7 Web Traffic Mistakes That Most Beginner Marketers Fall Into

The internet has plenty to offer in terms of business, but most website owners who decide to try their hand get caught up with some myths. They end up making mistakes that makes the traffic acquisition harder than it was before. In this post, we will cover 7 of the most common web traffic mistakes that are made by many armature internet marketers. Here they are:

Believing In Search Engine Submission Services

If you have been online for a while then you’ll agree that at some point when you were starting your website, you got some offers popping up asking you to use their service to submit your new website to the search engines. Most of these services are there to take advantage of beginners who have no clue what it takes to get traffic from Google. In turn, they will buy the myth and hang on expecting their website to be visited

The truth is that Google can index your website within hours of publishing your content. Another thing that most newbies fail to realize is that even if these submission services submit their website to the search engine, it isn’t going to get them traffic. If at all it works in submitting the website to the search engine, the best it can do is to get it indexed.

Failing To Create A Blog

In today’s internet arena, without a blog where you share information, your website will lag behind and might never get any traffic. Almost every website has a blog where they keep their clients and audiences updated and informed. Most amateur internet marketers would just create a website and forget that there is a lot to do on the blog. They would then later realize that they are no getting any traffic to their website.

Once you have your blog up and running the next thing that you should ensure is to keep it updated and informative. This will make it a reliable resource which makes it easy to pull in a lot of traffic. It should have information that is strictly related to your niche and shouldn’t have any off-topic information.

Getting Traffic Is Easy

Gone are the days when 4-paged websites used to buzz with traffic from the search engines. Back then you would create a website and with just a few tweaking, your website could get hundreds of traffic. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in today’s internet. To get traffic you have to have something great to offer and have to know the INS and out of internet marketing. Competitors are always doing what they can to stay on top and keep their business afloat.

If you do not have enough budget to start putting up advertisements, then you should be ready to do some hard work that is both time consuming and tiresome. In all honesty, traffic acquisition isn’t as simple as many marketers make it sound.

Failing To Build Relationships With Other Sites

In spire being a competition battle between your website and that of your competitors, the rule of the success with internet marketing is to build relationship with other website owners in their niche.

Most newbies come in with the notion of being too modest to seek for publicity and that they cannot interact with their competitors. One would be surprised to find hundreds of websites who are ready to build relationship and grow together. This is something that every newbie marketer should focus into to help boost their new website.  The best place to start is the social media sites. Follow the top influencers in your niche and engage in social conversations with them once in a while when you get that chance. When you do this, you will easily build your relationship and you could end up being featured or mentioned by them on the social media or their website.

Ignoring Lead Capturing

When you’ve decided to do internet marketing for profit, you need to know the various proven ways to get those leads and get them to convert. Apparently, a very minimal percentage of traffic that gets to your website will convert at the first will convert on that same day. To deal with this phenomenon, you need to capture these audiences as prospective leads then start marketing to them. This is a long used approach that has been proven to work over and over.

So, the first and the most common way of capturing leads is by implementing a solid email marketing funnel. You will need to learn the basics of lead capturing using lead pages and how to reach out to your audiences through the use of newsletters. It may be a lengthy course before mastering it all, but it surely is worthy.

Neglecting Local Business Listing

traffic mistakesUnlike offline businesses where clients and customers come to your shop, you have to reach out to them when it comes to internet marketing. If your business targets a particular area then you must be listed in the local directories as a business. This makes it easy for customers and clients to find your website. It is common for newbies to ignore this and it is something that keeps them off the hook and gives their competitors the advantage.

Getting listed in most local business directories is normally free, so why not do it and start getting some visibility?

Failing To Create A Responsive Website

With today’s technology that has got everyone using different device to access the internet, one needs to have a highly responsive website that supports these devices. A website without a responsive design will have a poor display in some devices making it hard for the visitors to make a purchase or navigate properly. With that said, you need to find a good programmer to take care of this if you cannot do it on your own. It’s a worthy investment.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a beginner and want to be on the safe side, avoid these myths like a plague. You’ll be better off without them.

However, if you are tired trying all these and feel that you could use a simpler way to get high converting traffic, we recommend that you try out our affordable traffic packages. We have been serving high quality website traffic to many internet markets, so be rest assured that this is something hat will work.

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