4 Web Traffic Myths And Misconceptions That Needs To End

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As traffic acquisition takes a new angle each and every day, there are dozens of myths and misconceptions that comes up. This is due to improper research done by some internet marketers who conclude before making thorough research on their findings. More often these myths don’t make any strategical sense and just needs to be dumped. Most beginners who fall for these myths are forced to follow certain strategies which are off the hook and won’t do them any good.

In this write up, we will cover 4 of the myths and misconceptions that have been circulating in the internet marketing world, yet they only do more worse than good to amateur internet marketers. Here they are;

Getting Traffic Means More Money And Online Marketing Success

While most part of this myth makes practical sense, it is always important to keep in mind that gettign traffic isn’t a guarantee that you will make a sale. Depending on the source of the traffic, sometimes you won’t even see any lead or conversion. You need to make sure that the traffic you are gettign for your website is of the bets possible quality and that it is also highly targeted to the right audience. There are dozens if not hundreds of ways that one can get traffic to their website and each source will have a different impact which reflects through sales and conversions.

Traffic isn’t the most important metric or achievement that your website has. You also need to optimize your website to be ready to capture leads and get you more sales. This is a myth that seriouss marketers need to dump and focus on other important factors such as conversion ration optimization.

You MUST Optimize Your Website For The Search Engines

We have all heard it that we need to optimize our sites so that search engines like Google can send traffic our way. SEO is a very good way of gettign website traffic. In fact, one of the best which many websites are using to get thousands and even millions of web traffic every month. But the big question that every marketer should be asking themselves is whether it will work for their website. Depending on the niche that oen is in or the nature of their business, things could be totally different and one could find that what works for the other might not work for them.

Sometimes one would just be perfect getitgn started with media buying or buying advertisements from online ad agencies. This is somethign that one needs to consider especially if they don’t have any prior knowledge of internet marketign or SEO.

One thing that folks need to know is that SEO is a long term strategy and also takes a lot of time to implement and get resulst. But would it be worth waiting for six months or so to start gettign traffic only to realize that the traffi cisn’t for you? I bet not. SEO is an internet marketing strategy just like any other and there are chances that it will or it might not work. As such, one needs to make sure that they are testing differnt marketign approaches and not just goign with SEO as some so called gurus are advising them.

Web Traffic Acquisition Is Easy

If you are still new to the internet marketing gaame and still gettign your feet wet, you may have come across some proclaimed gurus telling you that gettign traffic is super easy. This has made many newbie marketers dive into the game hoping to reap big from their efforts.

As much as we’d all love traffic acquisition to be easy peasy, the unfortunate truth is that it is hard and needs one to have some experience. That shouldn’t however break your heart or crush your internet marketing goals. You can still achieve your objectives and get there, but only through the right channels.

You need to implement some long term actionable strategies and work extra hard to stay ahead of your competitors. If gettign traffic was easy, everyone would be doing it. This is somethign that you need to keep in mind and think of better ways of forging into some realistic traffic goals.

Paid Traffic Is Expensive and Is Only For The Big Brands

Its sometimes hard to believe some myths exist when one is looking at it from an experienced marketer’s point of view. Beginners are victims to the myths of paid traffic being overly prices making them feel that it is beyond their reach.

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Although there are always competitors who are also looking to make a killing out of the paid traffic sources, you’ll be glad to learn that there are dozens of channels that you can get website traffic from. And it usually doesn’t take a lot of time to master how to set up campaigns.

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Final Word:

Many beginners are alwways caught in the mix of gettign website traffic to their new sites by these myths. While we all come across them and sometimes even fall for them, it is important to dig deep and know if the myth makes practical sense or it is just people’s rave.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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