5 Proven Ways To Increase Etsy Traffic Within 3 Months

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Do you have an Etsy shop and aren’t getting enough traffic to drive sizeable amount of sales? Worry not. This guide is all about helping you know about the best ways to increase Estsy traffic through effective and proven methods and within a very short time frame. Amateur marketers fail to reach their goals and objectives simply because they lack actionable strategies. This post aims to make a change on that and help you get relevant traffic that will convert into customers.

The good things about these strategies are that they are easy to implement and does not require technical skills in online marketing. So, anybody can simply get started regardless of their marketing level and skill. Here are the methods;

1)    Understand your Target Audiences and Reach Out To Them

There is nothing that is so horrible in the whole internet marketing world that is as pathetic as poor targeting. You cannot market your Etsy bracelets to someone who is into a financial business. It just won’t work. So if you have bracelets or earrings in your Etsy shop, you need to know who you target audience are so that you can make efforts to reach out to them.

After identifying your customers and prospective buyers, you should then optimize your profile to be as captivating as possible. Consider this as bait to anyone who comes across your profile.

Once this is done, you can then go ahead with you outreach and your normal errands of posting and sharing some of you best products to display on the front of your shop. With all this in place, you are sure to get more attention from people who did not care earlier about your shop.

2)    Extend Out With A Blog

Something that may already seem overly-discussed is the importance of having a blog. There are a bazillion reasons why a blog is so important and the first and most important is to communicate and bait people to your Etsy shop. Blogs are meant to be informative resource sites which offer valuable information to the audiences. By way of example, let’s consider two Etsy shop owners. None has a blog and another one does not have. The one who has a blog can post detailed information about an ornament or whatever they are selling on their Etsy shop. Whoever comes across this information on the blog will eventually be more convinced than one who did not see it.  The person with the blog will therefore make more sales than the pone without.

Blogs are thus important tools for anyone who is serious about getting more sales through Etsy.

3)    Integrate Social Media With Your Etsy Shop

Etsy is meant for people who have creative things to offer the world. People love things that are uniquely crafted and designed and do you know what other thing the world loves? The social media. Now if you haven’t integrated the social media to your store, then you are missing out on some quality social traffic that can easily be turned into sales. With over a billion of active audiences that are aggressively looking for something cool, it could be your best place to introduce your original creative products in front of them.

Many people have reported seeing tremendous boost in their sales after using social media and there is no reason why it won’t work for you too. Pinterest and instagram are two social media sites that are good places to get started and the fact that their audiences are image centered, you can also share images of your products.

Your image can easily get shared and go viral depending how good it is. And that could mean more Etsy traffic and sales to you.

4)    Dig In To Know More About Strategies Of Top Performers

Buy Clicks for Your WebsiteEvery business faces competition, whether online or offline. Going neck to neck with competition is something that is common and to keep your business alive, you must act and stay in front of them. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by digging deep into learning their strategy and knowing what works for them.

To get started with analyzing and spying on your competitor’s marketing, there are dozens of tools online which can tell you anything from the campaigns that your competitors are using to the amount of traffic that they are getting. Even though this might sound more complicated, it is easier to get the analysis. You can start by using Craft Count. This is a tool that keeps track of Etsy statistics monitoring ever shop. With this, you can start seeing how other shop owners are optimizing their shops and why they are getting some good attention. Clone the ideas and make more sales too.

5)     Optimize For Esty Search

One other thing that many people need to understand is that Etsy is also a search engine that is listing millions of products. When audiences and buyers come by to shop, among the things that they do is to search for something. Now for your shop to appear among the top results and for your products to appear, you need to do some optimization. Some of the optimizations that you should be looking into includes using keywords in product descriptions, titles and in the tags. You should also know which are the most common searched terms so that you can know the keywords that you need to focus on more. To get ideas on this, you can use any external tool such as Google keyword planner to know how popular a keyword is.

Final word:

Now that you have these proven traffic methods, the ball is on your court and it is up to you to take action and implement them so that you can start seeing sales. Without taking action, these strategies are useless to know since nothing will come out of it unless you put them to use.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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