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6 Ways to Know How Much Web Traffic Your Competitor Gets

A wise internet marketer is always aware of how their competitors are faring and doing their business. This will help you know how much customers they are getting and how far you need to put in your effort. With web traffic being a major concern in the internet marketing world, it is important to use it as the main parameter of how the competitors are doing. To do this, you need to have the proper tools and methodology to spy and monitor their websites.

In this write-up, we will go through some of the tools and methods that one can use to monitor and determine how much traffic their competitor is getting. Most of the tools herein will also let you know where these traffic is coming from. Here we go;

Alexa Traffic Tool

Alexa is one of the few tools in the industry which have been serving internet marketers with the most accurate data that they can use to gauge their competitors and use the data to crush them. Founded and fully run under the ecommerce giant Amazon, the online tool has plenty to offer, moreso through their paid version of the tool. The paid version which starts from as low as $49 and goes to as high as $179 monthly offers plenty of website metrics including where the traffic is sourced from and which keywords the website benefiting from in terms of search engine traffic.

This tool appeals to anyone who is serious about taking their internet marketing to the next level and going against their competition. Although the free tool has some good metrics that one can use, they might not be sufficient enough to gauge every traffic metric on the competitor site. The paid version is however worth every penny spent.

Similar Web Traffic Tool

This is yet another online traffic monitoring tool and just like Alexa, it gathers data based on search engine traffic, social media and other traffic sources. Similar Web boasts having one of the most sophisticated tracking tools and scripts that it uses to improve data collection and presentation.

For the most part of it, Similar Web has been a reliable web traffic tool that has helped ton of marketers to accomplish their online objectives. It is a tool that can be used effectively to keep track of competitors, know where their traffic is coming from and above that you can also check their history and how they have been progressing over time. Like Alexa, it is a much needed tool for marketers who are looking for a way to leverage big by facing their competitors head on.


SEM Rush is a common name for every serious internet marketer out there. Although it is a paid tool, it has become an essential part of many marketers and some just can’t run their marketing campaigns without it. With its advanced tools that have boosted its crawling ability and tracking, SEM Rush now boasts having one of the largest databases when it comes to marketing tools. This has made it a complete tool that many internet marketers can rely on. It is mostly based on providing search engine metrics and it has made many Search Engine Marketers to get details on almost every keyword and find those that are easy to rank for in the search engines. If you are serious about using search engines to generate organic traffic to your site, then SEM Rush is something that you should give a try. You can easily test drive the tool using the free trial before deciding to purchase it.

YouTube As A Traffic Tool

There are many tricks that you can pull in the internet marketing world and among them is using YouTube as a marketing tool to gauge the likelihood of a topic or a keyword being viable and whether it has potential or not. The approach with this method is actually simple and it is all about checking out the most trending videos and using them as an inspiration to set up posts on your site.

The most visited and most recent videos on YouTube will let you know that it is a hot topic that is worth writing a post about. This is a method that anyone who has basic internet skills can do and use it to get tons of traffic.

Website Or Blog Comments

Now this is a free and easy method that everyone regardless of their marketing experience can do. Have you ever considered blog comments to be a metric? If not, then you should start thinking of it that way. Literally, the more blog comments that you will find in a website tells you how much that topic is trending or demanded. If your close competitor has a blog post that is deceiving tons of regular comments then it is time you realize that it is a burning topic and you also need o chime in and steal the traffic.

You can use Google to find websites in your niche and after doing that, you should visit some of their most popular blog posts and see how their audiences are commenting on the various topics discussed in the blog. You should focus on crafting better and more detailed posts on your website or blog covering the popular topics of your competitors and from that you can expect some high quality traffic to start flowing in. This is a method that anyone can use and it has already shown some good results in the past.

The Bottom Line:

The above methods and tools are some that you can easily utilize on your website and get tons of website traffic to your website. Most of these methods are also easy to implement and anyone with basic marketing experience can be up and running in no time.

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