Web Design Mistakes That Is Killing Your site Traffic

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If you are a webmaster and run a niche site then there are lots of things that you need to do to get good conversions from your web traffic. Besides acquiring web traffic, some few actions could change the way things work on your site.

In this post, we go through some of the things that are crucial in your web design and where webmasters need to make some changes to get better results. Here are the mistakes that most of us do when they are still new to the marketing world.

Keep Informative Content Above the Fold

You must have heard of the debate on content above the fold over and over again. For many amateur internet marketers with little experience, little attention is given to the content that is above the fold. this is the content that is visible on the web page before scrolling. Like the old saying goes, first impression is always important, you too need to impress the audience in just a few sentences and entice them to scroll through your content. To do this, you need to ensure that the content you share here is the best and very attractive. Also you should avoid placing too many ads above the fold as it could lead to increased bounce rate.

Non-responsive Design

How easy can people navigate through your website? If you have an old site that uses basic HTML, then you are not getting the best results that you should. Another crucial thing that every webmaster needs to be warned of is to always make their website accessible by everyone regardless of the medium they are using to access the site. Today people use all kind of devices to access the internet. However, there are many webmasters who still haven’t made their website responsive for the use of multiple devices. This is something that should be addressed quickly to boost traffic and performance of the site.

The good news is that making a website responsive can be done very easily. With plenty of themes, templates and scripts that are ready made, anyone can do this easily without even needing the help of a professional designer or web developer. so, you don’t have an excuse not to get the best responsive design soon.

SEO Over-optimization and Forgetting Audiences

SEO is very important as it helps brings free web traffic which are very targeted and guaranteed to bring high conversion rates. However, to get the best put of it, one needs to optimize their sites to make the best out of it. Newbies and those getting started are however fond of optimizing their sites hoping for the best results. While optimizing is crucial and necessary overdoing it could result in penalties which could hurt your internet marketing goals. You should avoid over-optimization such as keyword stuffing and only using the recommended keyword density.

Doing proper white hat SEO and avoiding any fishy (black hat) practices is the way to go and will help you reap big results in the long term.

Improper Use Of Call To Actions

If you are using call to action on your site, then are you getting the best out of it? Most people misuse it and end up with poor results instead. Call to actions are very important part of your content especially if it is a sales copy and expect to make sales and leads from it. Most people do not know where to put call to actions and how frequent they need to place it on the content. You shouldn’t overuse it in the content ans also make sure that the call to action is clear and straight to the point. This way, you will get good results and avoid what could be termed as a misguided click through. They should also stand out from the content and this can be done by using bigger font or attractive colors that are hard to ignore.

Ignoring Trends Is An Internet Marketing Mistake

How frequent do you keep up with the latest trends in your niche? If you are someone who reads niche news once a moth, then your internet marketing survival is short lived and your site isn’t giving you the best. You need to create time and dedicate yourself to your niche site. By following the latest trends you will flexibly switch anything and address anything that is needed of you. Following influencers in your niche and keeping an eye on forums, groups and using tools like Google Trends will keep you up to date with all that you need to know in your niche.

Poorly Written Content Could Cost Your Business

ecommerceOne of the things that separate professional marketers from beginners is the content that is used. While amateurs rely on cheaply created content, professional marketers make a dedicated investment to hire expert writers to create them content. Quality is always something that every webmaster should keep in mind. Without quality content, your website cannot stand against the competition and could soon cost your entire online business.

If you cannot create high quality content, then it is only better to hire professional content writers to help create an outstanding copy that sells and entices the audiences.

Final Word:

Getting high quality traffic that leads to conversions is something that many webmasters have had to struggle with. Even with high quality traffic, design always plays a major role in content deliverability and ease of access by the audience. With the above mistakes well addresses, you will be able to get good yields and pull in more traffic to your website. these are techniques that have been proven to work, yet they are easy to implement on your site.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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