providers to work with. It is only through this that you get the targeted traffic that will get you sales and leads.


When you work with legit and trusted traffic vendors like Google Adwords, Bing ads and Yahoo Ads, then you are in good hands and up for some great results.

Optimize Your Traffic Targeting

web trafficGetting traffic is very easy, but you don’t need just any kind of traffic. If the traffic is not targeted then you can forget about getting customers and conversions. So, how exactly does someone get highly targeted traffic? The first thing that you have to do to get targeted traffic is to choose a good traffic source. Once you have the right traffic source, the next step is to set up your advertisement campaign. when setting up the advertisement, you have to make sure that the right audiences are targeted. This simply means if you are marketing products in the United States, you have to targeted people in the country. And if you have other specific targeting details such as age and gender, they should be well optimized to avoid getting visitors that are not worth advertising to.

Most advertising platforms have all these features that lets the advertisers reach targeted audiences. With good targeting, you will be getting your money’s worth since everyone receiving and visiting your website is looking fro your products and services.

Final Word:

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy and that explains why over 80% of marketers give up halfway. You need a solid strategy that has been proven to work to succeed in the game. With the strategies above, you can be rest assured that you will be on the right track to success by combining the power of paid traffic with affiliate marketing. Following these strategies will ensure that you are getting good traffic that will get you conversions.

Here at And Web Traffic, we deliver high quality paid traffic that can help you get better results. Thousands of users from different niches are using our services and happy about the quality and results that they are getting. Whichever the niche of your affiliate site, we will help you get the best results. And setting up ads on our platform is as easy as signing up, paying and setting up the right keywords to get laser targeted traffic.

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